My elder sister Juhi

Hello readers…….I am new to writing about physical relations ; writing on papers what happened between me[ Rohan] and my elder sister Juhi is really hard but i am doing this with consent of my sister Juhi.This is not a fiction/imagination but story based on truth.Indian society prohbits physical affairs among family members ;even family members either brother/sister,mom/son,dad/daughter dont want to have sexual pleasure among them but situation can make it happen.

we live in a small town ;Basti[u.p] and our dad/mom are govt.officials as well as school teacher.I have two sisters ;Juhi is elder to me and Ruhi is younger to me;I am Rohan doing my graduate from a local college, juhi didi is pursuing her master degree and ruhi have just entered 10+2. I am a young guy of 22 yrs,somehow smart,well built,height of 6 feet,fair complexion.Juhi is of 26 yrs.,height of 5″4 feet,white complexion,slim figure,well rounded ass and tight breasts.our parents are in search for a guy to marry her,but yet not night at 12:30 p.m when i was going to washroom passing sisters room,which were adjoined to dinning hall i listened some sound from juhi room; i stopped near her room and than looked inside from partially opened window,i was shocked to see juhi semi nude and she was inserting an artifical penis in her vagina and screming,i watched for some time than left the place,i slept thinking about juhi,really age of 26 yrs.and unmarried,so she is doing this.
I slept thinking about my elder sister juhi;our colleges were near by and it was my duty to drop her near main gate of college,but she always come back home with her friends.after looking her on that particular night,my attitude have changed towards a days i looked her tight boobs and her ass with bad intention,even i started masturbation thinking her afternoon when she entered washroom to have bath,i was looking inside from keyhole,no one was in room.looking inside i saw juhi removing her tops and skirt,but her back portion was visible to me,her buttocks in blue panty,nice to see when she moved front faced towards door,juhi was looking hot in her brassiers and panty,her seminude boobs,strong thighs were visible to me and my penis became rock hard,than she started taking bath under jharna,a nice…hot…….wild….sexy blonde was wet ………..i was curious to see her nude and when she removed her bra…panty i was feeling hot,she was rubbing shampoo on her body,her brownish tits were erected,than she stretched her legs and i saw her clean shaved vagina,a reddish face and her smooth thighs……she rubbed soap on every parts of her body and than completed her bathing session,took towel and lastly i left that place,sitting on sofa in dinning hall with a magzine,juhi came out of washroom in a mini skirt and tight tops,really juhi was looking a hot blonde.we both were taking breakfast and my eye always concentrates on her boobs and thighs……we were sitting on chair facing eachother…her mini skirt was not able to cover her thighs and i was looking it……after sometime we were in our respective room.i was thinking about juhi……after some time juhi came in my room and sit on bed,looking towards me——–”rohan———yah….today i am feeling loneliness….oh,ruhi will be back after sometime than…….no.she will be back in the evening….o.k,go to your room and watch t.v or do your study.”her strong smooth thighs were semi nude and in dinning hall i have seen her black panty also indide mini skirt,she then moved towards the door and i was bit relaxed,if she will be here i will lose my control and than some thing wrong will happen,but i was shocked to see juhi closing the door and coming back on bed .she stands near bed and looking at me…….”explain me rohan…..what?…..why for last few days you are looking to me in a different manner….juhi you are bit suspicious………no rohan,you are trying to hide something from me…….pl.go to your room and leave me alone”,but she came on bed and slept near me,while i was sitting on bed,her tight tops were near me and her thighs complete nude,she than took my hand and kept it on her thighs…….”you will get nothing just watching me but will get every thing if you will do something.”instead of taking hands from her thighs ,i crossed every limit to have sexual pleasure with my elder sister,rubbing her thighs i started massaging her boobs,both were in fire,juhi was now on my lap and kissing her face….”one night i saw having artificial penis in your cunt……[kissing my face] no option to exploit rohan.”we were kissing each other and i took her tops/skirt ….juhi ki dono chuchi bra se baahar aane ko tadap rahi the aur wo mere onth ko chustey hue pant uttaar de……….uske chuttar ko sahlaata hua uski jeev ko chusne laga and we were enjoying french kiss…no one is going to disturb us,removing her bra and G string panty i made her nude and she kept her face on my shoulder…….”rohan,my friends got married and whenever we meet they always brief about their……[rubbing her back] dont worry juhi you will also get married….i hope so.” then we were kissing each other,now she was in sleeping position and kissing her face i took her boobs in my mouth and start sucking it……..juhi ki chuchi ko chusne laga aur bur mein ungli karta hua mat ho raha tha,never expected that juhi will approach me for physical relation,she was moaning..”ahhahhhh.uuuuuh…..uuummm………..chup kar saali abhi sab kaam baanki hai.” wo bed par leti huey the aur main aek pillow uske gaand ke nichey ghussaya aur uske dono pawn alag karke bur niharne laga……,thoda jhuka aur bur chumte huey uske kamar ko thaam rakha tha,juhi ki raseely bur ko jeev se chatne kaa aanand ki alag tha,phir bur ko muhn mein lekar chusne laga aur juhi..”uuey maa …..itni khujli….pl.bur nikal do muhn se,mera paani aaney par hai…[bur muhn se nikaalkar]…..itna nakhra kahey karti hai saali,paani nikalega to usko piyunga.”she smiled and i sucked her chut till it become wet,now we lost our control,patience and our relation went in vain,juhi mere samne baithkar aagey ki taraf jhuki aur mere musal lund ko chumne lagi,main uske chuchi ko masalta hua mast tha,apne jeev ko lund par pherte huey sex ki unia mein kho chuki the,lastly she took my penis in her mouth and sucked it,i was not expecting hard blow job from her,but suddenly she started moving her face to enjoy it. juhi a hot blonde was with her younger brother to fulfill her sexual desires but after 10 minutes of blowjob she left it and went to wash room,we took rest and we were on bed having foreplay for sometime before fucking session…..”juhi….yah…..r u sure ruhi will come in evening……she called me that she is going to meet her friends, ,why?…..if she will come now,what will happen…..”she kissed my lips and i sits near her waist,stretched her legs and than kissed her valuable ornaments,sitting on my knees i pushed my penis in her cunt slowely, 1/2 of penis was inside,her chut was so tight i was compelled to give a hard push,giving a hard fuck i hold her boobs and she scremed ….”baap re itna mota musal lund,…..meri bur phat gaye nikal lo apne lund ko……[i was fucking fastly aur chuchak ko masalta hua]chup kar saali,lund se chudne ke liye hi to tadap rahi thi…….[now she was moving her bum up and down]……..haan saale bol le tera kya,jiski bur phhatti hai naa wahi apna haal jaanti hai.” main juhi ko chodta raha aur uski bur phir se wet ho gaya,now she was in a doggy position, i inserted my long hard penis in her wet cunt and holding her waist was fucking like a tough guy,she was moaning and moving her bum in swing ,she was enjoying her first fuck……….”aaahh.ooooooooooooooh….uuuuuuuuummmm,aur tej chod saaley…..[uske sine se latakte chuchi ko masalta hua jor-2 se bur chod raha tha]……. haan be randi teji se apne chuttar ko hilla….” than i ejaculated my cum in her chut and forced her to taste my cum,we took bath and than slept for whole,what happened next? i will write again,wait for some days,…..”MY HOT SISTER JUHI ,PART-02.”

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