Wife Fucks Stranger for Husband

Wife Fucks Stranger for Husband, I suppose this story starts with the love of my life; my sweet wife, Claire. She is truly the most amazing woman I have ever met. Everybody loves Claire. And aside from being a great wife and mother to our three kids, she also has an amazing libido- always eager to have sex. She is 34 years old, and even after having three kids, still has rocking body. She is 5’4″, has great legs, and beautiful “C” cups. We have been married for five years and have enjoyed amazing sex from day one. You would never guess it by her modest appearance, but she’s that rare woman who gets turned on as easily as a guy. Even if she isn’t in the mood, I can always get her there by grabbing her tits or touching her pussy. She can also fuck just for the sake of fucking, having orgasms with ease. There is usually a point in our fucking when I think I could probably get her to do anything. It was that thought that really turned me on. I would fantasize about all kinds of scenarios involving my wife losing control during sex and doing pretty much whatever my heart (or cock) desired.

One fantasy that always got a lot of play in my head was watching her fuck another man. She has told me a few stories about her adventures before we met, and while I don’t consider her a slut or even promiscuous, she certainly has had her share of great sex, occasionally with no strings attached. I secretly wish she had been more of a slut when she was younger, simply because it’s such a turn-on thinking about her fucking as many guys as possible.

Over the past few months we have started talking much more openly about our sex lives; past present and future. She confessed that one of her biggest fantasies is having sex in a limousine and letting the driver watch the whole thing. This is a clear departure from her standard sexual demeanor, where she is relatively shy. For my part, I told her that even though I know it is wrong and completely twisted; the thought of her fucking another man in front of me was a huge turn on for me. To my surprise, she said she also thought that fantasy was really hot. At that point I decided it was time to play the “would you?” game. I said, “OK, I’ll go first. Would you really have sex in a limousine?”

She said, “Oh yes.”

“Would you let the driver watch?”

Without hesitation, she said, “Yes.”

(Time to push the envelope) “Would you ever let me take naked pictures of you?”

She smiled and said, “Sure.”

“OK… Would you make a sex video with me?” (Something we had never even talked about)


“Would you let someone else film it?”


These answers were blowing my mind. Claire won’t even go without a bra at home because she feels it is too revealing. I figured I should keep going to see exactly where the boundaries were. “Would you ever pick up a stranger at a bar and bring him home to fuck in front of me?”

She said, “Dave, are you sure you could handle that? I mean, you can’t undo something like that.”

I said, “I am positive I can handle that. As long as you were into it and looked like a total slut to the guy, I would LOVE it!”

She said, “OK, I would do that for you. It’s a huge turn on for me too.”

Holy shit! I could not believe my awesome, loving wife could embrace the idea of being such a major slut! I was even more in love with her after that honest conversation. Not that I believed she would actually go through with any of those fantasies. The fact that it turned her on enough to think she might go through with it was hot enough. After that night things got pretty steamy in the bedroom. We talked about our fantasies all the time and even added to them. She seemed to love the idea of me wanting her to be a slut. She agreed to “accidentally” flash some strangers through down-blouses and up-skirts. I kept expecting her to go back on her claim that she would fuck a stranger for me, but the more we talked about it, the more committed to the idea she seemed to become. “After you fuck him will you let him cum in your mouth and swallow?”

“Yes,” she said. “I would do that for you.”

“Do you think you would have any problem picking up a guy in a bar and getting him to come back and fuck you?” I asked.

“No,” she laughed. “I have never had a problem getting a guy to fuck me.” Touché.

It took me about a month after that conversation to set up the big night. I thought we would start with her limousine fantasy. This seemed simple enough. I planned a 30 minute limousine ride to a nearby town where my wife and I would have a lovely dinner followed by hard-core fucking in the limo on the way home. There was a major part of me that doubted whether she would really go through with any of this, but the anticipation was killing me!

My wife looked smoking hot when she emerged from our bedroom that evening. She wore a sexy, yet classy black evening gown with a short hem, low neckline and spaghetti straps. Under the dress she wore a completely transparent bra with no panties. When she bent forward you could easily see her tits and when she sat down, her tightly groomed black pussy was totally exposed.

When the limousine pulled up we were both praying the driver would play well with her fantasy. When he got out of the car, we were not disappointed. At a lean 6’4″ and approximately 25 years of age, he was taller than expected and a bit younger. He had short black hair, a foreign accent that we never did identify and was ruggedly handsome. He introduced himself as Paul and seemed utterly. When he put us in the vehicle and verified the evening plans, he also showed us the privacy button we could press if we wanted to shut the partition to the front of the car. “We won’t be needing THAT,” I laughed to myself.

I could see immediately my wife approved. Even though this first fantasy of ours was only about being watched, the wrong guy could trigger the “creepy” vibe and this evening would be a total bust. What she didn’t realize was that she accidentally showed him her tits when she bent down to get in the car and also gave him a great pussy shot as she sat down. She was already living out our fantasies and she didn’t even know it!

