Younger brother jeet fucked me in jungle

Hi , I reached my home in the morning as my younger brother received me on station (Prev story).my mom as well as dad were happy to see me and after rest of 2-3 hours ,my mom asked me……”oh still sleeping ,bina wake up its 11:00 am .” and i left the bed ,moved to washroom for bath.after a while i came back in my room wearing a night i walked towards dinning hall as my mom and younger brother jeet were sitting there with a cup of coffee.looking at me my mom asked…..”sit here baby and have breakfast.” and she walked towards kitchen and looking at me ,jeet asked…..”are you fine bina
(bina)yes jeet and what’s about you
(jeet)fine bina love to move towards outskirts of town
(bina smiled)oh i see want to refresh my memory
(jeet)sure if you want .” as my mom came with a breakfast plate and i took it from him as jeet left to his room.while having breakfast i said…..”mom i have to meet my friends so i will be back in the evening
(mom) ok but will you move alone or
(bina)jeet will acompany me.”
I moved to my room and took out a long skirt with a sleevless i am ready to move as i entered inside jeet’s bedroom.looking at me she said…..”oh jeet you are still not ready ,i am in hurry to meet my friends .”Jeet now ask me to sit on bed as he pulled down his bermuda and i got a nice look of his penis bulge on brief,he smiled…..”want to meet this friend or some one else
(bina)you are too naughty .” and jeet put jeans and shirts with shoes on legs and we both are out of he is riding bike with great speed as i am sitting on back seat with my arms surrounding his waist and brushing my breast on her back.we both reached in the outskirt of town and jeet bought 2-3 canes of beer as well as cigaratte before riding bike towards the back of mountaineous younger brother have always pleased me on bed and i have lost my virginity to him before my we both reached the dense forest zone and jeet asked me……..”now sit here darling.” we both are on grass as its afternoon and sun ray have vanished from that area.jeet came closer to me and put his lips on my lips as i moved to his lap with my legs stretched and wrapped on his waist.jeet started sucking my lips and he have hold me tightly to feel my boobs on his i put my tongue in his mouth and hold him tightly as he is sucking my tongue ,we both are in dense greenery enjoying i can feel jeet putting his hand in my skirt as my skirt have lifted above my thighs,he is pressing my soft bum and lastly i took out my tongue from his mouth.looking at me jeet asked……”sister are you enjoying your hubby on bed or feeling bore
(Bina sitting on grass) we both enjoy sex weekly but a young guy of neighourhood is with me
(jeet)oh lets enjoy drinking of beer ,will you
(bina)hubby forced me for drink and i love chilled beer.”
Jeet gave me a cane of beer as we both are drinking it and jeet lit the cigarate to smoke .looking at me he said…..”you are looking too hot and wild after a year
(bina)thanks jeet
(jeet) now leave the cane and stand in front of me
(bina) sure will you drink my pee
(jeet) sure i will drink it baby.” now i am standing on grass with my legs wide apart and jeet lifted my skirt upto my waist,he is looking at my G string as he unhooked it to kiss my vagina with labias have become too hot and labias are now well distanced due to lot of fucking from my hubby as well as with a younger jeet started licking my cunt but i am feeling the pressure of urination,he than took my both labias in his mouth to suck and i hold his hairs tightly .after a while i screamed……..”oh jeet i will urinate aahhh.” and he drink it jeet is sitting on grass as i washed my vagina with water ,sitting near him i put my hand on his jeans and took out it from his waist.looking towards me,jeet hold my breast and started massaging it hardly while i removed his undies.after an year i got the look of brother’s penis .I leaned my face and took no time to take it in my mouth to suck,like a whore i started suucking it hard and his glans is hitting my i am like a bitch on grass,jeet lifts my skirt and now he is moving his finger on my ass crack as well as in between my i took out his long hard penis from my mouth to lick it,my tongue is moving on the base to shaft of my penis.Jeet pushed his long finger in my cunt as he is fingering my cunt fastly,after licking his dick for some time i left his penis.
I am on grass like a bitch on my knees and elbows ,jeet is sitting behind my big rounded bum while holding his penis.He slowely pushed his long cock in my vagina as i can feel his hot iron rod inside my vagina.He is a strong guy with heavy tool and fuck for 15-20 minutes as he have always satisfied me ,now jeet have hold my waist tightly and he is pounding my cunt with speed as well as power.I am enjoying my younger brother’s tool in my vagina,no doubt my hubby have strong dick but he always ejaculate earlier in comparison to my younger jeet is fucking me from behind as i am swinging my ass fastly ,his hand have grabbed my boobs on i am screaming in pleasure……”oohhj uummm jeet fuck me hard i will cum.” and his deep penetration made my vagina jeet took out his penis from my vagina and i can feel his tongue licking my glory hole,i think its a nice moment for any lady to have tomgue in her vagina.after a while jeet pushed his long cock in my vagina and he is fucking hard with my kurti on neck ,he have hold my breast to massage it hard.after 15 minutes of fuck he screamed louder……”oohhh bina i am going to pour cum in your cunt
(bina)no need to worry pour it.” and my vagina got the sperm .we rested for an hour.

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