The loving relationship between a Master and his Slave

The door jingled as it is unlocked and opened. He stepped inside, sighing after a long day’s work. He hung up his coat and put his keys on the hall table before stepping further into the front hall. He smiled as he looked down at her.

Her body naked, as she waited patiently for him. Her ass was high in the air, facing him, her hands crossed behind her back, and her head placed gently on the floor.

He walked to her, crouching down and gently rubbing first her back, then her ass. He gave her a hard slap on both ass cheeks. “My good girl” he praised, gently grabbing a handful of hair and coaxing her to her feet. He headed into the living room and sat down on the couch. He picked up the remote and turned on the tv.

She followed, kneeling between his legs. She reached up and undid his belt and pants. She pulled his member free from his clothing and gently sucked him into her mouth. She nuzzled to his leg as she sucked, her body relaxed, and soon he was relaxing as well. He put a hand on the back of her head, guiding her all the way down his shaft until her chin rested on his balls. She flicked her tongue across them as she continued to deepthroat him. She glanced up at him to see his head fall back in relaxation.

She continued her sucking until he pulled her head back. He bent down and gave her a deep kiss on the lips before pulling her over his lap. He gave her a firm smack on the ass. She had done nothing wrong, and was very good today. But she knew the spanking was not punishment, but rather love from her master as he enjoyed spanking her. She smiled, squeaking softly as he continued spanking her ass until it was a nice shade of red.

“Upstairs” he whispered in her ear.

She stood and headed upstairs to their bedroom. He was close to follow and he guided her to bend over the side of the bed. He opened the nightstand drawer and removed a pair of nipple clamps. He threaded the chain of the clamps through the ring on her collar and attached them swiftly to her nipples. She gasped and winced a bit. The clamps were not her favorite, as her nipples were very sensitive to them.

He unbuttoned his work shirt, slipping free of it and hanging it up. He then pulls his belt from his pants, resting it on her back as he slips completely out of his pants and underwear. He picks up his belt, cracking it to make her jump. He chuckled and rubbed it between her legs. She shivered and then squeaked as he gently smacked her pussy with it before putting it away.

He crouched down behind her, gently rubbing at her pussy and clit before slipping two fingers inside her. He continued rubbing, moving his fingers in and out until she moistened. Then he stood behind her, and rubbed himself against her enterance before slowly slipping into her.

She shifted a bit, shifting around him as she got use to him and his size. He waited patiently, gently rubbing her back. When he was satisfied she was ready, he began slowly thrusting in and out of her, gaining speed as she became wetter and wetter. Soon he was pounding into her, pushing against her cervix and pulling her by her hips to meet his thrusting.

Her tender breasts bounced back and forth, the chain of the clamps jingling against her collar. The harder his thrusts, the more her breasts bounced painfully. Seeing her discomfort, her reached under her and removed the clamps, pulling the chain free from her collar and tossing them on the bed. He reached back under her, rubbing feverishly at her clit until her body tenses and twitched uncontrollably.

He let out a low moaning growl as he slammed into her one last time, spilling himself into her as he held her close. Her body tensed, feeling him empty himself inside her.

He leaned over her, wrapping an arm under her, and gently kissing her back and shoulders.

“Good girl” he assured her.

A red blush washed over her cheeks as she panted under him. Her body was shakey. He slowly pulled out of her, and gently used a towel to wipe her pussy from the bit of cum that exited her with him.

He rubbed her ass before lifting her and laying her on the bed on her belly. He reached back into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a small black anal plug. He squirted a bit of lube on the tip before parting her red ass cheeks and slowly worked the plug into her tight ass hole.

“Shh” he soothed as she whimpers and shifted under the pressure on her sphincter. He slid the plug into her completely, holding it stil as her sphincter adjusted to the intruding object. “Good girl. Keep that in for a few hours, then I will give you a quick break before bed. You will sleep with it in.” He kissed her shoulder lovingly “we will work you up until you are able to take me in your ass.”

She whimpered, nervous. He hushed her and assured her that it was a slow process and he would take his time to train her properly.

“You are a very good girl.”

She blushed again, curling up next to him as he laid with her.

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