The Cockold Adventure

The Cockold Adventure, Peg sat in her kitchen she was thinking about the party she had been to over the weekend. Larry had called and cancelled seeing her Thursday as his work was taking him out of town. Jim her husband was being a prick about things in general, she just wasn’t happy.

Her cell rang, she didn’t recognize the number but since it was local decided to answer it. “Hello”? “Hi there sexy this is Juan”. She smiled as Juan was the guy who hosted the party. “Well hi yourself what’s up”? Juan coughed then spoke, “since the party last weekend I was thinking I’d like to see you again, I wasn’t sure whether you were exclusive to Larry but I figured I’d give it a try”. “No, I’m not exclusive to Larry, I do have a husband who at the moment is being a royal prick but I’m open for the most part, what did you have in mind”? “I’d like to get together this weekend, Saturday night if possible”? She was trying to figure out how this was going to work. “Honey give me a few hours to make some arrangements, can I call you back”? “Sure can, I hope you can work it out I’d really like to be with you again”. “I’ll do my best, later hon”.

Since it was Thursday first she needed to call Jim, he was in a piss ass mood but agreed to go along. Then a call to her mom to watch the kids. It took most of the morning and late afternoon to finish but now they were free for Saturday evening and Sunday morning. She decided to call Juan back.

She dialed his number he answered on the third ring. “Hi Peg what’s going on”? “I’ve made arrangements for the kids so were good for Saturday. What time should we be their”? There was a pause “Peg what do you mean we”? “I thought you wanted Jim to shoot video”. Another long pause “No Peg I really wanted to spend the time in bed with you, having Jim here is a pain in the ass. At the last party, afterwards I got calls saying don’t have the guy back again he’s a pain in the ass”. She thought about what he said, Jim was turning into a petty complainer about everything. “Well I’ve already told him about it so I’m stuck this time, if you ever want to be with me alone I need time to work on it”. Juan sighed, “Ok you can bring him, he is cockold right”? “Yes of course he is why”? “Well I’ll have to invite at least another couple, if he starts winning or breaking balls he may get butt fucked”! She thought about it for a few seconds, “look if he gets his ass fucked because he can’t keep his mouth shut it’s not my problem. Besides I’m only interested in getting my pussy and ass fucked I don’t care what he does”.

Saturday night she was dressed in a short black dress which showed off her rack and bubble but. She had chosen to wear a red half bra and hip hugger panties that matched, if she needed to show off a cum stain this outfit would do the trick. As they got into the car Jim was half drunk, he was bitching about how far they had to go, that and the fact that last time many of the guests had been rude. One or two told him to fuck off! Peg tried to ignore Jim, she was looking forward to a good time, he wasn’t going to ruin her good mood.

They pulled up to the house and there were already five cars in the driveway. She chuckled so much for a small quiet party. They rang the bell and a moment later it opened and Juan stood there a big smile on his face. “Come in guys it cold out there”! Once in the hallway Juan wrapped his arms around Peg, they embraced in a long passionate kiss and grope session. Jim walked past to enter the den where the bar was. He was surprised to see only Michelle and Barbara the rest of the room was all men and their were quite a few of them. At that moment, he heard the door bell, Juan and Peg broke there embrace, he opened the door as three good looking Latino’s entered. After brief introductions two of them headed for the den.

Now with Peg, Jim and Carlos in the hallway out of hearing range Jim looked at Carlos. “This is the lady I told you about she beautiful, great body, talented mouth exactly what I’ve wanted for a long time and tonight she’s with us and only us”! Carlos grinned looking at Peg “well Juan was right you are great I hope he wasn’t bullshitting about all your other talents”? Peg shot him a coy look put her hand on her hips and replied “you’ll find out for yourself in a little while”. All three laughed as they headed for the den.
She had her arms around there waists while both had their arms around her each guy had a hand on her ass.

They entered the den Peg walked up to the bar “Hi girls”! Michelle shot her a wide smile,” hi girl wet yet”? She smiled sweetly “I’m working on it, how about a drink”?

She looked around she saw Jim talking to the guys who had come in with Carlos. Jim was getting loud and you could tell from body language they were getting pissed.