Once inside the car she squeezed my hand and gave me that excited look as if we were about to do something incredibly fun. Indeed. Without Claire seeing me, I smuggled a video camera under my seat- just in case things got really out of hand later. As the car pulled away from the curb, I placed my hand on her bare thigh and started to slide it up her leg. She responded positively at first, but then stopped me and whispered, “No! We have to wait until after dinner. I don’t want to let him see me naked right now and then have to face him later. I would die!”

I fought my laughter. “I’ve got some news for you Claire; he’s already seen your tits and pussy when you got in the car.”

She was horrified. “Are you serious?” She demanded.

Laughing at her, I whispered, “The mystery is over!” She started laughing too, and hid her face in her hands in embarrassment.

I gave her a consoling hug and then slowly started stroking her hair. I can always tell when Claire is getting turned on by her irregular breathing. I leaned in and started kissing her neck. This time she didn’t resist. She was getting aroused and we hadn’t even started yet. I slid my hand down her leg again and slowly spread her knees apart. Whether she knew it or not, this gave the driver a wide open view of her pussy. I wanted to give him a great show right away in case my wife chickened out and asked me to press the privacy button.

I continued kissing her neck and started to lightly rub her pussy. I was pleasantly surprised to find she was already extremely wet. I slid two fingers inside of her and she responded with a soft moan, trying to keep her voice down so Paul wouldn’t hear. I just couldn’t tell at this point. Was she actually going to go through with this? I reached over and very slowly pulled one of her straps off of her shoulder. No objection. I did the same to the other. I started kissing her on the mouth and carefully reached forward, slowly pulling the dress down to expose her see-through bra. She gasped, but didn’t resist. I quickly removed her bra and took one nipple into my mouth. As I started sucking on her tit, I took my hands and pulled her dress down to her hips. I was sucking on one nipple, pinching the other, and my one free hand was rubbing her pussy. She was starting to go crazy with all of this action. Before she could come to her senses and bring this thing to a grinding halt, I moved down to my knees, pulled apart her legs, and sunk my tongue into her pussy. “Oh my God!” She moaned with surprise. “What are you doing, Dave?” She resisted just for a second, but then gave in to her desire.

She now had her tits completely exposed to the driver. She was leaning back in the seat, totally absorbed in the oral sex I was giving her. My shy wife didn’t even trying to cover herself up. I had to assume at this point she was aware of what she was doing. Because of that assumption, I found all of this so hot I thought I might cum before I even had my cock out of my pants. Her pussy was dripping with her juices and I couldn’t lick it up fast enough. She was moving quickly toward her first orgasm of the night, so I thought it wise to redirect my efforts. I wanted this fantasy to last the entire drive. She reaches a certain point of arousal where she is up for nearly anything, but once she cums, she starts thinking rationally. My fear was that rationality might also signal the end of our sex adventures for the evening.

I moved to a side seat so the driver could get a profile view of us. I didn’t need to say a word to Claire. She assumed the appropriate position on her knees, unfastened my pants and eagerly shoved my cock in her mouth. In our five years of marriage I had never seen her like this. It might have been intimidating if it wasn’t so damn hot. “She’s out of control!” I thought. I was now in a position to see Paul. He was clearly watching the show from his rear view mirror. I noticed he was fidgeting in his seat quite a bit, obviously trying to adjust for his erection. I usually have a lot of control over my orgasms, but her inspired cock-sucking effort combined with this smoking hot scene was torpedoing me toward a premature one. Getting her to take her mouth off of my cock in time to avoid a premature explosion was a bit more difficult than expected. I had to push her away with both hands. She was seriously fiending for it.

In a guttural whisper, she said “Fuck me! Right now- I NEED it! Oh my God, this is so hot…”

I couldn’t believe what was going on. Was this my wife? Holy cow, this was awesome. I said, “I’m going to cum. I need to slow down, Sweetie.”

“No way! You can hang on a little longer… Give me that cock.” She whispered, “Is he watching? Oh fuck… Fuck, fuck, fuck… This is so fucking hot!”

And with that, I buried everything I had into her tight little pussy. Unfortunately, it only took a few thrusts before I was ready to blow. I pulled out, straddled her face and she eagerly took my cock in her mouth, just as I exploded with my load. I came so hard I thought my balls might come out too. She sucked me dry, swallowing every drop. There was nothing new about that, though. Claire was always a champ when it came to swallowing. But this time she swallowed with a sense of urgency. She wanted more.

