Beautiful Lady enjoying sex in volvo bus

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Hi, this is me again, 28 years old, presently residing in Bangalore.

I had been to Mangalore for a business meeting and had booked a return flight in the evening. But the meeting dragged on for 2 more hours and I missed my flight. Since I had to attend an important meeting in the morning, I came to the bus stand hoping I could catch a night bus back to Bangalore.

To my luck, a Volvo bus was about to depart and I saw the conductor near the bus waiting for the passengers. I went up to him and asked him if there is any seat available. He told me, only the last two seats in the back were available. I sighed and took a ticket paying him and got on the bus, cursing for getting a back seat for such a long night journey.

It was the last twin seat on the right side of the bus. I placed my briefcase on the luggage counter and sat in the window seat. The bus was full except for my adjoining seat. I thought I was lucky to get an empty seat next to me so that I could sleep peacefully during the journey.

I turned to my left and saw a lady who was in her mid-thirties on the left side of the bus in the same row. The lady was wearing a blue saree and looked like a traditional Mangalore lady and next to her was an old man in his seventies. I thought it was maybe her father. I settled down comfortably hoping to get some sleep as I was very tired.

The conductor came in and whistled indicating the driver to move. I felt comfortable when the A/C was switched on and the bus started to move out from the bus stand. The cabin lights were still on as we were still in the city limits. I heard the lady talking to her male companion, “Mama (Uncle in Kannada) sleep properly.”

I turned and saw the lady trying to push the old man’s head who had rested his head on her shoulders. She saw me looking at her and feeling ashamed said, “I told him not to drink liquor and look how he is snoring. God knows how I am going to spend the whole night.”
I felt sorry for her and asked her, “Ma’am, you can have my seat and I will take your seat.”
“No, you don’t know my father-in-law. You won’t be able to sleep hearing his snoring, Thanks, anyway.” The lady replied.

So the old man was her father-in-law, I nodded and got ready myself to get some sleep. I could hear the old man snoring harder and wondered how the lady will be able to sleep while he is falling all over her.
Anyway, it was not my concern and closed my eyes to catch some sleep. I heard the lady calling me and I opened my eyes to see the grouchy old man sleeping on her lap now. I felt pity for her. “Sir, if you don’t mind can I come and sit over there,” lady requested showing the vacant seat next to me.

I had thought of sleeping in the twin seat and the lady was ruining it. Without any alternative, I just nodded and moved to the window seat making space for her to sit. The lady gently lifted the old man’s head from her lap, got up from her seat and placed his head on the seat slowly.

She came and sat next to me, turning towards me said, “I hope I am not troubling you, Sir.”
“Please don’t call me Sir. I am Achyuth by the way,”
“Thanks, Achyuth, I am Abhirami,”
“What does your husband do, Abhirami?”

Abhirami’s face fell when I asked about her husband and was almost in tears. Wiping her tears she replied, “He is no more. He passed away 2 years back. I am going to my sister’s place in Bangalore to attend a function.”
“I am sorry to hear that,” I really meant that and looked at the lady sitting next to me. Abhirami was in her mid-thirties, very young age to miss her husband. She was about 5.2, medium built around 55 kgs, but I saw she had huge breasts which she had covered under her saree pallu.
I felt ashamed of myself thinking about her body. I moved closer to the window to sleep and at the same time driver switched off the lights as we were already on the highway. Abhirami too sat properly resting back against the seat.

While she did that, her thighs grazed mine and I could feel her body heat and her feminine body smell. My left hand was on my thigh and my elbow was touching her right arm. I didn’t know where else to keep it. So left it there and tried to sleep.

After some 30 minutes or so, the driver took a sharp right turn and Abhirami’s body moved against me pushing me towards the window. In that process, my left elbow was pressed against her right breast and found it was soft like a sponge. I tried to move away, but I couldn’t as I was sandwiched between the window and the lady.

Abhirami didn’t move back to her original position to give me some space. So I let my elbow rest against her soft breasts and waited to see what is going to happen next.
I looked at her. In the darkness, I could see her eyes closed and was sleeping. I wondered how a person could sleep so quickly in a moving bus and thought she might be pretending to be sleeping. I let my elbow graze her soft big breasts and was enjoying myself.

This went on for the next few minutes. I sensed Abhirami was pushing her breasts more towards me even though the bus was moving on a straight road. I began to think if she was doing it on purpose or accidentally. But I didn’t have the courage to check it out.

