Big brother & younger sister throw caution to the wind

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Big brother & younger sister throw caution to the wind, indian incest stories, Sadhana’s baby was still fast asleep as the train moved in a snails pace inching alongside the platforms. A sense of unknown excitement went through her as she was restlessly thinking when the train would eventually halt. She looked through the window to check where Ramani, her brother was standing on the platform. Her eyes were lit with joy immediately after seeing him standing close to the main entrance and she began waving her hands at him. Ramani who kept scanning the compartments as they went past him, smiled with relief to see his sister waving from inside the compartment and began moving fast, keeping pace with the slowing train. Sadhana could see her brother almost jumping through the door even before the train stopped and within seconds he emerged from the passage with a smile that has always been synonymous of him.

“Welcome,” He greeted as the train neared its halt with a loud noise of wheels screaming against the rails.


“You could have waited till the train stopped,” Sadhana gently admonished her brother although with a smile.

“Don’t bother,” Ramani brushed her off and leaned forward to have a look at the little child who was still sleeping.

“Hello queen!” Ramani called out loudly. “Wake up, your empire is here.”

The child kept sleeping in spite of all the noises that one can hear in any railway station after a train arrives. Ramani decided not to bother the child anymore as he began picking up his sister’s luggage and began walking towards the door. The child continued its sleep on Sadhana’s shoulders as they began squeezing themselves out of the crowd.

It was Sadhana’s first visit in almost two years. The last time she had visited was for her first delivery and since then she simply couldn’t make it. Her eyes widened in excitement immediately after exiting the railway station as she could see the same palm trees on either side of the road leading to the railway station. The gentle breeze which normally blows during this part of the year looked as though it was greeting her and her child. Ramani quickly fixed up an auto rickshaw without much hassle and soon the three-wheeler began its jumping journey on the humpy road. Sadhana could see the dense coconut groves in the distance standing like tall fences to the green paddy fields spreading over a few hundred acres of land. The breeze began to blow heavily as the auto rickshaw took a turn and began speeding on the highway.

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“Our town has not changed a bit,” Sadhana said smiling all the way.

“True,” Ramani admitted and quipped at once. “But you have changed a lot.”

“Is it so?” Sadhana queried as though she couldn’t believe what her brother had just said. Ramani just nodded his head as he began looking out watching the greeneries.

“What is the change you see in me?” Sadhana giggled as she asked her brother somewhat curiously.

Ramani turned for a moment and said with a broad smile, “I have always seen you in sarees. But you seem to have switched to churidars.”

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