I was now finished, but she hadn’t cum yet. She was crazy with lust, begging me to eat her pussy. As I was licking her sweet box and sliding a couple fingers into her, it occurred to me that if I could keep her from cumming, I could own her sweet ass for the entire night. She wouldn’t like it, of course. When my Claire wants to cum, Claire cums. But I was in the power position here. I kept licking and finger fucking her, but every time she got close, I would stop. She knew I was teasing her and begged me to finish what I had started. “Pleeeeeease! Please let me cum!”

But I didn’t. Instead, I tortured her all the way to the restaurant. Paul must have thought she was the horniest slut in the world. When the car slowed down and took a turn, I suggested we regain our composure and prepare for our dinner date. “Oh my God!” she said. “You’re such a fucking asshole! Seriously??? Fucker…”

I found it amazing that she didn’t even try to cover herself up when she got dressed. Claire is VERY modest with her body. We were still scrambling to get our clothes on as the limo pulled into the restaurant. Paul was aware of this and kindly took his time in making his way back to open our door. Normally Claire would have been horribly embarrassed to face Paul after being naked and screwing in front of him, but she was still turned on, so she didn’t seem fazed. She even gave him a flirtatious smile and a wink as she left the car. She was in the rarest of forms.

Dinner conversation started out somewhat strained, but quickly turned to a recap of the drive. We both thought it was the hottest thing we had ever done.

“So what about the ride home?” I asked.

She raised her eyebrows, “You have some unfinished business to attend to, Mister.”

“I know Honey- I am sorry. I PROMISE I will finish you off on the way home. Were you embarrassed to be naked in front of Paul?”

“Umm, NO!” She laughed. “Couldn’t you tell how turned on I was? I was watching him watch me through the rear-view mirror. That was fucking HOT!”

My sweet, conservative Claire was not the innocent lady I had believed her to be. But she was quickly becoming the slut I had always dreamed of marrying.

We had trouble really enjoying our dinner because we were obsessing about the drive home. We ate quickly, paid our bill and called Paul to pick us up. I pulled him aside before he had a chance to seat us. I told him about the video camera under my seat and slipped him $20 to film us. “Just pull off somewhere secluded. My wife is so out of control, you might even get a blowjob out of it.” Paul smiled knowingly, nodded and discretely retrieved the camera before letting my wife and me in the limo.

After settling in for a minute or two, my wife leaned over and started kissing my neck. I went straight for her pussy and was amazed at how wet she still was. This was going to be one ride to remember. But as much as I wanted to just start fucking her, I also wanted to go a bit slower to give Paul a chance to drive to a secluded place. I bought some time by just kissing her, but she was clearly further along than that and was pushing for more. She made no secret about wanting to be fucked. Hard and now.

I finally felt the car slowing down and knew Paul must have found a suitable location to park. After a couple of slow turns, my wife figured out something was up. “What are we doing?” She whispered. “Why did he pull off the Interstate?”

“No idea,” I lied.

She gave me the look she reserves for when she knows she doesn’t have the whole story. I leaned back in and started kissing her neck. She was still concerned about the unscheduled stop, but couldn’t resist me. She was way too turned on at that point. I was really aggressive with her then in an attempt to distract her from what was about to happen. I had a couple of fingers inside of her, really working over that hungry pussy of hers. She didn’t react at all to the car stopping and didn’t seem to notice Paul had turned around in his seat and was pointing a video camera at us. Once he was in position I started to pull her clothes off. Without taking my mouth off of hers, I slid her straps off her shoulders and pulled her dress down below her beautiful tits. This time I kept going. She accommodated my wishes by lifting her ass off the seat so I could pull the dress all the way down to her feet.

As I was removing her bra, she must have seen Paul with the camera because she just froze. In an attempt to avert disaster, I said, “It’s OK, Claire. It’s our camera. I asked him to film.”

The next five seconds were the longest of my life because I didn’t know if I had pushed things too far and ruined the fantasy. To my extreme relief, she reached down to unbutton my pants and I knew she was all in. She kicked the dress away from her feet and was completely naked. She got on her knees, took my pants down, and went to work on my dick. This was an incredible sight. Watching a stranger film my naked wife blowing me in a limo was better than I had hoped for. The good news is that I actually had some control because of cumming earlier in the evening. Based on the huge bulge in Paul’s pants, he was also enjoying the show.

After a couple of minutes, I decided it was time to fuck her again. I lay down on my back on the floor of the car and had my wife get on top, cowgirl style, facing Paul. She slid easily down on my cock. My view was amazing. She was fucking me right in front of Paul and truly enjoying it. It took very little time before she was close to cumming again, so I pulled out to change positions. “Come on!” She complained. “I NEED to cum!”

