Another Massage for Mom

Mon daughter sex stories.. Another Massage for Mom, It had been three months since that first night when I gave my sexy mother the massage of a lifetime. I knew she had enjoyed it, but I was not prepared for how much she loved it. She had enjoyed it so much that she now wanted one every Friday night. When she asked me to do it for her every Friday, I nearly fainted. To be able to caress and fondle the woman I wanted most every week was a dream come true. I looked forward to Fridays so much now. I always woke up wet on Friday morning, and by the time the evening came, I was practically ready to explode. I could never tire of seeing and feeling her sexy body. Like the first, she was naked for each one, and I would not have it any other way. She seemed to enjoy the intimate contact, as she came from each of my massages, just like the first one.

With each massage, she seemed to become more comfortable with me touching her so intimately, and with each one I got more daring. I touched closer and closer to her quim, I rubbed her breasts and butt more. Last one I gave, I spent a small amount of time massaging almost directly on her nipples. The look and feel of my mother was burned into my brain. Just like her first massage, when she had her eyes closed, I’d taste the wetness from her treasure that coated my fingers. God, it was such a thrill to taste her, but I still clamored to taste her directly from the source. Massaging her never failed to make me come. It was paradise for me. After years of fantasizing about her, wishing to touch her so intimately, I could not believe that now I got to touch her and see her naked every week. Still, my desires were not entirely fulfilled. I still had not had the chance to make love to her as I had always wanted.

Each time I massaged her, I feared she’d discover why I had made my offer, and why I happily gave her one each week. Even so, I know each one I gave her was better than the last, as I learned new techniques in my classes, and learned more of what she liked and where she was most stressed and tense. I knew I would do this for her as long as I could. As impossible as it sounds, I was sure that each week I was getting closer to getting everything I wanted from her. I had the feeling in my gut that one night I could massage her the way I wanted to, and maybe later down the line make love to her. Just a few months ago, I would have thought that was impossible, but now I was becoming more and more sure it might happen. A girl could dream.

It was one night, four months on, that rose my hopes that it would happen. It was as I completed her massage, she stopped me from leaving the room. Strangely, she had not fallen asleep from this one. This is also the night I had gone further than ever. Two weeks ago, I had run my fingers over her asshole as I massaged her butt. Last week, I had pinched her nipples as I massaged her breasts. This week, when I was moving down to her thighs, my hands had rubbed over her pussy. Not heavily, but they still did. Two fingers over each lip, but I made sure not to go between them, not yet. I was about to leave the room, when she suddenly spoke to me. “Dana honey, come here.” She said quietly. My heart pounded, but not in excitement, but fear. Had she figured out my motives? Was this the end of our weekly massage time? I hoped not. This was too good to be done with now.

Trembling, I walked back up to her. She did not seem angry, so my fears dispelled some. I was still scared. Yet, she then looked at me with a smile. She did not say anything, she just put up her hand and with her finger motioned me to come closer. I did, my heart beating as I once again was overwhelmed by mom’s fragrance. She still did not say anything, but she put her hand behind my head. With that, she pulled my face to hers and put her lips to mine. My eyes shot open in shock. My mother was kissing me. Not a motherly kiss either. I swooned. She did not open her mouth, but I did not care. I finally had those sensuous lips against my own. I did not know why at that moment why she was doing this, but I did not care. All too soon, at least for me, she released me from her kiss and let my head go.


She still said nothing. After kissing me, she closed her eyes and went to sleep. Still dazed from her sudden kiss. I left the room and went to my own. Once in, I finally let out a gasp, hyperventilating. My mother had just kissed me. My mother, the woman of my dreams, had just kissed me. I never thought a kiss could turn me on so much. I stripped down quickly, my pussy soaking and my nipples harder than ever. My skin was red and flushed. I lay in my bed, stroking my sex as I recalled the feel of her kiss. I came soon, and I was out right after that. I woke up naked, and still somewhat overwhelmed.

Through the next week, she said nothing to me about the kiss. She still talked to me as if it never happened. It was killing me, I wanted to know why she had kissed me. I racked my brains trying to think of a reason. Did she figure out my motives? Did she desire me as I did her? Even deeper, every time I talked with her, or spent any time with her, I wished so hard she’d kiss me again. That one kiss turned me on more than any of the massages I had given her. My desire for her had increased tenfold since that kiss. “Oh mom, why do you torment me so? Why did you kiss me?” I would ask myself too often to count. By Friday, I was nervous and excited. Would she kiss me again? Did she still want me to massage her? Both questions, I hoped beyond hope the answer was yes.

