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Answering a craigslist post that read,,,, cocksucker wanted! I’m in a hotel lights are off, door is ajar, come in no talking, find me on bed, suck my cock, then leave..

Being interested in sucking a cock, but not wanting anyone to know, i answered and was chosen, we exchanged numbers to text, he gave me info on hotel and room number, and I was only 20 minutes away. He told me to hurry…..


I arrived and things were just as he said. I found hi on the bed with a rock hard cock, so I got to work. This being my 1st time. I was seeing how much i could get in my mouth, and how fast i could go. And how slow i could go….I remembered how i like my balls sucked n so i started sucking his. At this point he reached down and gave me a little slap across the face, just engulf to let me know to get back to cocksucking…

I positioned myself on the bed on my knees and doing a hands free sucking, bobbing my head as fast as i could go….my cock was rock hard….I dont know how long. Was sucking him when he let out a little moan and i felt his hands on the back of my head pushing me down hard, and he would hold me down for a while….at one point I started to choke and pulled back to cough, I herd him chuckle at this. After that he forced my head right back down on that cock and went wild with pushing me down and lifting me up…

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He held my head down for a long time just holding me on his cock when all of the sudden it seemed that his cock took on a different shape. It got very rigid. Thats when it happened. He exploded in my mouth with me trying to pull back I was forced down again and held there. The 1st wave of his cum went straight down my throte making me choke again he let me up as i was coughing he started jacking his cock off the 2nd wave hit me right in my nose, with a 3ed wave that landed in my mouth only to be followed by a 4th wave that splashed all over my face. I. Was a mess…..after i caught my breath and my face was covered this is when the only words were spoken…..he said thanks cocksucker, now get the fuck out….I never said a work. With my cock wanting to explode. I did as he said….I walked out of the hotel wiping my face, finding my car. I got in and i jacked myself off on the way home i was so hard, when I came it hit me in my face.

I never herd from him again. And would love to have another experience like this

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