I got behind her and pushed her onto all fours, facing Paul. I started fucking her doggy style and she really responded. I suddenly had the thought that this might be the perfect opportunity to introduce Paul’s cock. I silently motioned for him to pull his dick out, in the hope he’d go for that blowjob I had alluded to earlier. He didn’t need to be told twice. He reached his free hand down and unzipped his pants. He had some difficulty in retrieving his hard cock through his zipper, and when I saw it, I understood why. Paul was packing some major heat! He pulled out the thickest cock I had ever seen. At close to eight inches, it was long too- but the girth is what really stood out. Claire doesn’t have a big dick fantasy, but even she had to appreciate such an impressive specimen.

Claire didn’t notice Paul’s exposed prick at first. I could tell, however, when she stopped fucking me back that she must have spotted it. She only stopped for a second before regaining her rhythm, and then picking up the pace. She was careening violently toward her orgasm when I motioned for Paul to come closer, then pulled out again. She was out of her mind crazy with lust at that point. With Paul now directly in front of her, she reached out her hand and grabbed his fat cock. Panting hard, she turned her head back at me and said, “Are you sure about this? I mean, are you really sure you can handle this Dave?”

I smiled and reassured her, “Yes, Claire. I LOVE this!” She smiled excitedly at me and turned back to Paul. The next scene is burned in my mind for eternity. With both hands around his shaft, she pulled his cock to her mouth, and very unceremoniously- as if she had done this a thousand times, stretched her lips to accommodate his girth and fully engulfed his cock.

I wish I could impart to people the sheer weight of this moment for me. My sweet wife of five years, mother to our wonderful children, respected member of our society and soccer mom, had just quite happily put a stranger’s thick cock in her mouth for his pleasure. To this lucky guy she was blowing, she was just some other guy’s wife slut… Oh, that I lived to see this day.

Claire wasted no time in working over his cock. Using both hands, she was feverishly sucking it like a hungry slut. I took the video camera from Paul to catch the action. When this evening was over and Claire had come to her senses, she might never agree to something like this again. This might be a one-and-done situation and I didn’t want to miss a second of it. Paul was receiving one of my wife’s spectacular blowjobs. I had never been with anyone even close to the skills Claire has in this area. I loved watching another man experience this for the first time.

As much as I loved watching her perform orally on Paul, the coup de gras would be him fucking her. I needed to get her close to orgasm again to be confident of her acquiescence. I moved behind her and pushed my cock inside her dripping pussy. “Oh GOD!” She moaned. She had trouble focusing on Paul’s blowjob once my cock was pounding into her. I waited for her to get close to orgasm again and then I motioned for Paul and me to flip her around. With the precision of a pit crew, we quickly rotated her 180 degrees and I shoved my dick in her mouth before she could object. I watched with extreme anticipation as Paul slid his meaty cock slowly into her sopping wet pussy. “Oh my GOD!” She screamed. “Oh God, oh God… YES!”
Paul worked his cock all the way in and out of her. Very quickly he was slamming the length of his meat deep inside of her, with the slap, slap, slap of his balls keeping time. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a well-hung stranger balls-deep in your wife while she’s screaming for more. I didn’t want this night to end.

I was getting all of this on film with the determination of a Hollywood director. With her hands bracing against my legs for balance against Paul’s forceful thrusts, she looked into my eyes and mouthed the words, “Thank you.” It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

She had forgotten about my blowjob now that Paul was fucking the shit out of her, but I didn’t care. This was so much better than I had imagined it would be. Claire was quickly moving once again toward an orgasm. This time she would not be denied. Paul continued to pound her as she started to completely lose control. “Oh my God! Harder, harder! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please fuck my pussy hard! Oh my God! OH SHIT!!! AAHHHHH!!!”

It was incredible. Nothing I had ever seen in porn even came close to that scene. Paul kept fucking my exhausted wife even after her orgasm had subsided. With her head resting heavy on the seat between my legs, she was like a rag-doll. I could see Paul was nearing his money-shot, so I motioned for him to let her suck him off. He turned her around and she once again wrapped her tight lips around that fat cock. She moved with a sense of purpose. Both hands jacked him off while her mouth sucked the tip. When my Claire wants a man to cum in her mouth, there’s nobody faster at making it happen. Paul grabbed the back of her hair and started to fuck her face. I was amazed at how much cock she was taking in with each thrust. Quickly he tensed up, grabbed the back of her head with both hands and shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed his cum like a starving animal, never taking her mouth off of his cock and milking it long after he was finished. I’ve never felt so in love with anyone in my life as I did with Claire in that moment. What an incredible slut!

After Paul had finished, things calmed down for everyone. Not much was said as we all put our clothes back on in the back of that limo. Paul went back up front and started driving us once again towards home. “Are you OK?” Claire whispered to me.

“Yes,” I said. “I’m more than OK. You are fucking AMAZING.”

“Oh Good,” she said, relieved. “I am SO happy you feel that way.” She smiled and whispered, “You’ll have to give Paul a really big tip.”

“Actually,” I said, “I plan on giving Paul a standard tip. I know for a fact that fucking YOU is its own reward.”

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