Unexpected encounter with a girl in Goa

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I am back with one more new story hope you all like this story as well and thanks for the support you gave me for my previous story.So without boring you much let me start the story
I’m 27 from Bangalore work as a software professional . Since my job was more stressful i decided to take a break for a week and planned for the trip to goa .I was staying at Anjuna beach which is
filled with most of the foreigners and i was approached by some of the agents but i never took the chance of going with them. I was just sitting in the beach enjoying the sunset and having look at the
girls on the beach trying my luck for the day.

To my luck i saw one girl who was sitting alone and having some wine i was seeing and even she was seeing me and after few minutes of
eye sight i gave a smile and she replied to that and i thought this was the signal that she is interested in me without wasting much time i went near her and asked excuse me can i sit here.She smiling said
yeah offcourse.Then i introduced myself and she introduced her self and she had come with some of the friends who were playing the beach she was from mumbai works in some IT firm.We chatted
for a while and then we became close very soon and i told about the hotel i stay and she said her’s .Then we exchanged our phone numbers by that time her friends came she said will text you at the night
and bye and went off.

I was very happy that thinking something would work out for me in goa. Then i reached back the hotel it was around 11PM i got the message “hi” i replied and that was the girl whom i met near the beach.
we chatted for more than an hour and now we were close and i immediately asked are you interested me if you dont mind can we go for dinner tommorrow night. She after a mintue replied yeah sure.Now everything was working
as per my wish. I was waiting for the next night to meet her and finally the day has arrived i dressed up nicely and went to the restaurant she was looking very hot seeing her my dick has already raised she was wearing sleveless deep
t shirt and jeans shorts her thighs was so white and sexy.We were chatting as if we are friends from long years. We finished dinner and she had wine and that too she was not concious she was not in her control even i was not in control
she asked me today i will stay at your hotel itself as her friends would scold her for drinking so much.Now i really felt happy and i agreed for her request.

I took her to hotel and i now without wasting time immediately grabbed her from back and she was shocked and asked me what i was doing but i didnt listen to her started kissing her she was trying to push me back but she was not consious
and was not able to do anything after 15minutes of kissing she started to reply for kiss.Sorry guys i forgot to tell about her .Her name is divya ,25yrs with dick raising asset of 36-34-36 any guy would die for her huge assets .So now i was kissing
her neck from the back and licking her ears she lost her control completely and surrendered her to me.Now slowly i started kissing on her face and she was responding.Now i lip kissed for few minutes which she enjoyed a lot during lip kissing
i was pressing her big melons and she was moaning slowly and she immediately grabbed me hard and started to lip kiss again .Now she undressed me completely and was shocked to see my 7.5inch big hard rock dick she was like wow its very big and
started to give blow job trust me it was one of the best blow job ever i had she was sucking it like an lollypop she gave a blow job for around 10 minutes now i slowly removed her top and bra and grabbed that big sexy melons like an hungry lion
it was very big boobs i was pressing hard and sucking it and i was sucking her nipples hard she was moaning and enjoying that suck ahhhhhhhhhh baby yeah ahhhhhhh suck it suck hard baby its all yours todat yeahhhhhhhh suck it eat it hard.

This words were making me crazy and i was sucking it hard i did this for around 30 minutes now again she gave me the nice blow job and slowly i went down and removed her shorts and she was feeling shy to remove her panty but i slowly kissing her stomach and
thighs removed her panty wowwwwwwwww what a sexy clean shaved pussy it was i immediately without wasting time started licking her pussy it was sexy she was enjoying to the core and she was moaning ahhhhhhhhh yeaah baby yeahahh
lick it eat that pussy baby yeahhhhh yeahhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh i cant control please fuck me hard baby yeahhhhhhhhhh she was pressing my head very tight towards her pussy i was enjoying a lot.Now after 15minutes of pussy licking she was literally begging me
to fuck her hard now i started sucking her boobs again and started fingering her pussy she was shouting after few minutes now it was time was the real action.Slowly she guided my dick towards her pussy slowly i took it inside and started giving the strokes slowly
for few minutes i gave very slow strokes she was maoning and enjoying it and then i gradually increased the speed she was moaning yeahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby fuck hard fuck me baby yeahhhhh
aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha her moans were making me crazy to fuck harder and whole room was filled with her moans and i fucked hardly for around 20minutes and both was about to cum and released all the cum inside her pussy itself and then tried different
positions like doggy style,69 position etc.By this time it was around 5 in the morning both were tired like hell we slept naked for few hours then took bath together and had another
2 sessions one the bathroom and other one after the bath.Both enjoyed thorougly to the core she said it was one of the best memorable day and thanked me for making it memorable and she kissed me and left back to her hotel.From that day we meet and have good sessions
whenever we get time.That’s my story guys hope you all enjoyed it.

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