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By that evening, she asked me to come to her room. I was scared stiff. I entered her room, and to my immense relief, she was naked. Unless she was doing that to give me false hope, I knew it meant she wanted me to massage her again. I walked into her room and when I got near her, she put her hand to my chest to stop me. I was shaken. Was I wrong? Did she not want it after all? I was about to ask, but then she said something that both aroused and scared me. “Dana, I know how you desire me, I have noticed the way you have been touching me over the last few weeks.” This admission made me jump. “I never told you, but I could feel each time you shuddered, and all the times you gasped and sighed.” I gulped, though quietly. What was this all about? “However, I’m not mad. I’m kind of flattered you find me so attractive, even if I’m your mother. Also, I’m a little curious. I have a feeling you have not been massaging me the way you want to.” My heart was pounding as she said this. What did she want from me? “So, I know this is strange for me to say, but tonight, I want you to massage me the way you want to.” I gasped in shock. She was going to let me massage her the way I wanted to? My breath caught in my chest. I now had the chance to touch her even more intimately. I felt sweat gather on my brow, I was hot now. Was this really happening?

I was about to remove my clothes, but she stopped me. Thankfully, it was not because she was having second thoughts. “No, keep your clothes on. It’s kind of erotic, me being completely naked while you’re fully clothed.” I stopped and let my shirt go. She then turned away from me and laid herself on the bed. The sight of her naked body laying on that mattress turned me on more than normal, knowing what I was about to do to that lissome body. I shuddered again. Her eyes closed, I once again got on the bed with her and straddled her as usual. I was trembling with excitement. I did not know where we would go after this, but I was going to surely enjoy this night. Breathing deeply, I leaned forward to begin. Like every other massage, I started with stroking her hair. There was more this time though. As I stroked, I leaned forward and buried my face in her luxuriant tresses. They felt so soft and smooth against my skin. I took a good whiff of her hair. It was an intoxicating fragrance. “Uuuuhhh.” I moaned as her scent filled my nostrils. She smelled absolutely heavenly. I did not remove my face from her hair, not until I moved my hands lower to massage her neck.

I massaged her neck like I had many times before. I could feel the tension breaking in her muscles as I kneaded her neck and shoulders. Once again, I bent forwards and kissed over her shoulders, before my lips glided onto her supple neck. “Ooooh.” She moaned as my lips caressed the back of her neck. I did not move them, until I opened them to take a bite. “Eeee.” She squeaked as I gave her the first of at least five love bites. My face stayed buried in the crook of her neck as I massaged down her back, gliding my hands lovingly over her smooth skin. I continued to lick, suck and bite her neck, until my hands reached the middle of her back, which is when my face began to follow. Sensuously I kissed down her spine, which made her breathing labor. “You taste good mom.” I said to her, briefly stopping my kisses. She just responded with a low moan. My hands and soon my face both stopped when they reached her sweet bum. I stopped for a second, taking time to once again admire that butt. We moaned together as I once again cupped it.

I did not knead it immediately. No, first I just rubbed my hands all over it. I closed my eyes as I rubbed, then massaged. I could not believe how turned on I was. “Mmmm, you have a lovely butt, mother.” I moaned. She giggled. “Thank you, Dana.” She happily mewed. I opened my eyes as I spread those round cheeks, to see that pretty flower. My lips pulsed, like they had each time I viewed that forbidden hole. I did not need to hold back this time. Free to do to her as I pleased, I buried my face in that wonderful butt and began to tongue her rosebud. It was tangy and pungent, and absolutely wonderful. “Ooooh, Dana. You’re such a naughty girl.” She screamed as I rimmed her. I never stopped massaging her butt as I rimmed. She was beginning to writhe now, and I stopped licking right there. I didn’t want her coming yet. She whined at the loss, then yelped as I bit each cheek, before I licked and massaged my way down her thighs. I peppered them with nibbles and kisses. Between her thighs, I caught the scent of her enflamed lips, and it was intoxicating. My nipples were begging to be played with by now. My breathing was labored, and I still had more left to enjoy. I stopped before I reached her feet. Wet with anticipation, I happily asked her to turn over.

