Big brother & younger sister throw caution to the wind

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There was a pause for a couple of minutes when the room was filled with just the sound of the siblings taking deep breathe. Ramani mounted on his sister and his hard dick was raring to go deep inside the wet pussy of Sadhana. He groaned in excitement the moment the head of his dick eventually managed to thrust a bit inside his little sister. He moved his body back and forth until his long dick finally plunged into her clit.

“You wanted doggy style?” Sadhana queried for which Ramani didn’t reply. He was feeling elated to be on top of his sister’s naked body and he was going to have the first fuck of his life. Starting with long and slow strokes, Ramani soon gathered the right momentum to let his dick dive in and out of the pussy in a decent speed. Sadhana was murmuring all the while, occasionally stretching her arms to hold his shoulder and waist. Ramani did not fail to watch her breasts jumping in the air unable to cope up with the pace of his rigging. Sadhana noticed where his eyes were on and smiled.

“Are they jumping well?”

“Certainly,” Ramani acknowledged and leaned forward to suck the breasts briefly while he kept pumping his dick harder and harder.

“Just like that…Just like that.” Sadhana kept blabbering all through. Ramani realized what he has been missing in life and got quicker as he pounded with amazing speed till Sadhana finally approached her second orgasm. Even as she quivered before getting still, Ramani kept fucking till his dick exploded into his sister’s pussy sending enormous loads of thick semen inside.

Sadhana couldn’t resist drops of tears rolling down her cheeks while Ramani threw himself on the bed leaving loud groans of exhaustion. They cuddled and kissed before Sadhana managed to speak.

“Whatever you need I will give you right here,” She spoke as she gasped. “But we must behave like brother and sister once you visit my place.”

“That’s alright,” Ramani agreed. “But what about the doggy style?”

Sadhana snarled at Ramani for a second before they began laughing again.

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