Big brother & younger sister throw caution to the wind

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“Please go upstairs and wait,” Sadhana pleaded. “I will come once the child sleeps.”

Ramani did agree although with a bit of suspicion in his eyes. While she began tapping the baby gently to sleep, a series of thoughts were going through her mind. Finally she made up her mind and after verifying that her child was fast asleep she slowly started climbing the stairs.

As expected Ramani was waiting gleefully for his sister. He had arranged the bed right on the floor and she could smell the freshness of the room spray he seemed to have done just before she arrived. He rushed towards her, hugged her hard and took her to the bed with unparalleled curiosity. His impatience and desperation was evident as he began stripping her in haste and watched her naked body with widened eyes. He stood up as though he had forgotten something and hurriedly undressed to stand naked to the hilt in front of his little sister.

Sadhana lying naked on the bed stared at his dick which kept rising in the air. Suddenly Sadhana began moving her left hand on her pussy. Her right hand reached on to her left breast and began kneading her nipple. Ramani couldn’t help holding his dick in his hand and stroking it gently. Sadhana signed to Ramani to get closer to her which he obeyed sheepishly. Sadhana elevated her head up with the help of a pillow and resumed playing with herself.

Ramani began kissing all over Sadhana’s body while his hands kept caressing her shiny skin. Sadhana’s body shook immediately after his fingers brushed the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Ramani continued kissing her abdomen, inner thighs before eventually settling on her womanhood. The young sister’s body repelled feeling the brother’s lips. As Ramani motioned his body upwards and downwards as he kissed along, Sadhana reached out to grab his long hard dick.

“Wonderful,” Ramani exclaimed with closed eyes enjoying the feel of his sister’s palm on his dick. He almost fell back when Sadhana, to his sheer surprise planted a gentle kiss on the head of his dick and began moving her mouth around it. His head jerked backwards as Sadhana held the hard meat firmly and began taking the whole length inside her mouth with closed eyes. She began sucking and licking like an expert of the art. Ramani had never known how it felt to have the dick inside a girl’s mouth and here he was getting a blowjob of his life from his own little sister. Sadhana wasn’t letting him burst inside her mouth as every time he looked like climaxing, she withdrew momentarily, only to resume after a few seconds later. As Ramani was about to climax again, Sadhana stopped although she didn’t resume this time around. Ramani gently pushed her on to the bed again and got as close he could. He began kissing her lips which was smelling his cum and soon the siblings got into one more prolonged kissing session. Ramani, like all these days behaved very passionately with her wonder breasts as he began playing with them using his fingers and lips.

“Spread your legs,” Ramani ordered and got in between her widened legs. Sadhana looked down eagerly realizing that her brother was about to reciprocate the oral pleasure which she had provided before. Ramani began rubbing his cheeks on her pubic hair to begin with and soon planted his mouth on her moistened mound. His fingers soon began the intervention into the slit and after a few gentle thrusts, he quickened the motions hard enough to send her to the first climax with her brother. Ramani looked up as her juices began flowing while Sadhana gestured as if to say she wanted him to gulp each and every drop of it. Ramani began lashing his tongue and licked just about every drop of her juice as she swirled and screamed in pleasure.

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