Wife swapping :part-4

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Hello readers,
It’s a nice weekend as we have arranged a wife swapping party in my home (read previous story”A NICE BATH“). my hubby Anish colleague and her wife will be out guest as I have arranged everything for a hot night. It’s 06:30 pm as I put dress on my hot body ,a full sized brassier as well as G string panty with a Garter belt ,just like a prostitute.you can imagine my hot body as it’s have cloth for covering my tits as well as vaginal zone and ass hole.my hubby is in Bermuda as I walked to dinning hall and put a bottle of wine and glasses on table .now I am standing in front of a large mirror to see my nice figure and after a while,door bell started ringing and I am still in my room as I am in my undergarments only.after a while ,my hubby Anish came in my room and hold my wrist as we both walked to dinning hall,looking at me Jai………

“oohh no such a hot lady is my partner.”

And he took me in his arms as his lips are on my face and hand rubbing my ass.now looking at Mona ,I walked to him as she is wearing a tops and Mimi skirt and we both hold each other in arms as our party starts…….now jai is putting wine in glasses as we two lady are sitting in between Jai and Anish. I am sitting next to Jai as mona is near Anish.we all took our glass as we touched it “cheers” and started drinking wine.my boobs are semi nude as jai put his hand on my thigh to rub and while drinking wine ,I started unbuttoning Jai’s shirt. I can see Anish drinking wine with his hand on Mona’s shoulder ,she is a 26 years lady with a fair complexion and height of 5’4 feet as her breasts are like two peaks of mountain on her chest ,I can see her nude thighs.

Now I started removing my partner’s jeans as I can feel Jai’s hand on my boobs just pressing it hard and Anish have put his glass on table as mona is on his thigh just putting her arms in his shoulder and both are kissing each other.Jai is in his undies only as I put my hand on his bulge of penis and now I am sitting on Jai’s lap with my legs wide.my breasts are pressing hard on his chest as jai have hold me tightly and he is kissing my lips as he took my lips in his mouth and his hand is on my back.

I am bit unconscious as wine have made me horny and I pushed my tongue in Jai’s mouth as he is sucking it hard.lookinh to my hubby Anish ,I can see mona kissing his face and lips to neck.we four are enjoying sex as jai left my tongue and now I started kissing his chest and going down to his waist.jai is in his undies only as I am in my bra and panty ,now I am kissing his waist and now I am on floor.lookinh at my hubby ,he is now pulling down tops of his partner,I am on my knees as I pulled down Jai’s undies ,a long thick cock is in my palm.Its new for me and I am holding it tightly as jai moved to sofa’s corner,I put my lips on his penis to kiss while I can see mona nude as Anish have removed her dress and mona is kissing my hubby’s chest as she is also going down to his waist.now my lips are loving Jai’s penis as his hand is on my back and he removed my brassiere as my boobs are nude. Jai is pressing my boobs hard as I am kissing his penis and I can see mona on her knees pulling my hubby’s Bermuda.now I took Jai’s glans on my lips to rub it and slowely it’s in my mouth as I took his 2/3 Rd cock in my mouth to suck.now I am sucking his hard cock as my mouth have hold it tightly and my mouth is giving it a nice jerk ,I am in joy as I can see mona kissing my hubby’s thigh while holding his penis.we two lady are on knees as both guys are on sofa and jai is massaging hard my boobs as I am sucking his tool hard ,he is screaming………

“oohh aahh you are too hot bina ,suck it hard.”

And I can see mona sucking my hubby’s penis fast as her mouth is swinging in air ,Anish is pressing her boobs hard.now I took out Jai’s penis from my mouth and started licking it with my tongue as my fingers are in pubic hair as j can hear my hubby’s scream…….

“oohh aahh you are best in sucking ,aahh go fast.” And I left Jai’s penis as I am on sofa. I can see mona licking my hubby’s dick and after a while she took it in her mouth again and giving a nice blow job.

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