Another 10 minutes passed and she showed no signs of moving to the other side to give me some space. I was tired of this cat and mouse game. I badly wanted to feel her breasts and wondered what will be her reaction for that. If she catches me doing that, I thought of telling her that it was accidental.
I got encouraged, lifted my right hand and crossing it brought it near my left elbow. Slowly my right-hand fingers crawled slowly to the sides of her right breast and caressed her soft boobs flesh on the saree pallu. I rolled my eyes towards her to see her reaction and found her still sleeping.

Slowly, I began to move my fingers slowly on her huge right breast caressing it. I was looking from the corner of my eyes at her to see if she notices my finger work on her breasts. To my luck, she didn’t move a bit and I let my fingers feel her softy boobs for a few more minutes.

After a few minutes, to my surprise, she moved her right hand on my left hand which was feeling her breasts and my hand was trapped between her hand and her boobs. I tried to remove my hand but was not able to. She pressed her hand against mine and now my fingers were actually pressing her breasts and feeling its softness.

I was in a dilemma now and wondered was she doing it in her sleep or purposely. As wise men say, it’s difficult to read a woman’s mind. WOW, I thought, the night journey won’t be that bad now with a HOT MILF sitting next to me. I slowly clutched her whole breast in my palm and pressed it gently.
I looked at her to see for reaction, saw her face flushed. She was biting her lower lip still closing her eyes feigning sleeping. I knew she was awake and was enjoying my hands on her breasts, while I was enjoying myself feeling her breast mound. Not wanting to miss this golden opportunity, I squeezed her right breast harder cupping it with my palm.

Abhirami’s breasts were really big as I had imagined and I was not to take her whole breast in my palm. Now Abhirami gasped and moaned when I pressed her boob hard and turning towards me looked at me. I saw the lust in her eyes, lips shivering, and her eyes begging me not to stop.
Looking straight into her eyes I pressed her breast even more as I got the green signal from the lady. Abhirami’s body shivered, lips opened and she was breathing hard. She looked around to see if anyone was awake, convinced everyone was sleeping, Abhirami dropped her saree pallu down on her thighs and bared her blouse cladded breasts to my hungry eyes.

I was shocked at her daring and looked at her father-in-law in the next row who was sleeping lying his head on the seat and snoring heavily. Abhirami came close to my left ear and whispered,” Don’t worry about that old fool, he is drunk and won’t wake up till Bangalore. It has been 2 years somebody touched me, please touch me once again.”
So after getting the license from her, I cupped her left breast and squeezed it harder. She moaned lightly not wanting to wake up the passengers in our front seat. Now boldly, I rested my left hand on her warm thighs. She slightly parted her legs showing no objections to my advances.
I got encouraged and brought my right hand down from her breast, began pulling her saree up as she stared deep into my eyes. I lifted her saree up to her knees, placing it on her thighs, stroked her inner thighs gently. Now Abhirami leaned against me.

✕I kissed her on the nape of her neck, my tongue licking her neck showing my intentions to her. She put her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I got bolder and brought my lips close to hers and kissed her on her lips tasting her saliva. Abhirami began kissed me back hungrily and down my fingers were running along her bare inner thighs.

I pushed my tongue into her mouth, she accepted it and sucked it, and she tickled my tongue with her tongue. Then I removed my mouth from hers and kissed her earlobes. I moved my hands up her body, touching her breasts once again through the blouse, sliding my hands over her voluptuous breasts. Abhirami leaned forward and gently bit my neck.

I pressed her erect nipple with my thumb and forefingers. I was desperate to see her breasts naked. So I tried to remove the top blouse hooks with one hand which were in the front. I couldn’t unhook it, in excitement I pulled it and the top hook came off.
Abhirami quickly to my rescue. She fumbled with her blouse hooks and removed it one by one, exposing her bra. She pushed the blouse folds aside to reveal her bra completely. I slowly stroked the outline of her bra. My fingers moving from one side of her breast slowly to the other, pinching her hard nipples where it was butting out of the thin bra material.

Abhirami was tense now. She quickly pulled out the shawl which was on her lap and wore it like a dupatta to hide her top, in case if any passengers woke up. Appreciating her presence of mind, I smiled at her. I moved fingers around the fleshy curves of her upper breasts which were floating out from the top of her bra cup.

