The Cockold Adventure

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The Cockold Adventure, Peg sat in her kitchen she was thinking about the party she had been to over the weekend. Larry had called and cancelled seeing her Thursday as his work was taking him out of town. Jim her husband was being a prick about things in general, she just wasn’t happy.

Her cell rang, she didn’t recognize the number but since it was local decided to answer it. “Hello”? “Hi there sexy this is Juan”. She smiled as Juan was the guy who hosted the party. “Well hi yourself what’s up”? Juan coughed then spoke, “since the party last weekend I was thinking I’d like to see you again, I wasn’t sure whether you were exclusive to Larry but I figured I’d give it a try”. “No, I’m not exclusive to Larry, I do have a husband who at the moment is being a royal prick but I’m open for the most part, what did you have in mind”? “I’d like to get together this weekend, Saturday night if possible”? She was trying to figure out how this was going to work. “Honey give me a few hours to make some arrangements, can I call you back”? “Sure can, I hope you can work it out I’d really like to be with you again”. “I’ll do my best, later hon”.

Since it was Thursday first she needed to call Jim, he was in a piss ass mood but agreed to go along. Then a call to her mom to watch the kids. It took most of the morning and late afternoon to finish but now they were free for Saturday evening and Sunday morning. She decided to call Juan back.

She dialed his number he answered on the third ring. “Hi Peg what’s going on”? “I’ve made arrangements for the kids so were good for Saturday. What time should we be their”? There was a pause “Peg what do you mean we”? “I thought you wanted Jim to shoot video”. Another long pause “No Peg I really wanted to spend the time in bed with you, having Jim here is a pain in the ass. At the last party, afterwards I got calls saying don’t have the guy back again he’s a pain in the ass”. She thought about what he said, Jim was turning into a petty complainer about everything. “Well I’ve already told him about it so I’m stuck this time, if you ever want to be with me alone I need time to work on it”. Juan sighed, “Ok you can bring him, he is cockold right”? “Yes of course he is why”? “Well I’ll have to invite at least another couple, if he starts winning or breaking balls he may get butt fucked”! She thought about it for a few seconds, “look if he gets his ass fucked because he can’t keep his mouth shut it’s not my problem. Besides I’m only interested in getting my pussy and ass fucked I don’t care what he does”.

Saturday night she was dressed in a short black dress which showed off her rack and bubble but. She had chosen to wear a red half bra and hip hugger panties that matched, if she needed to show off a cum stain this outfit would do the trick. As they got into the car Jim was half drunk, he was bitching about how far they had to go, that and the fact that last time many of the guests had been rude. One or two told him to fuck off! Peg tried to ignore Jim, she was looking forward to a good time, he wasn’t going to ruin her good mood.

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