A passenger banged me in train

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I am back again with my true story.myself BINA ,a married lady of 26 years is a horny as well as hot lady.I am enjoying my married life with my hubby as well as with JEET and SUNNY.my figure of 32-28-36 as well as height of 5’5 feet with lovely tits and browenish nipple can make any one hot ,as my round dome shaped ass is the centre of attraction for people who see me walking fastly as i never wear a full panty but a G string panty to cover my vagina as well as pelvic region but if a lady wears G string panty there parts of ass will shake and give us a nice look.I am waiting on platform as i have to go to my parents home alone.
Its 07:15 pm as train reached the platform and i boarded the coach of A/C-1,in my coup a young guy with a old lady is sitting on the opposite seat and as train moved ,TTE checked our ticket.I put bedsheet as well as pillow on berth but the young guy is eyeing on my hot boobs as well as body.I moved to washroom with my purse and after refreshment i came back as i can see old lady moving on the upper berth and young guy is sitting on lower berth with a magazine.I slept on berth and closed my eyes as to see his movement ,he is reading a magazine but look after me also.I am looking too hot and wild in a long skirt as well as sleevless kurti.I turned back to give the younger guy a nice look of my sexy ass ,its a whole night journey for me and after some time ,i wake up to sit on berth as the young guy is looking towards me.I smiled……”what’s your name guy ?
(Guy) Raj malhotra and you
(Bina)Bina mishra ,that lady is your relative
(raj) no i am alone .”
In the closed coup a old lady is sleeping on upper berth as i asked Raj to come on my berth.now we both are sitting on berth as i moved closer to him and now raj put his hand on my thigh.He is rubbing my thighs as my hand moved on his jeans to touch the bulge of penis.now he is not shy as he put his arms surrounding my hot body to hold me tightly.I took a bold move as i moved on his thigh and just putting my arms on his neck.now we both started kissing each other as my left breast is pressing on his chest.Raj is moving his hand on my back as he took my lips in his mouth to suck.I am now in his arms as i pushed my tongue in his mouth ,while sucking my tongue raj is pressing my right boobs hardly and my hand is unbuttoning his shirt as well as jeans.Raj a young guy of 20-21 years is now sucking my tongue and after a while,he make me sleep on berth.Raj put down the curtains of berth as we both are on lower berth.looking at me he removed his jeans and i can see the bulge of penis on his brief ,he lifted my skirt upto waist as my breasts are covered in kurti and bras.He put a pillow under my ass and my legs are well stretched as raj removed my G string but i put my palms on my vagina to cover it.Raj put his head in between my thighs and started kissing my palms ,now i am screaming as he is kissing my labias and pelvic zone.He is putting his lips on my vagina and than my fingers wide opened the vaginal hole.my vagina is getting the fuck for last 2-3 years and raj have put his tongue in my vagina to lick it and his one hand is on my breast to massage it hard.I am in pleasure as raj is fucking my cunt with his long tongue.my hand have grabbed his hairs pushing his head towards my vagina.later on raj took my labias in his mouth to suck as i am screaming…..”oohhh uummm raj fuck me aahh .”he left my cunt and now raj is sleeping on berth.
I am sitting near his legs and pulled out his undies as i can see a long and thick cock in full erection.now i leaned my face and removed the skin of penis ,looking at him ,i started kissing his penis and his reddish glans is in my mouth.slowely i took his cock in my mouth to suck and now my whole mouth to throat is full of cock as i took it out and my tongue is now licking the penis.I licked it for while and took it again in my mouth to suck,my mouth is moving fast as my fingers are in his pubic hair.I left his penis as my cunt become juicy.now i moved to washroom wearing a bermuda and after refreshment we are back on berth.now i slept on berth as raj lifted my skirt upto my waist having no panty on vagina ,he took out his bermuda and now hold his long hard penis.Raj is sitting in between my thighs and put the glans inside my cunt as he is slowely pushing his dick inside my vagina.He have hold my waist tightly and fucked hard to put his 7-8 inches long and 2-3 inches thick cock in my cunt.I screamed louder…….”oohhh uummmm raj be slow your penis is too hard .” and he is fucking with great speed as well as power.raj is a strong guy as his penis is hitting my vaginal depth with a great speed and he slept on me to kiss my lips and face.now i hold raj tightly and started swinging my sexy ass fast to enhance our sexual pleasure.He is not in mood to leave my cunt unsatisfied as my vagina have become dry and now we both are on the peak of sexual pleasure.Raj is giving hard penetration and after 10-12 minutes of fuck he screamed……”oihhhhh aahhh bina have my cum.” and his penis ejaculated cum in my glory hole and we both slept for some time.our journey ends in morning.

Added by Bina mishra

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