She breathed heavily into my ear, “Mmm, touch them, press them as you like.” Abhirami pressed herself closer to me. I moved my hand down and touched her hard nipple on the bra material and she gasped suddenly. I started massaging it gently, making it hard and more erect.
Abhirami placed her right hand on my crotch where my cock had bulged against my pants. I let out a grunt of approval and firmly pinched her nipple. I slid my hand underneath her bra, covering her whole breast with my warm grasp. Abhirami stroked my cock more firmly, shocked on realizing how big my cock was inside my pants.

I stroked her breasts more roughly, as she kissed my neck. Then I leaned against her body and pressed her back so that she lay stretched out on the seat. I bent down and pressed my mouth against her upper breasts. She sighed as I started nibbling and sucking at her deep cleavage.

My tongue stretched out and I tickled her softly with it as I lifted her heavy big breast with my hand. I pressed my tongue against her hard nipple and she gasped in pleasure. I started licking it around the top of her bra. She squirmed, pulling her hand away from my cock and lifting her arms over her head, laying back and letting me tongue her breasts.

As I licked, I reached behind her back and felt the hook of her bra, and unhooked it quickly. The bra dropped down. I pressed my lips down over her erected nipple, opening my mouth wide so I could take most of her large breast into my mouth. Abhirami moaned as I started tonguing her fleshy boobs.
I licked quickly and hungrily. She arched her back, pressing my tongue against her nipple. Abhirami brought her hands to her bra and lifted her bra out of the way to give me more access to her treasures. I put my hand on her other breast and started massaging it, while I licked quickly it up and down.
She spread her legs, opening them and slipping her feet over my left thigh. Abhirami lifted her breasts against my mouth. I stroked roughly, sucking it hard and easing my free hand back in between her open thighs. She sat up slowly, opening her legs wider so I could get my hands under her saree.

I pulled my mouth away from her breasts and kissed her roughly biting her lips. My fingers moved deeper up underneath her saree, roamed my fingers on her panties and wasn’t surprised to see it wet. The horny lady was dripping wet and had an orgasm already. I moved my fingers close to her pussy.
She whispered, “Touch it and see what you have done to me. Put your finger inside me and feel it, it’s wet for you.” Horny Abhirami was inviting me to touch her pussy now and how could I refuse such an offer. I kissed her passionately again on the lips and then started nibbling at her ear.

I began kissing her neck, licking it softly and turning her on even more. With one hand I stroked her naked breasts while I eased the other hand further up her slender thighs. Abhirami was sitting up, but she started to lean back as she knew I was going to finger her pussy. She leaned back into the seat as I brought my fingers up, lifting her saree completely up and placed it at her waist level.
Now her fair colored thighs were revealed, along with her pink panties. Abhirami opened her legs wider and took my right hand and placed it near her thighs junction and looked at me seductively. Abhirami whimpered as I pressed my hand on her pussy lips through the pink panties.

I pressed harder and she put her hand back against the bulge of my cock. I slipped a finger up past the elastic of her panties top. She breathed heavily as I put my fingertip up against the hole of her pussy and could feel her pussy dripping love juices. Abhirami moaned when I put my finger in deeper.
She groaned in ecstasy. I looked back at Abhirami and her eyes were begging for my fingers. I pulled my finger out. Then I slipped both hands deep under her saree and took hold of her panties elastic top. I lifted her ass in my hands and slowly pulled her panties down her thighs and her legs. Then I gave her moistened panties to her and she kept it in her vanity bag.

I started kissing her breasts again, roughly and hungrily. She moaned as I
bit her nipples softly. I pressed my tongue against them and started
flickering it up and down, encouraged by her low panting moans. I pushed my right hand in between her thighs junction.

She whimpered as I massaged her legs and got closer to her pussy. With my left hand, I grasped her ass tightly, so I could better access to her pussy. I pushed one finger in between her swollen pussy lips and against her pussy hole. Abhirami gasped as I slid my fingers into her- first one, slowly in and out.
Then another finger, two at a time, slowly, torturously slowly into her tight pussy and back out again. I tongued her breasts and made her go wild as I slid the two fingers back into her. Abhirami panted and whispered: “Do it faster and quickly …fuck me…fuck me with your fingers…..deep inside……still deep……Uuuggrrhhhh.”

