Ultimate Love with Nephew

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Hii friends… My name is Nilima, This is a real experience of mine. This isn’t a story but a confession and few questions for which I want answers. I am a primary school teacher. I am 45 years old and an average looking lady with fair color. My husband died 4 years back due to a heart attack. I have a son Aman who is in diploma 1st year and lives in a hostel. I live with my in laws.

We were happy family back then when my husband was there, I had a loving, caring life partner who took care of my every need, even my physical needs, We used to have sex atleast thrice a week. Our life was going good until death took my husband away from me. Aman was in 8th std at that time, I had my school teacher job, My father in law is a retired person from bank and mother in law is a house wife. After husbands demise I just used to count days. In laws supported me end even tried to convince me for remarriage but I could not get rid of my husband’s memories so I denied their proposal. After two years Aman got admitted for a diploma course in a city which was 150kms away from home. Getting admission in that college was his dream and few friends of him also joined the same college, so my motherly love could not make him stay at home and he left for the college.
Due to studies and long distance Aman used to visit us only in festivals and vacations. Going to school, teaching there, cook for in laws were in my daily chores. But deep down in my heart I was missing my husband. I used to manage in day times but at nights I started feeling lonely and helpless. I was a strong woman atleast for the society. I never showed my sadness and sorrow to anyone but my pillow.
My in laws routine was going to temple in the morning, visiting market to get d before fresh vegetables, having some chitchat with elderly group in the evening and going to before 10pm. I used to engage my mind in TV serials, movies etc. I had lots of sleepless nights thinking about good old days spent with my husband. His touch, hugs and kiss I was missing him badly. I used to get wet while thinking about it and masturbation became a routine program.

My female friends suggested me porns and sex stories even some blind dating sites but never liked it and never had courage to do it, though my husband was not there I cud not even think of cheating with some other guy, and also he left me with so many memories I was thinking I would never need a penis and I can spend rest of my life only with his memories.
Its been 4 years now, Memories got blur , I forgot how his touch felt. Daily routine and helping in laws was my life now. By the time I stopped touching myself and start spending months without even thinking of sex.
I have a nephew named Rohan who lives in different city, used to visit our home whenever Aman will be at home for his vacations. Rohan is older than Aman but they realy are good friends. He was just like a son to me.
Few days before Aman visited home for summer vacations and called Rohan to come and visit us. Rohan showed 2 days after and dull house became source of happiness due to these two children. They used to rome together, watching movies, swimming, playing cricket with friends so they were really enjoying holidays. Aman’s vacation was about to end and he started packing to go back to college. Next morning Aman left for the college, my mother in law asked Rohan to stay as his holidays were not over. He also had many friends here so he happily agreed.
During his stay Rohan used to use Aman’s room for sleeping. It was 10.30 pm Aman was already left I was washing dishes in kitchen , in laws were asleep Rohan came to me and complained about bodyache. I thought it’s normal after full day hopping. But after dishes when I touched him to check his temperature he was burning, he had high fever. I was worried so, called family doctor and asked him is it possible for him to come and visit our house as his clinic was closed. Doctor suggested me to keep cloth wet in salt water on his forehead and also to clean his body with same to reduce his temperature and even if fever persists he will visit us in night, I thanked him and hung up. I gave him 2 tablets one for sleep so that he would not have to bear this pain and another for bodyache.