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My breath caught as I viewed her lovely self. Knowing that soon I would taste all the treasures her succulent body offered, I licked my lips again. I thanked whatever powers above had given me such gorgeous mother, and had finally let me indulge in my fantasies with her. I put my hands forward and laid down upon her. My body glided sensuously against hers as I travelled up, my hands taking liberal feels before my body rubbed against her. I stopped when I felt my breasts rub against hers. I gyrated above her, grinding my smaller breasts into her huge mounds. We both had our eyes closed, gasping and moaning. I wanted so badly to feel my nipples against hers. Oh how I longed to feel my naked skin against hers. “Oh mother, please let me make love to you. Let me show you how much I love you.” I heard myself think in my fog of arousal. Soon, when my hands gripped her face, I stopped my grinding and began to kiss up her body. I started above her breasts, then over her collarbone, the front of her neck and over her jaw. I took my hands from her face then, and lifted my head enough to look her in the eye. I saw it behind those deep pools of blue, that look of excitement and need. My heart continued to race.

Lovingly, I took another deep look in her eyes before I put my lips to hers. At first, the kiss was closed mouth, but soon I prodded at her lips with my tongue, and she graciously opened them. I swear I felt a spark as my tongue touched hers. “Mmmmm.” I moaned, and the vibration in her lips told me she was doing the same. I can’t even tell you how long our tongues and lips danced, time was irrelevant to me at that moment. I moved my hands down as we kissed, until I once again cupped those lovely orbs that sat on her chest. It was making me so wet, kissing those soft lips while my hands kneaded and squeezed those soft, pliant tits. The feel of my fingers digging into all that wonderful titflesh was divine. They were definitely the best breasts I had ever felt. I could sit here all night kissing her. To kiss my fantasy woman, I could not describe how I felt. Her kiss was passionate, loving, and so delicious. No kiss I had ever received was as good as my mother’s. I was getting so wet. What more could she do to me? I felt like I was already on the verge of orgasm.

It was a struggle to pull my lips from hers. I did not know if I would ever kiss her like that again, but there was still more of this goddess for me to love, and worship. I raised myself off of her, and my hand once again traveled her body. Over her shoulders, I massaged her arms and hands. Each hand, I brought her fingers to my lips, and I took each finger in my mouth, sucking each one. She moaned as I sucked them. I let her hands go and caressed up her arms, before I once again took those magnificent tits in my hands. My eyes closed again as I kneaded, squeezed and massage her breasts. I pinched her nipples, and each time she squeaked in delight. We were both breathing heavily now. I was wet, I could feel my panties sticking to my skin, so soaked they were. I opened my eyes again, and continued my massage as I leaned down, my lips inching closer to those nubs. She had such wonderfully suckable tits, and I could see them throbbing as my mouth drew closer. It was like they were begging to be sucked, and I was more than happy to grant their request. My heart jolted as I took that nipple between my lips. I was finally sucking my mother’s luscious tits. I just lay there, suckling on her nipple, like I had done as a baby. At that thought, I wished she had milk to give me. I switched between the two, sucking on one while I massaged the other. “Oh my darling baby, suck mommy’s breasts.” She whispered. Those words were like ambrosia to me, and I felt my nipples throb and my pussy spasm as she said them. I could feel my cheeks getting hot and red. This was better than any fantasy.

I soon let her nipples go, licking each one, flicking them up and down with my tongue. She was gasping again, and writhing. Before I continued, I stuffed my face into her cleavage, smothering myself in her breasts. I squeezed them together, with my face in between, enjoying the feel of her breasts surrounding me. I inhaled again, getting high of her scent. I kissed down her body again, over the flat expanse of her stomach as I massaged her. She was still gasping, still moaning, and I knew she was very turned on. I stopped when I reached her waist, and raised up once more. I massaged down her legs, which she had already spread. I purposely avoided her womanhood. Not yet, the time was not right. She was panting with pleasure now, and I could feel my heart beating like mad. Once I got down to the bottoms of her legs, and massaged her pretty feet, I lifted one leg off the bed and began to lick up the back of her legs, from the bottom of her ass to the heel of her feet. “Ooohhhh.” She gasped, and again as I repeated with her other leg. “Dana, you’re making mommy feel soo good.” She whined. Her face was flushed, her chest had begun to go red. I could see the moisture seeping from her pussy onto the sheets. I did not put that leg back down, not yet. There was one more thing I wanted to do, for her.

