Hi everyone,
I am enjoying my life with my hubby Anish as well as with Nishant and Kirti also.on a weekly basis ,I need 5-6 nice sexual session as I am a hot lady with lot of sexual desires.my physical appearance’s is good as it’s measure 34-26-36 and my whiteish complexion with height of 5’5 feet is attractive as I keep my boobs and vaginal parts clean while my arm pits are fully shaved.my hubby loves to lick my cunt as Nishant loves to suck my vagina hard.for last 2 months ,I am not feeling satisfied with a single cock as two three cocks can make me satisfy.readers can say that I have strong addiction of sex as it’s a nice weekend and we are going to enjoy a wife swapping session but our sexual partners will be changed as my hubby asked me last evening…….

“Bina my colleague jai and mom’s are looking for wife swapping with us
(Bina)as you wish but if will do it with several couples ,I think our secrecy will be disclosed
(Anish) ok but I think jai as well as mom’s will not disclose their activities with anyone.” And I agreed with my hubby for a weekend sex session.Its a nice morning as we both are having tea while sitting in balcony.my maid is working in kitchen as she will left my home ,we will enjoy some thing special in sex.as my hubby Anish is sexually active ,he loves to clean my organs as we have had a nice bath together in the weekend. It’s 09:45 am as my maid left my home and after closing the door ,I walked to my bedroom as I took out a hair remover cream as well as a small scissor and my clothes ,now I shouted…….

“Anish are you ready for a nice bath
(Anish) why not ?.”

And he came inside bedroom as I am in a night gawn ,Anish is wearing a Bermuda and we both entered inside washroom.now Anish removed my gawn as I am in a panty only ,looking at him ,I pulled down his Bermuda and after a while we both are nude in washroom.now we both sits on floor as I have to trim my hubby’s pubic hair ,now I took scissor in my hand and put it on his pubic hair .now I am trimming his pubic hair as Anish is sitting quietly and his long semi erected penis is in my palm as I have hold it to make his pubic hair visible as well as to use scissor properly.now I trimmed his pubic hair and now took some water from bucket and after making his hairs wet ,I put shampoo on it as he started pressing my boobs hard while holding it tightly ,I screamed……..

“you are cheating me Anish ,now shave my pubic hairs
(Anish) cheating ,why ?
(Bina)no sex here only bath .”

And now I am standing on floor as my legs are wide spread and Anish is sitting on his knees as he kissed my vagina and now he is putting hair remover gel on it. He put some water also and than rubbed it as it will take 3-4 minutes to make it hairs fall ,so Anish stand in front of me and hold me in his strong arms as we both started kissing eachother and my boobs are on her chest as he is rubbing my back with his palm.now he took my lips in his mouth as he is sucking it and my hand is pressing his ass hard as I can feel his long dick hitting on my waist.lastly ,I pushed my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it and I can feel his finger going inside my ass hole.we are brushing our hot body as I took out my tongue from his mouth and now I am too hot as I started kissing my hubby’s chest and going down ,my lips are loving his strong body as he put his hand on tap and waters are flowing from cascade on our body.

I kissed upto her waist and now I knelt in front of my hubby ,washed her penis as well as pubic hair and than put my lips on her penis.looking at him ,I took his glans on my face and lips as she is screaming……..

“oohh aahh you are too hot Bina .”

And I took his long penis in my mouth as I am sucking it hard ,I can hear his voice of “aah uuh “.we both are wet and now I am licking my hubby’s penis with my tongue and it’s my weakness also to taste penis with my mouth as I can see his legs shivering .now I stand in front of Anish as he is pressing my breast hard and I am masturbating his long cock ,Anish put his mouth on my breast as he bowed his face on it and while sucking my boobs ,he is fingering my cunt now. His long hard penis is too hot as he is sucking my other breasts hardly and I am masturbating his cock fast.later on Anish is on my legs to pray my CHUT DEVI ,it’s an special moment for any lady if they get love on her vagina as my hubby is washing my vagina with water.now my vagina is clean and he put his nose on its hole just smelling my vagina hard. He put fingers on my vagina as his tongue started licking my cunt ,his tongue is moving fast as I am too hot and I can feel the sensation in my body.now Anish turned my body as he is kissing my ass and than I put my hand on tap of cascade to close it.

Our nice bath session is in process as Anish started putting gels on my boobs to waist just massaging it hard and I am using it on his chest and waist to tummy.our hot body is full of gel as our lower parts are free from it ,so Anish started putting gels on my thighs to legs and vagina also .now like a hot lady ,I turned my back and he is putting it on my ass to back.now it’s my chance ,so I knelt down and put gel on his strong thighs to legs but my lips are kissing his penis and I took his penis in my mouth to suck but Anish hold my hairs tightly and started fucking my mouth with his long hard dick and it’s glans is hitting on my deep throat.after a while ,I licked his penis and now turned his back ,my lips are kissing his ass as I put my tongue on her ass hole and I am licking it with my hand holding his penis and giving it a fast masturbation and Anish is……..”oohh aahh you bitch now suck my cock I will cum soon.” And I left her back now I am sucking his cock as he is fucking my mouth with his penis and I can feel my cunt wet as my vagina is full of juice and Anish shouted ….

“Oohh yes drink my cum you whore.”

And my mouth got sperms as I took it in my mouth and have it .my lips are covered with it as I stand in front of Anish and he rolled his tongue on my lips to taste the sperm.

Added by Bina mishra

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