My Loving Grandmother

My Loving Grandma. Part 1. (My Grandmother begins my sexual education!!) As this older woman bends over on all fours in the bed in front of me. The first thing I notice is her wide ample hips and ass. For an older lady in her mid-sixties, her ass still causes guys to turn their heads

My semi incestuous relationship with my grandmother part 2

Hi girls and boys. This is my second part of my story with my grandmother. If you haven’t read first part please read. Please give me feedback. Little response only I got from my previous story. I hope I get response for this one. It’s a big story. Take your time and hopefully enjoy it.

Acting Out With Mom, A play of love turns to love-play

Acting Out With Mom, A play of love turns to love-play, Listen to what she whispered in my ear…don’t just read it…hear it as I heard it…the warm air of her breath…her lips almost touching me…her fragrance surrounding me. Feel what a simple declarative sentence has the power to do. “I want you,” she said. Yes,