The three virgins of my life- Part 1

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This is a story about how I met the love of my life, and my journey of lust with her.

I met my girlfriend when I was doing my engineering. I was in the mechanical department where there were fewer girls, and I had a couple of girl friends in my class. One of them was Shweta, who became close to me as our roll numbers were closer and we used to do almost all our labs together. We were best friends by the second year and always used to hang out together. Every year we had an annual festival organised by our college where we had a blast.

On the day of the second year annual fest, Shweta introduced me to her friend from the electrical department. Her name was Teju and she had very few friends with whom she could enjoy the festival. Shweta asked her to join us, and with a couple of other friends we went to the fest. A famous singer, Ankit Tiwari had come to the fest and we had a blast. While we were dancing, I couldn’t take my eyes off Teju. She was around 5’6″, which is relatively tall for a girl. She had a round face like a doll, big black eyes which with beautiful eyelashes curling upward, and dimples on each side. She was very shy though, and was looking nervous around us as we were practically new acquaintance to her. When Teju went for having some water, I pulled Shweta aside and asked her, “Does she have a boyfriend?”

Shweta a little taken aback, quickly coming back to her senses, “No, do you like her?” She was smiling mischievously while teasing me
I said, “Yes yaar, she is gorgeous. Please help me out”.

Shweta knew me for past 2 years, and she knew I rarely look at girls. Looking me taking a step by myself she thought that she must help me. She said she will do whatever she can. Then Teju came back, and we started to act normally. After the fest, it was way past midnight and we decided to go for a night ride. Shweta was on the bike with her boyfriend Rohit, and Teju was with me on my scooty. Our other friend had gone home, because he was not interested. We started from LB Nagar (Hyderabad) and decided to go to Charminar. They were on a 200 cc bike, and I think Shweta asked her bf to ride fast so we could get some personal time. They went way ahead of us, and I didn’t rush either. I wanted to make the most of the night. It was chilly, and I could feel the tension in the air. I couldn’t see her face,but I knew she was nervous behind me. After some time, I spoke, “Did you enjoy the fest?”

She said, “Yes, it was quite fun with you people”
“Glad to hear that”, I replied.
Then it was again an awkward silence between us. On some potholes, I could feel her breasts slightly, and her thighs would slightly squeeze my bum. I think it happens with every pillion, but when you have someone you really like, it is more and more visible.

After some time she spoke, “Where did they go. They should wait for us.”
“Let them be. They are love birds, they need some private time. Are you not enjoying my company?”, I said somehow overcoming my fear.
“It’s not like that”, She said after a brief moment of silence.
I felt a bit more confident and commented her, “You know you really are beautiful. It’s too soon to claim I am in love with you, but I would really like to know you better”.

She didn’t reply anything. Not that I was expecting an answer that night. I just wanted to tell her how I feel. I have never been much of a patient guy, neither do I believe in wasting time over a girl. If there was something, I wanted it to be out of the box so that I can enjoy the next 2 years of my engineering.

We reached Charminar, where Shweta was waiting with her bf. We had tea, and Shweta pulled me aside and asked what happened as we were kind of awkward whole time. I told her that I asked her out. Shweta was furious at me saying who asks someone out the first day they meet. I said, “Me”.
The ride then ended after a couple of hours, and we dropped them by their hostel. The next few days were holidays, and I didn’t want to bother Teju by pushing her too hard. So I didn’t ask for her number.
After the holidays ended, I met Teju again in the college cafeteria. She was with another friend of hers, when I went and sat opposite to her with my lunch.

“Hi”, I greeted her to which she replied the same. I asked her what she did during the holidays, and the chatting continued for some time. Her friend murmured something in her ear and then excused herself, leaving both of us alone. After sometime, I asked for her answer to which she started blushing. After a small silence, she said, “I have never been in a relationship before. I don’t know how it will turn out so I am a bit scared”.
I understood her concern and spoke, “You don’t have to rush through anything. I am just asking for us to understand each other better, and see if it works out. I won’t force you to stay with me if you don’t like it. So, just tell me if you are interested atleast a bit in me”
She was shy and would not look mein the eye. With her head pointed down, she said yes.

We started dating and soon we were madly in love. We would go to parks near necklace road, sit in a secluded area and kiss for hours. Her lips were slightly pink, the lower lip a bit bulged looking like a ripe strawberry begging to be eaten. I took some advances and would press her boobs over her t-shirt in the dark, but she would stop me with the fear of being caught by someone.
Finally one day, Me, Teju, Shweta and Rohit went to a resort for night stay. We booked two rooms, one for the boys and other for the girls. The rooms were adjacent to each other, and that was the plan anyway.

At night after 11, Rohit went over to their room and Shweta quickly came into ours.
As soon as she came in, I quickly locked the door. She was standing near the bed all shy in anticipation of what will happen that night. We had phone sex before, quite a lot actually. And we had kissed numerous times. But, we had not done anything beyond that.
I went behind her, slowly placed my hands on her waist from the back as she shivered to my touch. I pulled her closer so that her back touches my chest. I could see that she had closed her eyes, her lips were shivering arousing me even further. I gently brushed her hair to the side and placed a small kiss on her neck. She lifted her left arm and started playing with my hairs, while giving more access to her neck while I inserted my hands inside her t-shirt and was gently pressing her waist.

Then I moved to her ears, and raised my arms to a point where I can touch her bra. I slowly raised the bra, and touched her bare boobs for the first time. It was a feeling I can’t explain in words. Her boobs were perfectly fit for my palms, providing soothing warmth of her body with her cherry pointed nipples giving me even more hots.