I asked him to remove his clothes, he removed everything except boxers. As I was like mother to him he was not shy to me. He slept on bed, I sat beside and started to keep wet cloth stripes on his forehead and cleaning his body with wet towel. I was moving towel from his leg to boxers and from hand to belly. It was 11pm. Rohan felt asleep. Cold stripes were giving him relief. He was a tall and muscular guy with thin chest hairs. I kept doing this for next 2 hours and when his body temperature came to normal, I stopped it. He was asleep lights were on, I kept stripes aside. There was a slight buldge in his boxers. I don’t know what happened to me but I could not take my eyes down. I was wearing gown beneath which there was no cloth. I started moving my hands on his chest, lust was all upon me, I was curling and playing with his chest hairs. In last 4 years I never touched a guy and now I was touching my nephew. My body needs took over my mind. I played with his nipples , small nipples became erect. Buldge in boxers was increasing, I became wet by this play, Now I wanted to see the penis, for which I lusted for 4 years. His boxers had button I made sure he is fast asleep and opened the button with soft hand and took his penis out of the boxer. It was a thick 6 inch hot rod. I was touching manlyhood after 4 years , my mouth was with full of saliva, my heart was pumping like hell, My tongue wanted to taste it, my hands wanted to play with it, my pussy wanted to take it in. So I was like a child with icecream in hand. I started to move skin of penis to and fro, I could see reddish part on its tip blood was pumped in penis to make it at its largest. My eyes were on penis and balls. I was saving its images in my mind. My hands were gently rubbing it. I was in no hurry. I was afraid this act could wake him up.
After rubbing his penis for sometime. I shifted near him and take my face near his penis. I smelled it and take my tongue out and kept it on tip of penis. It was the best taste in the world, Woman depriving for sex for so long would definitely tell you none can be compared with touch and taste of penis. I was touching penis with tongue, Tasting it, my eyes got closed with joy. After making his shaft all wet by my tongue I opened my mouth and take whole of it in. It was the nicest feeling in the world. I started stroking him by moving my head up and down. I was doing this very gently and trying not to wake him up. While my mouth was doing work I started to press my boobs with my hand. My figure is 34-28-36. I was pressing my boobs over gown. I was able to feel my erect nipples. I was locating them and punching them. Boobs were getting pressed after long time. So they became very hard. I was making moaning sound ‘aaaah ahaaah ahahaa haaaha haaaa aaaaahaaaa haaaa aaaaa’. My vagina was oozing like a stream. Penis was still in mouth. I was uninterested to take it out. After pressing boobs for long I take my gown up and started touching wet pussy. Pussy which had not seen penis for 4 years and which not got touched even by me in months. I started rubbing pussy lips, I was handling pussy very roughly, wanted to tear it apart in joy, I was pulling clit with thumb , head was still doing up and down movement. Hot shaft was fully erected I was giving head gently. My eyes were on Rohan’s face he was in deep sleep. I started inserting my 2 fingers inside pussy. I was out of control. Moaning became lil louder ‘aaaah ahaa ahaaa haaaa haaaa aaaaahh’. I was imagining rock hard penis in my mouth is fucking me. My heart beats increased, Pussy lips started to hold my fingers tightly as if they will never let it go. My speed increased at the same time Rohan’s hip started to move slightly. He spilled all his cum in my mouth. I drank it till its last drop. I was in heaven. I used to drink cum of my husband. After tasting his cum my pussy couldn’t control and I got orgasm. Rohan’s shaft was thicker than my husband’s. I cleaned myself and him with towel he was still in deep sleep. It was 3 am. I had school to attend. One last time I held his cock kissed it. I arranged his boxers buttoned it, put blanket on him and came to my bedroom for sleep.
Now after orgasm my mind started to think what I did was right or wrong. He was like a child to me. How could I became so horny that I didn’t even care about our relation. Lust was losing the battle and heart was saying what happened was wrong and should never happen again. Struggling with thoughts I slept. Next morning I woke up checked on Rohan he was still in sleep may be medicine showed its effect. I asked my in laws to visit doctor with Rohan, and give me a call if anything serious is there and left for the school. My mind was not with me in the school. I was thinking about night’s event. My vagina became watery and started to show some output due to last days memories. Now again mind started to say nothing wrong has happened you have every right to satisfy your bodies need. And you have made no harm to your relation as he was in deep sleep during this thing. School was over, when I came home Rohan was taking rest. Doctor gave some medicines and suggested him bedrest for next day. Everything was normal between us. After dinner in laws went to sleep. I gave Rohan medicines and also gave him 1 and half sleeping pill which he couldn’t recognize. I asked him to sleep and completed daily chores changed to gown. And checked for in laws in their room, they were asleep. So, I directly went to Rohan’s bed he was asleep, I touched him and called his name in low voice but no reply. He was wearing boxer and tshirt.
