Slutty muslim mom fucked by milk man

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Hi I’m ziya my age is 20 and my dick is only 6inch I’m only child of my parents from Hyderabad Telangana today im going to tell about how my mom fucked by our milk man.

About my mom My mom name is noor she is 42 now and her figure is 36 34 38 height 5.8ft her ass is so big that every men in our area want to fuck her ass when she walks no men can take away eye from her ass. So many people whom i know fucked her


My father works in Dubai and come to home once in a 6 months for a week and fuck her whole week my mom sex drive is so high that 7 days fuck is not enough for her in 6 months she need atleast 3 days in a week so because to full fill her sex needs she started to look for other men to fuck her and fullfill her needs.

She flirts many men in our area she flirts with even delivery boys and every men she likes she wears only nighty when she is at home she not even wears bar and panty inside the nighty our milk man pressed my mom boobs many times when ever i can’t see them but I have seen so many times it was 12:00 pm I was watching tv and milk man came and rang the bell my mom seen him and came to him with a vessel for milk I was watching them milk man while giving milk was taking to my mom and suddenly pressed my mom boobs and went away then after that my mom came to me and said that go to the market and get some meat for dinner and gave me the money and bag for meat I went outside the house and seen the milk man was sitting in his truck. He have not gone even after completing his work I got doubt and I have hidden near my home to see what is he going to do after some time he went inside my home and then I have called my mom and told that I’m going to my friend home and u will be back in 2hours and she was so happy after hearing that I asked her why. Are u so happy she said nothing.

After some time i slowly went in to my house and sneak into the hall no one was there and then I have sneaked in to mom bed room from window I have seen that milk man was with mom and mom was telling we have so many time today. And smiled she said that please start quickly I’m thirsty for sex baby then after he removed his clothes and then removed mom nighty she was milky white from top to bottom and she started to give blowjob to milk man and he was pressing mom boobs n she gave blowjob for 10 minutes after that milk man took his 8inch dick and inserted in mom pussy and fucked for 20 minutes and then he cummed on mom boobs and after that they kissed for nearly 15 minutes and his dick got hard again and he told to mom turn around mom asked want my ass he said yes and mom turn around and he fucked mom ass for 10 minutes and cummed in it and cleaned himself and said I was good and started to get out I slowly went outside the house and hide besides the car and he went away after that I went to home and seen was in nighty with a cover filled with paper in her hand she asked me have you get the meat I said forgot about meat While taking to friend she said go again and get it.

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