Possessive mother part1

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Possessive mother
It all started when Liam thought he was all alone not being watched, pleasuring himself in his bedroom while watching porn, little did he know his mom jenny was watching. When she heard noises coming from Liam bedroom she went to investigate, looking though the key hole she saw every thing, his face, his hard cock and him pleasuring himself to pictures of other women naked, she couldn’t stand it. She hated the thought of her precious boy looking at those other naked women with such desire and lust. She wanted to be the only women in his life, she wanted to be the one he looked at with desire. The more she thought about it the more jealous and angry she got and scared that she will loose him, she wasn’t going to take it, she wasn’t going to stand for it in her house. Liam was going to be hers forever and stay at home being looked after by her forever. She knew she was going to loose him if she let him be attracted to other women so she knew she needed to do something. She made a plan. Next time Liam went to his room at night at the time he usually watches porn and masturbates, jenny went and took off her bra and panties and put her robe on. She then knocked on Liam bedroom door
“knock knock”
“one sec mom” Liam said as he desperately tried to shut down his laptop before his mom saw him watching porn.
“OK come in” he said once he had shut it down.
“hi Liam I’ve got something to talk to you about” she said
“oh no am I in trouble?” Liam exclaimed
“no no no far from it young man, IM just here to help you” she said with a smile on her face
“help? What with? I don’t need help with anything” he said
“you do Liam and IM your mother and can see you need some help and IM going to do it” she said in a calm motherly tone
“what are you going to do? And what help do I need? He said nervously
“well, I know your growing in to a young man and young men have needs…… Sexual needs and IM going to help you with those needs because I love you and would do anything for you”
“what!? What do you mean help me with my needs? That’s weird mom” he yelped
“calm down Liam, this is perfectly natural every man has needs and as a loving mother IM going to take care of yours myself, I don’t want you maturating to pictures of these skanky women, its not healthy it and encourage bad behavior. So from now on IM taking away your laptop and every night and every morning if I have to or what ever it takes, IM going to be the women you look at when your pleasuring yourself” she explained
“mooooooom! That’s so unfair! Its not even going to work I wont be able to get hard with you in front of me”
“well we will see about that wont we” with that she pulled the string on her robe to loosen it enough to slip one of her enormous gg breasts out. Liam was stunned, stunned at how big a beautiful his mums breasts were. He had never seen real breasts before and was over whelmed with how enchanting and mesmerising they are. His mom moved a little and it released the other breast and they both banged together and jiggled. He couldn’t help it but all his blood rushed to his penis and felt his balls getting tight. He now had a full on hard on and his mom could see.
“that’s great well done” she said grinning knowing she had him
“wow mom sorry I couldn’t help it, its just your huge breasts are so perfect”
all most blushing she said “don’t be sorry honey IM glad your nice and hard for me”
“now for the fun bit, take your penis in your hand, grip tight and start wanking it for mommy” she said while jiggling her big tits
“OK mom if your sure” with that Liam grabbed his by this point rock hard penis and started to stroke it, it had never felt so good, he was in heaven. Jenny could see the pleasure and desire in her sons eyes and knew she had him right where she wanted him, she was delighted she has control of her son back. She grabbed her huge breasts and started jiggling them for him, Liam loved it every stroke was getting more and more pleasurable. Liam was loving it but the novelty of seeing real tits did start to wear off, when watching porn he always came looking a pictures of pussy’s, tits weren’t enough her needed more. Jenny could see that Liam was trying to cum but just couldn’t. She new she had to make this more exciting for him. So she stood up, untied her robe and dropped it to the floor reveling her gorgeous curvy body and shaven pussy. Liam instantly felt his balls get tight again, all the blood was rushing into his cock, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing in front of him, a perfect bald plump pussy. That was it it was too much for Liam he began to feel he was going to cum. Jenny could see he was going to cum too. She needed to be the one that her son wanted to give his cum to, she needed to be the one he thinks of when he thinks of ejaculating so she knew she has to receive his cum. Liam couldn’t hold it any longer he had let go and cum. Jenny saw what was happening and rushed to be the receiver of his cum. She leaped into his lap and opened her mouth to receive his cum. Liam came so hard, harder then ever before, his first shot of cum went straight into his moms mouth, the second load shot past her mouth and all over her face eyes and hair. Jenny wasn’t having any more of her sons precious cum wasted so she quickly forced her head down, put her soft lips tight against her sons cock and took the rest of his loads all in the mouth.
“oh my god mom thank you so much! That was so much better then when I do it to porn! Your the best mom ever!” Liam said with a very satisfied look on his face. Jenny swallowed all of her sons cum and sucked it dry to make sure to get all of his cum then lifted her head and said “well done baby, there was so much, you were in big need of my help, lucky you have a mom like me aren’t you?”
“yes mum the luckiest boy ever, can we do it again sometime?2 he said excitedly
“can we? We must” she exclaimed
“there will be no more porn for you, just mommy from now on” she said with a stern voice
“YES thank you mom!!!!”
Or is it part 2 coming …… Things step up a notch or 2

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