Anal sex loving princess is trained in the arts of anal sex

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The princess pushed the glass dildo deeper down her ass until she moaned in ecstasy. She could only penetrate her pussy with one finger because of her chastity belt. She started moving the dildo faster in and out of her ass while also moving her hips up and down. She was really grateful for this new glass penis and all the other ones the sisters have provided her with. If not for them she would have had to resort to her fingers, bottles and the poles of her bed; the poles being a level which she hasn’t achieved yet but she hopes to soon. The princess tried many times to fit one of the poles in her tight asshole but no matter how much she rode one and how much lube she would use it wouldn’t go in. They were just slightly larger than her fist and her fist can easily go in now.

Reminded of her fists, the princess pulls the dildo out and slowly but surely inserts three quarters of her right hand in her ass. She squirms with pleasure and giggles. She pushes her hand harder until it all pops in as if her ass has accepted it and moves her legs and rolls around in the bed while moaning and screaming. She keeps moving her hand inside trying to go further in but her hands can only reach so far and wishes they were longer. The princess returns to her face down position and pulls her hand out fast. Her asshole gapes and juices flow down her legs. She then pushes her hand in really fast and it all goes in, and then out again just as fast and so on until the gape becomes huge. She can barely contain herself and she’s close to orgasm.


The princess reinserts her hand and opens her palm inside the asshole as to keep it spread and uses her left hand to slide the dildo in next to her palm; her asshole is at its maximum. She moves the dildo up and down and she feels energy spreading through her body. She’s there! Her body is convulsing with infinite pleasure. Her muscles twitch and she loses all control but with the last drops of her will she pulls her right hand out and with her left pushes the dildo all the way in and it gets trapped in her ass as she cums and her asshole tightens. Her ass protests at the presence of the dildo but it only gives the princess more pleasure, more than she thought possible. She almost passes out as she orgasms for one straight minute.

The satisfied princess goes to sleep with a huge smile on her face and the dildo still inside her.

The sisters arrived the next morning while the princess was still sleeping. They did not disturb her. A few hours later the princess was ready to receive them and she was very enthusiastic for all the right reasons. The sisters were appointed to take care of the princess and teach her the right ways and they saw something really special in her and, of course, they were not at all what they seemed to be. Before we go further with our story it must be clearly understood that the sisters didn’t corrupt the princess, but quite the opposite, the princess threatened the women with being thrown out of the kingdom if they don’t do as she says.

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