She couldn’t take it and turned around, attacking me like a hungry tigress attacks a deer. She was biting my lips, running her hands through my hair while pulling me closer to her body. The smell of her body was mesmerizing me to a point that I didn’t want this time to ever end.
I lifted her and threw her on the bed. I completely removed my tshirt and short, only leaving underwear which was clearly showing my dick throbbing restlessly. I jumped on her and pulled her tshirt off, threw it away and lifted her onto my lap.

She kept her legs around my waist, and started kissing me again wildly like there was no tomorrow. While kissing her, I removed her bra and threw it away. It was the first time I was seeing her boobs, as she would never send me nudes even though we had phone sex many times. I expected the nipples to be black and big, but they were slightly pinkish orange in colour, with small but pointed nipples. Her body looked like a painting with perfect combination of colors, as the pinkish colour was just elevating the beauty of her light creamy colored body.

I took them in my mouth, while pressing the other ones simultaneously, raising her ecstasy to another level. Her moans were quiet but quite exciting, making me more and more horny. After mauling her boobs for quite some time, I kissed her lips again sensually, and made her lie down on the bed.
I went down to her knees and started kissing upwards. As I reached her inner thighs, her body would start moving on it’s own as if she has no control over her body. I could see some hairs from the sides of her underwear. I took them in my mouth and pulled them gently. She left out a big moan. I wanted to tease her a bit more, and so I didn’t remove her panty, rather kept kissing her pussy over her panty. She was slowly losing it, and pulled me up and started kissing me again while taking my hand and inserting it in her panty, as if begging me to finger her.

It took me some time to figure out where the hole really was, as I had just rubbed her from above her pants till then. When I found it, it was already dripping. I just kept rubbing it from above, while she couldn’t control it and kept kissing me all over my face. Suddenly, without a warning, I inserted my middle finger a bit, which sent a bolt down her body. She shrieked with pain and hit me in some anger.

I went down and removed her panty, looking at the beauty infront of me. Her pussy looked very delicate, like a rose with petals on the side, soft and tender.

Without thinking another second, I put my lips on her pussy kissing her deeply, to which all she could do was to moan and move her body as it wished. I lifted her legs, placed it over my shoulders, taking better access of her pussy. I kept kissing her pussy with my lips, and then suddenly took out my tongue and licked her vagina straight in the middle. As soon as I did that, she held my hairs and pulled my mouth even closer to her pussy, while keeping her eyes shut tight as to enjoy the moment to her fullest.

I slowly started fingering her again while kissing her, and this time her pain was less as her pussy has leaked twice already.
I wanted to ask her for a blowjob, but she had told me already that she didn’t like the idea of it and she would require some time. So I didn’t want to ruin the moment. I came on top of her, looked into her lust filled eyes with mine, and positioned my dick at the lips of her vagina.
I gave a push, but instead of going in it came out and went towards her ass crack. I tried again a couple of times, but failed. She understood my problem, and took my dick in her hands and guided it towards her love hole. As soon as she placed it at the entrance, she said please take it slow as it will pain a lot. I said don’t worry and pushed it slowly.

It felt like my dick was slipping through a wet and hot tunnel, which was slowly swallowing it with sensitive walls. The dick of my head went in and she started to feel the pain. “Please stop, it’s painting”, she told me.
I took a brief pause, still feeling the pussy walls contract over my dick while it was throbbing in excitement. I kissed her hard on her lips while she hugged me and burried her nails on my back. While kissing, without a warning I pushed my dick inside with a thrust. She suddenly broke the kiss and opened her mouth to take a deep breath. I again stopped and waited her to calm down.
After a few seconds, she seemed to be calm, I again thrust my dick inside to a point that it went almost 3/4th inside. A small tear rolled down her cheek, due to the pain. I pressed her boobs, while kissing her in missionary position. I took my dick out till the head was still inside her pussy, and pushed it back in. Everytime my dick went in, she would grasp for air. After a few strokes, her pain subsided and now she was moving to the rythm. I started fucking her deeper and deeper, making my whole dick go inside her pussy, ramming into her inner walls. She kept hugging me, and would sometimes stop me and kiss me wildly on my lips before asking me to start ramming her again.
I came after 15 minutes, and it was a huge load. I forgot to pull out and I was not wearing a condom either. We got worried about getting pregnant, but luckily she got her next 2 periods.

After getting a taste of something so exciting we never wanna stop. So, after we had our first sex, we started having it more and more frequently. She started blowing me since the third time, although sometimes her teeth would hurt my penis. But by the 4th year, we were fucking each other almost every second day. I would sometimes take her to empty theatre where she would give me blowjobs multiple times. Sometimes I would take her to my friend’s apartment, where we would fuck for whole day. I also fucked her ass many times, when she would be on third or fourth day of her periods.
But, like all things come to an end, our time together also did come to an end. In our 4th year, her brother saw her WhatsApp texts with me, where we had shared some intimate stuff. He informed his father, who stopped her education and married her off within a month.
I was devastated by this and went into deep depression. After my engineering, I got a job and started to use work as my distraction. I would work very hard, and would drink every week during the weekends to cope up with it. I was also missing the sex a lot and didn’t knew what to do. Eventually, I started hiring prostitutes and fucked their asses very hardly for almost an hour once every week.

Once, I got caught by police and had to call my parents to get me out of the police station. They were ashamed of me. I told them what happened, and they got even angry when they heard that I was having sex frequently during college. My father suggested that I should get married, so that I will stop doing this non sense.

What happened next, you will learn it in the next part. Thanks for reading.

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