I slid my two fingers out, then in again. I finger fucked her pussy faster, as she begged, I dragged my two fingers out and put three up there. Abhirami moaned, totally unable to control herself, as I slid three fingers slowly in and the out of her pussy. She writhed, shoving her breasts rhythmically into my mouth.
I pushed harder, stretching her out as I put the three fingers back into her wet pussy. She whimpered as I slid them in and out, in and out, finger-fucking her. She was getting close, she panted with my three fingers fucking her horny pussy. “Mmm….fuck me fuck…..harder and faster…I am close again!” Abhirami whispered.

I knew she was close to another orgasm. I pulled back my fingers and sucked harder on her breasts as I shoved, thrusting all three fingers into her pussy again. Wow, I couldn’t believe she was taking them all, she was one horny woman! I started shoving my fingers roughly, fucking her fast and deep, making her moan with pleasure as I lifted her ass to meet each thrust.
Her breasts were soaked wet with my tongue and my rough teeth had made marks on her breasts flesh. I pounded my hand in and out of her, and the horny lady was begging for more. I pulled my fingers back again and penetrated her pussy forcefully with my three fingers.
She was really horny and wanted to be satisfied
Abhirami whimpered and panted, and then I slowed down a bit to let her catch her breath back and then thrust it again deeper inside her moist pussy. All my three fingers were roaming freely inside her pussy and feeling her vaginal walls.

Abhirami let out a tremendous: “OH – UH! YES, touch and rub my clit!” I shoved my three fingers deeper and my thumb found her throbbing clit. I began to flicker it with my thumb and she loved when I did it. She eased her fingers under her saree between her legs running them around her lips of her pussy.
I began to play with her clitoris along with my thumb and feeling my fingers fucking her pussy. I moved it back and forth, finger fucking her slowly, making her whimper and panting for more. Abhirami hurriedly reached for the button to my pants, she whispered to me, “Give me your cock, I want your cock in my pussy.”
I pulled my fingers back, stretching her tight pussy lips as I left her. Abhirami bent down, started unbuttoning my pants as I put two fingers back inside her pussy. Abhirami bent her body forward, unzipping my pants inch by inch, and pulled out my erected cock out from the briefs. She looked shocked at seeing my 6.2-inch big cock. She readjusted her body so that she could put her face right up against my cock.

She pressed her lips tightly around my cock and I gave a grunt of pleasure. Abhirami pulled my shirt out of the way with her hands and started licking my stomach, licking around my navel. Abhirami licked my pre-cum off of my cock, savoring the taste and rubbing it into her lips with her tongue. She tucked my briefs down under my balls, licking them as she licked slowly up.

She started licking the tiny pee hole tip, sucking off my pre-cum, then parted her lips and pressed them around my cock head. Abhirami sucked my cock hard and I shoved my hips up, groaning with pleasure. Abhirami flicked her tongue against the underside of my cock and began moving her hands up and down, stroking my cock.

Her lips and tongue moved down inch by inch, till her tongue stroked against my balls. Abhirami took my balls slowly into her mouth. I moaned in pleasure as she did.
Abhirami was very gentle with my balls as she filled her mouth with my balls and lightly tickled them with her tongue and lips. She wrapped her fingers around my cock as she tongued my balls. Abhirami started stroking it, I panted heavily as she stroked my scrotum.

Then Abhirami licked slowly up, letting my balls slide out of her mouth, and licked every inch of my cock again. She put her tongue under my cock head and lifted it up. She pressed her lips around the head as it stood straight up at her. Abhirami began to put my cock into her mouth like a little girl about to suck her favorite candy.
I moaned as she forced my big cock slowly into her mouth; she shoved it deep until the head was pressed deep against her throat. Abhirami deep-throated me, taking my big cock into her mouth all the way. Abhirami wrapped her fingers around my saliva-wet balls and the base of my cock and pressed her lips tightly almost to the base.
Abhirami began rubbing her tongue against the sensitive underside of my cock while sucking my cock. I went crazy, lifting my hips rapidly against her, thrusting my cock fully into her mouth. She pulled her head up, sliding my cock back out of her mouth until my cock head was clamped tightly between her lips, and then shoved it in again, all the way.

I was fucking her mouth like it was a pussy. She sucked me harder and faster as I groaned. I knew I was going to cum and told her so. Abhirami looked up at me and slowly pulled her lips up over my cock, then let it drop out of her mouth. She sat up, leaning against me, sliding her legs over so that her knees were once again bent across mine.

