Wife with our sons young freinds

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The wife vicki ended up in our local last night pissed flirting with on of our sons married mates calum, its no secret to me she had given him a drunken blowjob for his 18th birthday and often mentioned his size , she looks amazing for a 60 year old .to say he has a stunning young wife is an understatement .

but to be honest i have noticed in the past he has a thing for a sluty old tart like vicki and she definatly has a thing for young cock ,i was in bed when i heard them enter our gate after a while i crept from our bed to listen from the open upstairs window from the noises been made it was obvious she was giving him a blowjob again .

WOW the whore was mad for him he was getting the full porn star performance .i could hear them as they began snogging each other she began begging him to fuck her he must have been pulling her jeans down and then began fucking her up against the wall she soon began to cum hard she was mad for him moaning loudly as he fucked her forgeting where she was i think as she became louder and louder as they fucked any one passing or a Neigbbour would have known what was going on that turned me on i found myself wanking myself slowly . i slid back into bed quickly as they finished . she eventually came in the back door she went

Straight into the spare room to undress as if nothing had happened, wheh she came to bed we fucked as if i was partly asleep she was soaking apsaloutly dripping in his spunk i continued as if i had caused her state ,even going down on her to lap up her cum knowing it was callums added a bit of extra spice as she obviouly facked an orgasm to please me or to hide the fact i was getting sloppy seconds ,i was up early for work in the morning but noticed her outfit on the washing line at dinner on my return eveŇēything apart from her knickers they where nowhere to be seen ,by tea time i had to ask ,after a while her futile denial she finally admitted she had been so desperate for him they had fucked in our back garden he had ripped of her thong and kept in as a trophy ,still feeling turned on when i decided to call in our local for a few pints at tea time i was sure by their smirks all the young lads in the bar allready knew what had gone off last night between callum and the mrs .

I left the bar slightly embarrassed, so even though i was pissed with vicki when i got home when she openly admitted how turned on she was cofessing how she had cum as he had fucked her, she was buzzing from the text messages he had been sending her all afternoon , vicki showed me the texts he had sent her she was so horny the fact a young lad was really so into her the day after ,it was defo doing it for her ,i told her to go for it ,to both our total shock and disbelief he confessed to having told his wife what had gone off , vicki was mortified when he sent her some fantastic pics of his wife and asked if she was up for joining them soon as possible for some fun .

Explaining his wife was bicurios having always thought vicki was a very atractive sexy older woman ,commenting on the fact vickis nipple bars had intrigued her since she first noticed them in our local , was she up for meeting up with them, vicki had enjoyed a couple of female encounters previously so she eventually agreed and it was all arranged within a few pics and messages one of his wife sniffing vickis thong was the one that sealed it for us.

Vicki nervously but excited swiftly heading towards theres in a taxi it was mind blowing i had to wait until the morning after when she returned her face looking like a bus had hit her told me how much she had enjoyed it without speaking a word

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