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I admit it I was afraid of Lucy right from the start and although she worked for me I felt as if I took direction from her. This Filipino woman was a stunning beauty and often used her wiles to attain her desires. Being of slight stature, she always wore extra tight pants or short little skirts that reminded me of a Catholic School girl. She had a charming smile that reached into her dark almond eyes; this look was disarming making people believe she was good hearted. Yet I have seen this happy look turn to hatred in a flash over an insult or some denial however small.

When Lucy took an interest in me, I was surprised and pleased; I happily accepted an offer of dinner at her place. I arrived both nervous and excited, when she opened the door I was stunned by the beauty of her evening attire. She had on a full dress that just barely covered her butt and I could swear that she wore nothing under it. I admit it I was enchanted, she looked so sexy, and yet she was so relaxed and easy going. I found myself trying to peek under that dress, every time she moved she flashed more flesh with never a hint of panty. We dined on what she said was classic Filipino food but I was too distracted to pay attention to what I was eating.


After dinner, we retired to the living room where she served some rum from her home country. We sat next to each other as we made small talk, then she reached over and kissed me. She asked if I thought her sexy and at that moment, I could think of no one or thing with more sex appeal than Lucy. She said she would like to give me pleasure but that she would not make love to me. She instructed me to unbuckle my pants, and then she unbuttoned the top and slid them down my legs to below my knees. She sat on my legs facing me and began to masturbate me, she said nothing as she worked but by the look on her face, I could tell she was enjoying it. I reached out, picked up her dress, and peeked under, as I had been wanting to all evening. I had been right she was naked under it and I was staring at her pussy splayed open and glistening wet with her juices. She called me a naughty boy and playfully slapped my hand.

She rubbed me until I came in torrents all over my belly and then calmly got off me and sat in a chair. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up; when I came out, she said it was time to go. On the way home the evening kept going through my head, it was definitely a sexually charged night and yet I never touched her and all I ended up with was a hand job. It was all was so arousing and I couldn’t remember ever cumming as hard. The next day I asked her out again for Friday night and she agreed.

When I picked her up, she told me she wanted seafood so I took her to that fancy restaurant down by the pier. She had Crab Louie, ousters on the half shell and lobster for the main course. She ate like a person who was starving and I kept seeing dollar signs spinning in my head. After dinner, she wanted to go dancing and we danced and drank until the clubs closed. We took a taxi to her place where she invited me up and once inside I was thinking I might get lucky. Again, we sat on her couch and kissed but when I put a move on her, she stopped me.

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