After a few minutes, Juan whispered in her ear “I’m getting a huge hard on, any ideas what I should about it”? Smiling coyly, she whispered back “I know just the place for him”. Juan nodded to Carlos the three walked out of the room heading for the master bedroom. Once inside after some groping she had been stripped down to panties only. They got on the bed but Juan pushed Carlos away and mouthed later. He was sucking her nipples while gently rubbing her clit through her panties. It didn’t take long before she was soaked. “Baby get my panties off”. Juan stopped gently pulled her panties down and removed his briefs. He went right back to slowly rubbing her nub which was getting harder by the second.

Peg was getting a feeling in her pussy she had never had before. The rubbing was exciting as was his alternating kissing her and sucking her nipples. Slowly he rolled over between her legs, she saw his cock was rock hard. “Got any ideas what you’re going to do with that”? He smiled didn’t say a word as he rubbed his cockhead up and down her pussy lips. She looked up at him “hon why don’t you put that thing where it will do me the most good”? He pushed forward, half his large cock slipped in her “oh god baby please push I need you” He thrust forward She was moaning softly while moving her hips in small circular motion. He pushed up so he was hovering above her. She looked at his long cock without a word she closed her leg and pushed up as to bury his cock in her. He held still as she was now riding him. She was impaling herself with every upward thrust. Her pussy was milking his cock and the feeling which was starting to rise from deep within her was becoming uncontrollable “Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Damn, I’m gonna cum” she yelled out. She push hard on his cock,“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” I’m comimg.
“Juan please” He smiled “I want you Peg”. She continued pumping the feeling in her pussy was like nothing she had ever felt. “Baby I want every drop of you”. That was all she got out before he suddenly pushed down and deep, his hands cupped both her ass cheeks. The first spurt of hot cum caused her to have the most violent orgasm she had ever had. Her toes curled, she cried and whimpered in ecstasy. Her pussy let go with a torrent of her own juices. There was cum and pussy juice everywhere.

It took them both over a minute to recover, still locked together she whispered in his ear “I’m yours anytime you want me”! Looking down he smiled “babe do you know how happy that makes me”?

Meanwhile Jim had gotten drunk, he was becoming a real annoyance Jesus and Armando had had it with him. Jesus walked up to Jim “brother why don’t you turn down the volume”. “Fuck you spick”! They looked at each other nodded, grabbing Jim by the arms they dragged him down the basement. In the basement was a workout bench, they put a rag in his mouth. Jesus held him down while Armando got the duct tape and taped his arms and legs to the table. The table was three feet high so his ass stuck up perfectly.

He was cursing them while they walked away, they were looking for something. He heard noise behind him as they moved what sounded like furniture. Suddenly they were back in front of him. Jesus had a large paddle in his hand. “No listen milk toast, you’re going to learn some manners one way or the other understand”? Jim kept cursing them then he felt a hand undue his belt sliding his slacks down around his ankles. Jesus spoke, “now were going to spank you ass until you learn a little respect. You’re getting 30 smacks the deal is you count the smacks, if you don’t it starts at one again, got it”?

Jim’s eye were bugging out of his head he felt the duct tape being taken off his mouth, just as the rag was loosened he felt the first blow. His ass shivered from the force of it, they listened when they heard nothing he felt yet another blow to the other cheek. After the fifth blow with tears running down his face as the blow landed he yelled “one”! he got 29 additional smacks which left his ass cheeks fire engine red and burning like hell. “Now Jim how does your ass feel and do you think you’ve learned anything”?

Jim was sobbing the two men stood there looking at his ass laughing, “hey Jimmy are you a good cockold husband”? Not wanting to be beaten again he shook his head no. “No, you’re not cockold by your wife then by who”? Jim didn’t say anything suddenly he felt the paddle being rubbed slowly over his red but cheeks. “Say Jim Bo would you like us to claim you”? Jim wasn’t sure so he quietly said if you’d like sir”.

Suddenly Jim felt a cold wet feeling on his asshole, Armando was hold a tube of KY he had just squinted a large amount into Jim’s anal cavity. Jim felt a pressure and Armando cock was in. Jim gasped but Armando had already plunged deep and was getting a rhythm going. Jim squirming only added to the feeling he gave Armando cock, after a few minutes he felt hands on his hips, then a warm wet feeling deep in his bowels. Jim was humiliated and defeated he had been beaten and butt fucked. After the second man, finished using him both guys sat for a while resting. Now they cut the duct tape, Jim feel to the floor his ass leaking cum. “Well Jim form now on your ours got it”? “Yeah you don’t want anyone to see the video of this do you”?