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Gently, I took my mother’s foot into my hands and massaged it as I had before, but I did something else this time. One by one, I took each toe in my mouth. I had never done this before, not for any woman, but my mother was special. She alone would be worshipped so fully. No woman but her deserved this. I sucked each toe, licking between them too. I could taste the sweat between her toes, and it was strangely erotic. I started at her little toe and worked my way to her big toe. As soon as I let her big toe out of my mouth, I licked down the sole of her foot to her heel, then I licked and kissed back up her foot over the instep, then down again. Up and down her feet I licked. She giggled the entire time, telling me it tickled. I did this to both her feet. She had a smile on her face when I was finished with my foot worship. I never had wanted or needed to do that for any other woman I had been with. With my mother, I had to. She deserved such absolute reverence.

There was now only one part of her I had not yet experienced, and I had deliberately saved it for last. Placing her feet back down, I lay back down myself and licked and kissed my way up her legs. The closer I got, the more the scent of her arousal filled my nostrils. I could taste some of her juices as I got to her thighs, which I gave a hard bite. “Ooooh.” She yelped. I stopped when I reached the middle of her thighs, and turned my head to look right at her sacred treasure. Here it lay before me. The gate to Nirvana. My heart was beating so hard. I was about to taste my mother’s pussy, the one I had longed to please for way too long. I gave it my first lick, my first time tasting my mother’s pussy right from the source, and I was in heaven. She tasted absolutely wonderful. Slowly, sensuously, I licked up and down those meaty lips. She was gasping heavily and moaning loudly. “Dana, you’re doing so good, mommy is going to come.” She whined, and that put a smile on my face. The scent of her arousal was overpowering, and I reveled in it. I knew just what to do to put her over the edge. I wasn’t going to truly eat her pussy, not yet. I put my lips around that lovely clit, and sucked. That was it. After all my build up through this sensual massage, she was ready to go. One suck on her clit, and she came.

“Aaaahhh.” Was all I heard from her. She shook and writhed. Her eyes were forced shut, her mouth hanging open. I could tell how hard she had come. I was filled with pride having given my mother such a great come. She came down soon, still panting. I got up from the bed, my massage once again complete. I was beaming and glowing. I had finally tasted and worshiped the woman I loved. It was not everything I wanted from her, but I had a feeling after tonight I had gotten the ball rolling, and soon I would have her as I wanted. Before I left, she once again called me to her, and kissed me. “Thank you honey, that felt so good.” She said before she fell asleep. I practically floated back to my room. I could not remove my clothes fast enough. My nipples were throbbing hard when I finally got my bra off, and it took longer than ever to remove my panties. So wet I was they were soaked and sticking to me. I myself had not come yet. Despite my need, I did not go fast as I stroked my sex and fondled my breasts. I wanted to enjoy this as long as I could. I came so hard, and that night, I once again dreamed of making love to my mother. With what I had experienced that night, it was more sensual and erotic than any other night I had dreamed this. Knowing how those nipples felt between my lips, how that pussy tasted and how she moaned when being sexually pleased, the dream felt so real. My sheets were soaked when I had woken up. I had to come again when I first woke up, never before had a dream gotten me so worked up.

After that night, all our massage nights were like that. She loved my sensual, worshipful massages. The best part was that now, she even had me undress her each week before I massaged her. I made sure I undressed her as sensuously as I massaged her. I kissed her shoulders when I removed her shirt, and once her bra was off I’d kiss all over her breasts and nipples. I’d lick and kiss up her legs as I removed her skirt or pants. I’d bite and lick the cheeks of her butt when I’d remove her panties, and I’d finish with a small kiss to her womanhood. It always got her worked up and hot, ready for my sensual massage. She came even harder now from them. Still, the best part was when, after I finished, she would kiss me before she went to sleep.

After years of desiring my mother, I still cannot believe how far we have gone in the last four months. I only hope now that soon, I will finally be able to make love to her.

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