After father in law ploughed me

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Hi this is Deepa again. In 2021 2nd wave lockdown i was stuck with my father in law who fucked me. This is one of incidents that happened after fuck in farm hut.

Next day morning we slept hugging naked in farm hut. Since no one will be coming due to lockdown we decided to go back to home. My FIL woke up at 7 and wake me up. He kissed me wildly for 10 minutes.

FIL- why you didn’t want me to cum inside.
Me- i was not prepared for this. I don’t have any birth control tablets.
FIL- don’t worry you have papaya and tablets contraceptives.
Me- ok maama. Can we get up. Its already 7. Ppl will start coming.
Mama – no one will come to farm hut or surroundings.

I was lying on his chest and started to touch his dick. I said i am gonna suck it hard. And i gave him a blow job. I was sucking like there is no tommorow. He asked me to sit on his face as 69. I did the same and we continued sucking our organs. He cummed in my mouth. I washed my face and got ready to go home.

That night we didn’t have sex. After 2 days my husband came I asked him to fuck me and he came inside me. My FIl also fucked me in my hubby’s absence but it was a quickie.

After 6 days i got my period and i escaped. However i started liking my FIL’s dick and decided to make sure he makes me pregnant.

I discussed my hubby about second child he was also happy about it. He had his tests and came to know that his sperm count is less but not very less.

After 2 months lockdown was lifted and my FIL said he will visit us soon. During my hubby leave for office my FIL call me in phone. Sometimes we have phone sex and sex chats. During our chats i reminded my FIL on how i missed him. My FIL on other hand has planned to come next week. I said him to come after 2 weeks as my hubby will be out of town. My FIL said he will bring condoms and lubes this time. I decided to wax myself and be prepared in 2 weeks. I also had my periods. Since i wanted to get pregnant by my FIL i decided to have sex with hubby. He was having sperm improvement tablets but i know those never work immediately. We had sex for 4 days. But i could feel very less cum compared to what his father did in a night. I called my FIL next day to come as early as possible and my husband said he had to leave to UP for next 10 days. My FIL came on day my hubby left. That was the day my ovulation started actually but i lied to my hubby it started 2 days before so we could plan sex.

My FIL bought condoms flowers and everything. He decorated his room for our honeymoon that night.

After we waved off my husband in airport, we had to attend a wedding reception. I took my FIL and my daughter. we had dinner there and reached our home by 10. My hubby called and informed that we landed. While coming in car my FIL never spoke to me. He stopped at a sweet shop to get something, i know it Halwa. We reached home by 10 and my daughter already slept off. My FIL texted that 11.30 my room. He was preparing something in his room. He asked me to wear same saree i wore for evening function.

I adjusted my saree below my navel. I entered room at 11.40 room was filled with rose and jasmine fragrance. AC was on. Dim colored lights was there. He had small decoration on bed. He gave me a glass of milk and sweet.

Me- Mama what is this.
FIL- this is our first night.
Me- love you mama

And i kissed him hardly. He was wearing a banian and lungi. He in no time kissed my face and carried me to bed. He undraped my saree slowly. He took maximum time to undress me. He removed my blouse. He kissed my navel area and clevage. I lifted his banian and kissed his chest. I removed his lungi and underwear. His cock was rock hard. He said he was preparing for this day for last 2 months. I came near me and lifted my petticoat and removed my panty. He went inside my petticoat and licked my pussy. I was sitting on cot while he was sucking me. I was enjoying by moaning heavily. He then removed my bra. And sucked my boobs. He was furious as he gave love bites. He was fingering my pussy and sucking my boobs. I had my first orgasm in between which he drank.

He suddenly got up and was trying to put the light.
Me- mama ennachu. Ulla podunga naa romba naala ah wait panren. ( Mama what happened.pls penetrate in me). I want to feel u inside.
He- i have bought condoms and it’s in table pls take it.
Me- mama condom lam venda. ( mama no condoms pls) lets do skin to skin. Fuck me raw

He said he bought many condoms. And he will use it later.

Mama inserted his black 8 inches dick in me. I was feeling pain but pleasure. He started to fuck me slowly in missionary position for 10 15 minutes. I had second orgasm but he was not going to stop. He lifted me and i hugged him. He fucked me again in standing position. He was holding me and again he put me on top. I started to ride him and for 10 mins i rode him and had my 3rd orgasm.
I was tired and he read my mind. He turned me and again penetrated me in missionary position. I know he won’t be holding any more.

Fil- oh oh oh oh oh oh
Me- mmmaaaaaaammmaaa uuuuuuj aaasreee awesomeness. Olu maama enna. Nalla olu. (Fuck me to the core)
FIL- nee ivlo nala panuva therila ( i didn’t know you were too good)
FIL- naan epo venalum yen kanji velila varum. So pesama velila edukuren vaai la vituko
(I am not sure when i will come. Better i will pull out and fuck your mouth)
FIL- last time eh unna condom podama othathuku bayanthen( last time itself i was worried of cumming inside you)

When he was about to pull out i locked my legs behind him and asked him to fuck me harder.

FIL- hey enna panra. Kanji vanthrum( hey what you are doing sperm will come soon)
Me- Parvala maama ulla podunga. Naa ovulation la iruken. ( don’t worry i am ovulating). Ennaku unnodu kanji venum ( i want your sperms). Ennaku unnado babies venum( give me your babies)
FIL- risk Venda neeyum vella un husband um vella but naan karupu( dont risk you and your husband are white but i am black).
FIL- naan ulla pota kolantha karupa porantha maatikiva( if i cum in you and if you become pregnant baby might be black) also its like cheating my son.
Me- oh maama please cum inside me. Ullaya oothunga. Yennaku karupu aana kolantha thaan venum(pls cum in me inwant a black baby like you)
FIL- unna garbam aakuren di apo( i will make you pregnant then)
Me- enna amma aaku maama. Unga potta paiyan aala garbam aagarthuku naan ungala aala aaguren (Make me pregnant maama. It will be fortune to become mother of your child than your wimp son)

FIL roared a big roar and he came inside me jets and jets of black potent sperm.
FIL- haa aaaa aaaa saass aaaaaa
Me- aaaah maaaamaaaa maaaamaaa nalaa ulla podu
He lied on me in same position and kissed my lips. I kissed his lips for 10 mins while he lied on me. I could feel my sperms coming out.

He said time is 2 am and we fucked for 2 hours. He remained in that position and we were kissing. He took the sweet and milk and we had it. I checked my daughter she was asleep. He again kissed my boobs and we both were smelling sweaty. He again penetrated me and fucked me in night. Again he fucked for a hour and he came inside me.

FIL fucked me in shower, kitchen hall and even in balcony for 10 days. He kept Cumming atleast 4 times a day. He also fucked my mouth and ass. I was pretty sure i will become pregnant by him and yes i was pregnant. During my pregnancy also i had sex chat with my FIL and also fucked him twice. On my day of baby shower he gifted a house on my name. He also fucked me in the ass in that house when we were alone.
I gave birth to a black boy baby. My husband beleived it was due to sperms came due to medication but deep thought i knew it was my FIL.

After 3 months of baby i fucked my FIL once in sep 22.

After that my mom is with me and i am missing my FIL touch though we do sexting. He recently said that he is fucking a girl in village. I am going to visit him this week and can expect another round of fun.

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