Peg was lying in bed next to Juan, “hey Carlos we figure you need your pipes cleaned, are we right”? Carlos gave her a big smile a thumb up “Peg baby would you mind”? “No honey if he needs his nut sack drained I’m the girl for the job, come here Carlos”. He got on the bed she started sucking his cock. “You like my mouth on this hard cock, don’t you Baby? I love sucking cock, especially yours, it will give extreme pleasure knowing I can suck a large load out of you ball sack.” Peg, your mouth feels like heaven, but I think I would like to taste your pussy as you do that.”

“Oh yeah Babe, I can handle some pussy eating about now too. Fuckkkkkk, I really like your cock Carlos.”

Peg turned around then squatted over his face, he dove in. As she sucked, he also licked and sucked. He could hear her moaning a great deal too. After just a few minutes, he inserted 2 fingers in her and found her g-spot and rubbed it.

“Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Damn, I’m gonna cum” she yelled out. Then push hard on his face his lips sucks in her clit, which set her off. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”.

Her body was trembling she had her head was between his legs, as she came. She dismounted from his face, turned back around to face him, straddling his waist she impaled herself on my cock it slipped into her cum soaking snatch.

Looking up at her with a smiling face, she smiled back down at him. “Fuck Baby, I don’t know what you are doing to my pussy, but damn, you have me so turned on. Sorry about the dirty mouth, but I get like this when turned on.”

He chuckled, “I’m glad you are like that. It turns me on hearing you talk dirty. What’s your favorite way? “This way. Me on Top, unless I need a really good pounded, then my legs over your shoulders, with me on my back”.

Peg was rocking back and forth on his cock, which was buried deep inside her. She would move her ass in a circular motion, then rock again back and forth. As she did that, His hands were holding her ass cheeks, gently squeezing them, and letting his fingers play and slip into her asshole.

“Oh Baby, your cock is so fucking deep and hard. I could stay here all day”

“Oh God Peg, I need to cum.” She grabbed his arms, “Cum Baby, shoot that hot cum inside my fucking cunt. Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Cummmmminggggggggggg”

Her pussy grabbed his cock and started pulsating on it, which set him off, t as he shot rope after rope of creamy goodness deep inside her already creamed filled hot box. She released her legs from him, lying on his chest as their mutual orgasms started to subside.

“Oh Baby, that felt so damn good. I needed it so badly.” He smiled down at her and said, “Oh Yeah”. Peg smiled at Juan “are you guys going to be my fuck buddies”? Both guys nodded yes.

Jim got dressed and headed for the den his ass was so sore he knew he couldn’t sit down, cum was leaking from his as in large globes. Upon entering the den, he saw a large black guy talking to Armando, Armando was pointing Jim’s way.

Jim headed for the bar he had three shots of vodka straight, Jim turned to see Armando standing behind him with the black guy. “Jimmy this is Brutus you and he are going to be good friends”. Jim’s face had a curious look “what exactly does that mean”? Armando chuckled “Jimmy boy you re our bitch, the girls are fucking and now we have you”.

Brutus walked over to Jim he took his arm and started pulling him to the basement Armando and Calvin helped and before he realized it he was in the basement. Brutus smiled “ok bitch get those pants off”. Jim looked at him “I’ll do no such thing”! Next thing Calvin and Armando were duct taping his legs to the bench. Brutus got a small wood paddle from his gym bag. It was smaller than the one they had spanked him with before but it had a longer handle and the surface was covered with small rubber bumps. Jim felt the first smack hit his butt cheek followed by a second, the pain was horrible. He knew he couldn’t take another beating from this new paddle. Jim was crying the pain in his ass cheeks was awful. “Calvin appeared in front of Jim cock out, standing straight up, Jim was defeated. Jim spoke “sir would let me give you a blow job”? He felt the cock slip in his mouth after several minutes he mouth received a large load of cum the first of many for the evening, as he swallowed he realized his life would be very different from now on.

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