Sexy marwarj Bhabhi

Hello, guys, I am Arjun from Bengaluru. I am a simple guy studying under graduation having an average body and fair skin. So coming to the milf story, this is about a Marvadi bhabhi who was having a shop in my Mama’s (maternal uncle’s) building.

My mama used to live in the same area near my home. So I use to visit his house regularly. There was a general store in his building which was run by a Marvadi family. In that family, there were 4 people. My uncle, his wife, their kid and his old mother. The heroine of the story is this bhabhi. Her name is Sarla.


She is having a figure to die for and a pure white complexion. She used to wear sari all the time in a Marvadi style. But use to wear it below her naval so her sexy navel was always visible. Her blouses use to be all stylish having knots on her back showing her white skin.

So because of this, she used to look sexier. One more thing, due to her blouse styles, her bra was always visible from her back. She used to wear colorful bras which were visible almost every day. This was also one of my reasons to visit my mama’s house. I just wanted to see Sarla bhabhi and her colorful bras.

So Sarla bhabhi was friend with my Mami and often used to come to Mami’s house to chat with her. She also to stitch blouse as my Mami was a tailor. So we were having a hi-bye kind of relationship. Once, my Mama’s family was going to my native place due to some reason for 5 days. So my mama gave keys of his house to me and said ”if you want to study here, you can as there will be no one to disturb you”. Soon, I took the keys from him and was happy as I will get some privacy and will also get to see Sarla bhabhi.

So it was Monday morning and I went to mama’s place at 10 o clock. His family was about to leave. I greeted all of them they, gave me keys and started their journey. So, I was happy because I will have privacy now. I took off my jeans removed my underwear and wore my shorts. Soon, I started to dream about Sarla bhabhi. I just saw her while coming when she was sweeping near her shop. She was wearing green saree and green blouse with a sexy back design from which her dark pink bra strap was visible. When I saw her I just wished her good morning, she replied me with a smile.

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As I was remembering all this and suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened the door and shocked to see my dream bhabhi standing outside with a smile. I just smiled and took her in.
Bhabhi- hey where’s your mami?
Me- she is not at home right now. Do you have any work with her?

Bhabhi- yes. Actually, I wanted to stitch a blouse from her. When is she coming back?
Me- bhabhi, she has gone to my native and will be back after 5 days.

Bhabhi- OOO, no. I want to stitch it urgently as I want to go for a marriage day after tomorrow
Me- But bhabhi, what can we do now?

She thought for a while and said: “call your mami and ask her if I can use her swinging machine and stitch my blouse myself. I know how to stitch.”I was very happy to hear this so I called my Mami and told her the situation. She even talked with bhabhi and gave her the permission to use the machine as they both were good friends.

So bhabhi took the catalog of designs of the blouse and started to turn the pages.
Bhabhi- Rohit, can you suggest me some designs for my blouse.
Me- sure bhabhi but first show me the new saree.

She showed me the saree. It was a red saree with black designs and her blouse cloth was of black color. So after seeing the saree, I started to see the catalog. Then, I purposely showed her the backless blouse.
Bhabhi- (smiled and said) you naughty boy, how can I wear this? It is so revealing

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So again I showed her the other design in which there were two strings at back having knots and at the bottom was a strap on which hooks were stitched.
Bhabhi – yes, that’s a good design I liked it and blinked an eye to me.
Bhabhi- but there is a problem Rohit, who will take my measurements?
Me- can I help you with it ( I was very much excited to touch her).
Bhabhi- yes, you can as we don’t have other options. Here, take the measuring tape.

I took it from her and she started to instruct me. First, she said to take measurements from the back. So, I put tape on her left shoulder to right and told her the number. Guyz, I tell you, I was on cloud nine to touch her bare white back. Her pink bra strap was coming out from her right shoulder and I was touching that too. Now, I started to get a hard-on in my shorts and my penis started to touch her ass over her saree.

Even she was feeling it on her ass. Now she said me to put the tape on the right shoulder to the end of her blouse downwards. Now she said me to come in front of her. As I came in front of her I was lost because there was no Palu on her boobs and her cleavage was visible I was completely lost.

She said with a smile, “hey Rohan where are you lost? take the measurements”. I came back to the scene and put the tape on her left shoulder on edge of her blouse and started to measure downwards. Now she said to take measurements of her chest that is her boobs. I circled the tape from her back and put the end on her boobs poop they were so soft… guys, I was losing my control.

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The boob measured ”38” she was also getting excited and was breathing heavily. I started to measure her again this time I was measuring her neckline and I touched her cleavage. By this time she had closed her eyes.

So I came more close to her face and was about to kiss her but she opened her eyes and pushed me with shyness and a smile. Then, she said, ” enough of measurements. Now, let me start stitching blouse”. So she sat near the sewing machine and started to cut the cloth and I was just looking her doing all the work.

After almost 2 hours, the blouse was completed. Now, she turned back and showed it to me. I told her to try it on so she went in the bedroom and I was waiting outside and was eager to see her in that new blouse.

But she called me from inside and asked me to come in. As I went in I was surprised to see her back facing me with the new blouse on her body but the knots and hooks which were on her back were open. So, she said ”can you plz put this hooks and tie those knots ” ”I sure aunty why not”. I went near her first I tried there upper knot then the second and last I hooked her hooks. And wow the blouse was looking so sexy from the back. But as it was low neck her bra hooks were completely visible from the back.

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