Visiting My Cousin

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Visiting My Cousin.. Christie growled with pleasure as she sucked me off. Her eager efforts over the past few minutes were being rewarded as I shot my load into her waiting mouth. Waves of pleasure rolled through me as I climaxed till I eventually fell back on the couch, sweaty and drained. With a last slurp she released my cock and exclaimed with joy, “Good cousin – good cousin!”

Christie was indeed my cousin, visiting from out-of-town and staying with me while she was here. We were both in our mid thirties at the time, but we’d been flirting for several years remotely. Flirting had led to sexting, sexting had led to phone sex, and phone sex plus a visit had led to quite a bit of fooling around culminating in the incredible oral exhibition she had just put on. I was quite literally blown away.

She propped her head up and looked up at me from my lap. “I guess you liked it, huh?” she said with a smile. She made a beautiful sight stretched out nude down the couch like that. Her hair was flame red at the time, though she changed it whenever the mood took her. She just on the shorter side of average and was delightfully curvy. I could see her round ass in the soft light of the room, as well as her legs that she was happily kicking like a contented puppy. Her breasts were pressed into my lap, accentuating her already ample cleavage.

“Oh my god,” was all I could reply. I panted and vaguely waved my arm to wordlessly encompass the breadth of my appreciation. Eventually I managed to stammer out, “It’s been a long time, but that was so worth waiting for.”

“What do you mean ‘long time’?” she asked, flicking the head of my softening dick with her tongue. “Doesn’t your girlfriend give you blowjobs?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “She does, and she’s good at them too. But it’s always just foreplay – and she doesn’t like for me to cum in her mouth.”

“How sad for you!”

“No no, it’s fine. Everybody has things they don’t like, and if a blowjob ends with us having sex then we’re both happy. But what you just did there – Oh my god. That was a fantastic and rare thing. So thank you.” I said this last while giving a mock bow of my head, still slightly out of breath.

Christie put on a considering expression for a bit as she idly toyed with my soft penis. She really seemed to enjoy playing with that thing. Then she visibly came to a decision. “OK, how about this,” she said. “From now on, every time we are visiting each other I’ll make a point to suck you off. Since you seem to enjoy it so much, that is,” she added with a grin.

Now my mind was also blown. “While that sounds great, I think I’d feel like I was taking advantage of you. I mean, what would you be getting out of it?”

“Besides cum, you mean?” she laughed.

“Yes! I mean, it can’t just be you making me feel good. I’d feel guilty if I wasn’t reciprocating.”

“If we have time to do more things then we can do that too. But giving you head DOES make me feel good – I wouldn’t have offered otherwise, you know.”

I looked in her eyes and saw she was serious. It seemed too good to be true, but even if it never actually happened it was a great fantasy to talk about so I dropped my objections and played along. “OK, I agree. Whenever we are visiting we will make a point to … visit …. at least once.”

Her grin got even wider. “I can’t wait to visit with you again, cousin.”

Visit Two

“Hey, can you drive Christie home?”

“Sure, no problem.”

I was visiting Christie’s family and she’d come over to her parent’s house to have dinner with everyone. It had been several months since our deal and I was forcing myself not to expect it to literally happen. All during the evening she’d been a bit flirty with me. Brushing my crotch “accidentally” as she passed – that sort of thing. I managed to do the same brush into her shapely ass at one point, but I figured this was all just in good fun Now that the evening was over, we climbed into my car and found ourselves alone together for the first time.

I backed out of the driveway and started down the road. We hadn’t gone three houses before she reached over and started unzipping my pants. I about hit a mailbox.

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