My Loving Grandmother

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My Loving Grandma. Part 1. (My Grandmother begins my sexual education!!)

As this older woman bends over on all fours in the bed in front of me. The first thing I notice is her wide ample hips and ass. For an older lady in her mid-sixties, her ass still causes guys to turn their heads and check it out.
As she looked back at me over her shoulder, with a come-hither look. I happily oblige and get on the bed behind her with my raging hard on leading the way.

I take my erect 8-inch-long 2.5-inch-thick, throbbing, uncircumcised cock, in my hand, slide the foreskin back, behind my engorged head. Every time I do that, it’s such an exquisite feeling. It feels like a small electric shock on my cock head. But it’s a pleasant one.

This time it’s different. This the biggest and hardest erection I’ve ever had in my 21-year-old life. This older lady asked me an hour earlier to take a small pill.

“Even though you are young and have a big cock. This will make you bigger still.” she told me. “Trust me honey. An hour from now, it will be very worthwhile for both of us you took it. Not to mention for the following 12 hours.” she cooed followed by the hottest French kiss ever.

I decided to trust her and took it with a glass of water. She then took off the chastity cock cage she had locked my rod in for the last week. She put it on me without me even realizing it. More on that in a bit. Once my cock was free, it was a welcomed relief and it instantly began to get hard. I looked over at the clock it said 10am.

It’s after an hour of foreplay, we’re finally at this point in bed, about to fuck for the very first time.
I press my massive cock against the entrance to her snatch. As I do, I can feel her heat and wetness before I even penetrate her. She reaches back with both her hands, places them on her ass cheeks and slowly spreads herself open to me.

“Let me have it. I want to feel your massive manhood in me. It’s been too long since I’ve had a real cock in my pussy. Don’t pull out when you cum, either honey. You can cum all you want in me. I can’t get knocked up. So, fuck my brains out.” She tells me with sheer raw lust in her voice.

Without saying a word, I ram my rod deep into her pussy. I begin to feel her pussy tighten around my cock. This woman’s pussy is tighter than the two girls I fucked in college a few months before.

I didn’t think it possible, but I feel my cock get even bigger! The feeling of getting even larger in her tight pussy around my very sensitive cock head is incredible!! I let out a guttural moan of satisfaction.

“Gawd… the pill… I gave you an hour ago… is kicking in now!! I just… felt you… get even bigger inside me!!” She lustfully moans out.

I start to fuck her with everything I can. She starts to moan louder and louder now. The room is filled with the sounds of her moaning and my hips slapping against her ass.

After just a few minutes of pounding her, I feel her get even wetter and her pussy starts to spasm. She has a massive first orgasm. To which she lets out a loud moan and groan. It’s something neither girl I fucked before did.

But I don’t stop fucking her, instead I begin to fuck her even faster. She has another orgasm. She starts to cum over and over again.

“Fuck!! No one has ever made me cum like this!! Don’t stop honey!! Don’t stop!!” She yells out in between her louder moan and groans.

I don’t stop. I just keep fucking her. Her pussy is now literally a fountain as she starts soaking us. As I’m enjoying this older sex pots tight pussy. I look down and see her asshole staring at me. I decide I had to fuck her in the ass as well.

Once again, I feel my cock get bigger!! I groan out a loud fuck.

“No!! It’s not possible!! She screams with utter lust and sheer excitement in her voice!! She felt my cock grow inside of her again!

I start pounding her snatch into utter submission. She’s screaming, moaning, groaning, squirting, and cumming nonstop. I sneak a peek at the clock it says 1230p. I had been drilling her pussy for an hour and half non-stop. I hadn’t cum yet. I feel my balls get bigger and heavier. I decide to take a quick break so I pull my cock out of her incredible pussy.

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