The three virgins of my life- Part 1

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This is a story about how I met the love of my life, and my journey of lust with her.

I met my girlfriend when I was doing my engineering. I was in the mechanical department where there were fewer girls, and I had a couple of girl friends in my class. One of them was Shweta, who became close to me as our roll numbers were closer and we used to do almost all our labs together. We were best friends by the second year and always used to hang out together. Every year we had an annual festival organised by our college where we had a blast.

On the day of the second year annual fest, Shweta introduced me to her friend from the electrical department. Her name was Teju and she had very few friends with whom she could enjoy the festival. Shweta asked her to join us, and with a couple of other friends we went to the fest. A famous singer, Ankit Tiwari had come to the fest and we had a blast. While we were dancing, I couldn’t take my eyes off Teju. She was around 5’6″, which is relatively tall for a girl. She had a round face like a doll, big black eyes which with beautiful eyelashes curling upward, and dimples on each side. She was very shy though, and was looking nervous around us as we were practically new acquaintance to her. When Teju went for having some water, I pulled Shweta aside and asked her, “Does she have a boyfriend?”

Shweta a little taken aback, quickly coming back to her senses, “No, do you like her?” She was smiling mischievously while teasing me
I said, “Yes yaar, she is gorgeous. Please help me out”.

Shweta knew me for past 2 years, and she knew I rarely look at girls. Looking me taking a step by myself she thought that she must help me. She said she will do whatever she can. Then Teju came back, and we started to act normally. After the fest, it was way past midnight and we decided to go for a night ride. Shweta was on the bike with her boyfriend Rohit, and Teju was with me on my scooty. Our other friend had gone home, because he was not interested. We started from LB Nagar (Hyderabad) and decided to go to Charminar. They were on a 200 cc bike, and I think Shweta asked her bf to ride fast so we could get some personal time. They went way ahead of us, and I didn’t rush either. I wanted to make the most of the night. It was chilly, and I could feel the tension in the air. I couldn’t see her face,but I knew she was nervous behind me. After some time, I spoke, “Did you enjoy the fest?”

She said, “Yes, it was quite fun with you people”
“Glad to hear that”, I replied.
Then it was again an awkward silence between us. On some potholes, I could feel her breasts slightly, and her thighs would slightly squeeze my bum. I think it happens with every pillion, but when you have someone you really like, it is more and more visible.

After some time she spoke, “Where did they go. They should wait for us.”
“Let them be. They are love birds, they need some private time. Are you not enjoying my company?”, I said somehow overcoming my fear.
“It’s not like that”, She said after a brief moment of silence.
I felt a bit more confident and commented her, “You know you really are beautiful. It’s too soon to claim I am in love with you, but I would really like to know you better”.

She didn’t reply anything. Not that I was expecting an answer that night. I just wanted to tell her how I feel. I have never been much of a patient guy, neither do I believe in wasting time over a girl. If there was something, I wanted it to be out of the box so that I can enjoy the next 2 years of my engineering.

We reached Charminar, where Shweta was waiting with her bf. We had tea, and Shweta pulled me aside and asked what happened as we were kind of awkward whole time. I told her that I asked her out. Shweta was furious at me saying who asks someone out the first day they meet. I said, “Me”.
The ride then ended after a couple of hours, and we dropped them by their hostel. The next few days were holidays, and I didn’t want to bother Teju by pushing her too hard. So I didn’t ask for her number.
After the holidays ended, I met Teju again in the college cafeteria. She was with another friend of hers, when I went and sat opposite to her with my lunch.

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