“Do you want to…… fuck me or shall I suck you till you cum,” she asked me in a whisper. I looked at her in disbelief and wondered at her courage. My cock was throbbing to get inside her pussy very badly. I looked at the gap between the seats, it was too narrow and I was in a dilemma.

Sensing me Abhirami whispered, “Come on top of me, and fuck me. I know you can’t fuck properly, at least you can put your….cock in me and cum in there. I want your cum inside my…..pussy.”
I got up and looked around to see if anyone was watching us, but to my relief, everyone was sleeping. Meanwhile, Abhirami had pulled my pants and briefs down to my knees level. I leaned over her and pulled her to the edge of the seat and pressed her down onto the seat.
I got on top of her, placing my hands on her knees. Abhirami spread her legs wider as I prompted them open with my hands. She got onto her back as I lay between her open legs. She reached under and took my hard cock, guiding it to her pussy. I lifted her saree further up, gathering it around her waist. Now I brought my hands to her ass and grasped her ass cheeks.

She placed my cock up against her pussy hole, in between her throbbing pussy-lips. Abhirami released my cock and put her arms around my shoulders. I kissed her neck, cheeks, chin, and her soft lips. My cock stood straight up against her pussy hole, just waiting to penetrate her and fuck her pussy! “Put it inside,” she moaned. “And fuck me quickly.”

Holding her ass tightly, I pushed my cock into her. Abhirami moaned as I entered her, putting my hard cock all the way into her pussy and it went in neatly. She was so wet and moist, as I had stretched her all out with my fingers.

Abhirami’s pussy took my hard big cock in one thrust! I sank it hilt-deep between her pussy lips; she whimpered. Then I pushed in again, not even letting her catch her breath but fucking her hard and deep. Abhirami panted and groaned, begging for more, begging for me to fuck her harder.

I shoved it in again and began fucking her as a man possessed.”OH YEAH! FUCK ME!” I picked up speed and she knew I was on the brink of an orgasm, just knowing I was going to cum inside her anytime soon. Then my thrusts quickened and I began to fuck her harder.

“Don’t stop, I’m going to CUM again!” I knew she was on the edge, I shoved harder, faster, more roughly and then I knew I would cum! My orgasm built up inside me and then burst as I came, shooting my thick cum into her tight pussy!

Abhirami moaned out as I began shooting inside her. “YES, OH YES!” Abhirami too climaxed as I emptied my load of thick cum into her sex hungry pussy, my cock pumping in between her tightly-stretched pussy lips. Abhirami moaned as we both finished cumming.

I pulled out of her slowly and she went limp and rested her body on the seat. I glanced up, looking around to see if anyone was watching us. Then I bent down over me and nibbled at her ear. “It was great fucking you, Thank you, dear,” I said honestly.

“No, I should thank you for satisfying me and you too were good; I wonder what you will do when we are all alone.”

“That depends if you want to try me once again,” I said and pulled my pants and briefs up and sat on my seat. I tried to insert my wet cock inside my briefs so that I can zip up my pants. But she stopped me holding my cock in her right hand.

“Let me clean your……..” and bending down, Abhirami stretched her tongue out and started to lick my cock clean, which was moistened from our love juices. I never knew that a woman would be so sex starved for a cock and was enjoying her blowjob once again.
After sucking it clean, she inserted my limp cock inside my briefs and I pulled my pant zipper up and sat back properly. Abhirami too sat back comfortably and whispered, “How long does it take for your cock to get hard again?” I looked at her shocked and replied, “Maybe an hour or so, but why are you asking.”
“If it gets hard again, please tell me, I want to suck your cock again and want to take your cum in my mouth,” Abhirami said shyly looking down at my cock.

My goodness, what a horny lady, I thought. I felt lucky on missing my flight and got a chance to meet this sex starved lady. Patting on my cock on the pants, I said,” If you suck it right now, it will get up in an instant. Want to try it now?”

“I want to, but my mouth is aching. Let’s take some rest and I will suck it later. Anyway, we have lots of time till we reach Bangalore.” Abhirami said and took my hands in hers squeezing it, rested her head on my shoulders. I pulled out my mobile from my shirt pocket and asked for her number.

She had a confused look on her face but gave me her number and I saved it. Another 4 hours of the journey was memorable for me as well for her and she opened up and started to tell me herself and her family.

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