I sat beside him and started to touch his penis on his boxers. Like him his penis was also sleeping I opened the button and started to suck it, cock started to become hard. Today I was not afraid of him getting awake. As I had given him 1 and half tablet. After few minutes of sucking I removed my gown spread his legs and I got between his legs. I was completely nude and between his legs. I take his one hand and kept it on my head. And started to suck his penis again. His hand was giving me impression as if he is fucking my mouth and moving my head up and down with his hand. I was taking full shaft deep down in my throat. I was playing with his balls and little pubic hairs near balls. His shaft started to become rock hard this was the stage where he was going to fill me with cum. I started sucking him fast. Slid my hand in his tshirt and started to circle his nipples. And the point came where he cummed in my mouth. I drank all his cum. Cleaned it with my tongue. Penis was getting smaller and smaller but I was not done I wanted more. Pussy was watery and wanted something.
I started handle his penis gently, I was giving massage to penis, holding balls and rubbing them and to my luck cock became ready, just after 2 minutes for next round. No one would have believed this penis just cummed in my mouth.
I rubbed him for next few minutes, it was in its fullest size. I was completely nude and couldn’t control so I came over Rohan, and sat on his penis, I hold it in hand guided it slowly in my vagina. Vagina was little tight as it hadn’t seen penis for long time. I was in no hurry, pussy was completely wet so proper lubrication was there I was sitting down slowly while directing penis to vagina. And finally penis was inside me. I was on cloud nine. This is the best moment in every girls life having penis inside vagina. I remain in the same position for a while, I wanted to feel every bit of penis in my vagina. My pussy lips were holding penis very tightly. I could feel warmth of cock on my inner vaginal walls. I started to move slowly. I was shivering, my heart was pumping fast, I was moving my hips up and down. Penis was going out and was again hitting at the deepest in the womb. I moved his t shirt little up till his neck. And lay down on him. My boobs were pressing on his chest. My hips were having a rhythmic movement. By my hands I started to play with his hairs. This was the favorite position of me and my husband. Somewhere in him I was searching my husband. My kiss could have wake him up but still I couldn’t control and kissed him on his lips. I wanted to stop the time, I never wanted to end this, I wanted this position for rest of my life where his penis was fucking my vagina deep down, my boobs were pressed on his chest and I was kissing him. Slowly I started to increase my speed. I was bumping on his penis. I was making moans ‘aaaah aaaah aaaah ahaaa haaa aaah’. I kept my hands on his chest and started to rub my pussy hard. Without removing penis from my vagina, I was raising hips as much as possible and again bumping down on his shaft. It was my time I was about to get orgasm, I was missing this feeling badly. I increased my humping speed. In many years I got a penis to satisfy me so vagina was more than happy and started to giving out tears of joy in the form of cum. At the same time I noticed some movement in Rohan’s penis and even his penis gave up and he cummed in my vagina. I lay there for a while then got up, cleaned everything, got dressed, arranged everything as it was earlier and left for my room. It was the deepest sleep after orgasm. When I woke up next day Rohan was still sleeping. I made breakfast my mother in law woke him up. He was feeling much better now. N there was no memory in his brain for last 2 nights due to sleeping pills. Rohan’s mother due to her motherly love called my mother in law to send him home and also thanked me for taking such good care of him. But the truth was he and his shaft took good care of me. So on that day Rohan packed his bags and went home. I am the only person who knows what happened for those 2 nights.
Though I have read some of the stories here due to the doubt regarding their genuineness, I am framing my questions here hope experienced persons would respond me with proper answers
Is it ok to have physical relation with young guy?
Widows out there how you satisfy yourself?
Was I correct in first place to establish such relation with my nephew?
Kindly reply me on [email protected] . Thank you

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