Oops, no dinner!

My wife, Lorna, is in an extremely short dress. It isn’t long enough to even cover the very bottom inch of her firm ass. The dress is backless and low cut, with just a strap that is tied at the back of her neck to keep it up. Lorna has big tits that are unencumbered

Birthday Sex – 2

Ok hello again readers. I am Ram. Got good response from the last story Birthday Sex. So I’ll just continue from where we left. As soon as Ashu came in she saw us three(me, vijay, priyanka) sleeping naked. Birthday Sex – part 1 She said ‘WTF guys, she’s your friend and you did this shit to

Needs of my Cousin – 1

Hi, guys this is my first story writing about what happen and how I enjoying still now…. This about me and my cousin, she is be my uncle daughter (mama ponu) little bit distant relative, we both are same age. We be meet at childhood day around 7 year old we be good friend after

My sex world

It was one faithful afternoon when I was at home with my senior brother.past fees days when I was coming back from school l saw him urinating when l look straight down his Dick was large. I started cumming and fall for me not knowing that he has saw my body on precious day when

Bengalee Film Queen 6

Episode : 6 ( Gargi’s Dilemma ) ****************************** Things were getting rougher and rougher around the Roychowdhury household. Money had never been so tight. When you have it you don’t think about it, but if you don’t, that’s when all you can think about. Goutam, the husband and father in this household, was already working

Wife Used In Community

Myself Iftekhaar Bharmal, I’m 26 years old male working in a Medicine Manufacturing Company. Our company built Generic Medicines and my job is to sell them to Medical Stores. I deal in both Wholesale and Retail stores. I’m living in a Metropolitan City having a vast work area. Through I have two three cities in

Threesome BDSM Tales – Part 1

This story is about me (Aahan), Avantika, and Ruhi, and the BDSM night that we had recently. We 3 have known each other from Kolkata, where we had our college together, and then we came to Bangalore to start our profession. Over time, Avantika and I became kind of friends with benefits. Ruhi was someone

Bengalee Film Queen 5

Episode : 5 *********** After five days Gargi received another call from Sujit and he informed her to meet Konkona at the same venue i.e. in Paradise Hotel. However this time it was fixed at 12:00 noon when her both children wouldn’t be home. So refreshing herself fully, she dressed herself in her previous slutty

Slutty muslim mom fucked by milk man

Hi I’m ziya my age is 20 and my dick is only 6inch I’m only child of my parents from Hyderabad Telangana today im going to tell about how my mom fucked by our milk man. About my mom My mom name is noor she is 42 now and her figure is 36 34 38

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