Visiting My Cousin

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Visiting My Cousin.. Christie growled with pleasure as she sucked me off. Her eager efforts over the past few minutes were being rewarded as I shot my load into her waiting mouth. Waves of pleasure rolled through me as I climaxed till I eventually fell back on the couch, sweaty and drained. With a last slurp she released my cock and exclaimed with joy, “Good cousin – good cousin!”

Christie was indeed my cousin, visiting from out-of-town and staying with me while she was here. We were both in our mid thirties at the time, but we’d been flirting for several years remotely. Flirting had led to sexting, sexting had led to phone sex, and phone sex plus a visit had led to quite a bit of fooling around culminating in the incredible oral exhibition she had just put on. I was quite literally blown away.

She propped her head up and looked up at me from my lap. “I guess you liked it, huh?” she said with a smile. She made a beautiful sight stretched out nude down the couch like that. Her hair was flame red at the time, though she changed it whenever the mood took her. She just on the shorter side of average and was delightfully curvy. I could see her round ass in the soft light of the room, as well as her legs that she was happily kicking like a contented puppy. Her breasts were pressed into my lap, accentuating her already ample cleavage.

“Oh my god,” was all I could reply. I panted and vaguely waved my arm to wordlessly encompass the breadth of my appreciation. Eventually I managed to stammer out, “It’s been a long time, but that was so worth waiting for.”

“What do you mean ‘long time’?” she asked, flicking the head of my softening dick with her tongue. “Doesn’t your girlfriend give you blowjobs?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “She does, and she’s good at them too. But it’s always just foreplay – and she doesn’t like for me to cum in her mouth.”

“How sad for you!”

“No no, it’s fine. Everybody has things they don’t like, and if a blowjob ends with us having sex then we’re both happy. But what you just did there – Oh my god. That was a fantastic and rare thing. So thank you.” I said this last while giving a mock bow of my head, still slightly out of breath.

Christie put on a considering expression for a bit as she idly toyed with my soft penis. She really seemed to enjoy playing with that thing. Then she visibly came to a decision. “OK, how about this,” she said. “From now on, every time we are visiting each other I’ll make a point to suck you off. Since you seem to enjoy it so much, that is,” she added with a grin.

Now my mind was also blown. “While that sounds great, I think I’d feel like I was taking advantage of you. I mean, what would you be getting out of it?”

“Besides cum, you mean?” she laughed.

“Yes! I mean, it can’t just be you making me feel good. I’d feel guilty if I wasn’t reciprocating.”

“If we have time to do more things then we can do that too. But giving you head DOES make me feel good – I wouldn’t have offered otherwise, you know.”

I looked in her eyes and saw she was serious. It seemed too good to be true, but even if it never actually happened it was a great fantasy to talk about so I dropped my objections and played along. “OK, I agree. Whenever we are visiting we will make a point to … visit …. at least once.”

Her grin got even wider. “I can’t wait to visit with you again, cousin.”

Visit Two

“Hey, can you drive Christie home?”

“Sure, no problem.”

I was visiting Christie’s family and she’d come over to her parent’s house to have dinner with everyone. It had been several months since our deal and I was forcing myself not to expect it to literally happen. All during the evening she’d been a bit flirty with me. Brushing my crotch “accidentally” as she passed – that sort of thing. I managed to do the same brush into her shapely ass at one point, but I figured this was all just in good fun Now that the evening was over, we climbed into my car and found ourselves alone together for the first time.

I backed out of the driveway and started down the road. We hadn’t gone three houses before she reached over and started unzipping my pants. I about hit a mailbox.

“Whoah! What are you doing?” I exclaimed.

She had gotten my zipper undone in record time and was now grasping around in my underwear to pull out my cock. “It’s time for our visit,” she said by way of explanation.

I put my hand out to stop her as I continued to drive. My latent guilt was flaring up again. “It’s OK – that was a fun fantasy, but you don’t really have to do it.”

She got a stern look on her face. “I keep my promises. And I already told you that I want to do this, so stop objecting.”


She gave out an exaggerated sigh. “Cousin, I really want to suck your cock till you cum in my mouth. Will you please let me?”

I could tell she was mocking me, but she was also totally serious. I resolved to let my guilt go and let her make her own decisions. I put my hand down and she gave a satisfied “All right”, then leaned over and took my cock all the way in with one fell swoop.

Christie started bobbing her head on my erection, quickly getting it wet and filling the car with slurping sounds. I tried to focus on the road and wondered just how much the other drivers could see into my car. Even with the tight confines and the need to drive, it felt fantastic. I’ve always loved blowjobs, and Christie was fantastic at giving them. Every now and then she would stop her full-mouth stroking motion to run her tongue down my shaft as she pressed it against her cheek or tease the tip by doing little circles on it. Just as that started to get frustrating, she’d swallow the entire thing again and I’d drive my hips up in a reflexive thrust.

Presently I realized I was lost. I’d only been to Christie’s house a few times and wasn’t sure of the exact route. So I reluctantly said “Um, which way do I turn here?”

She lifted her head up and looked back and forth at the stoplight. “Turn right”, she said, and dove back into my lap to continue where she had left off. The light turned green and I made the turn. As I did I was quite certain I saw the guy in the lifted pickup next to me giving a thumbs-up.

The brief breather seemed to have given Christie a second wind, and she was now going to town like there was no tomorrow. In addition to sucking my hard dick in and out, she had gripped the base with her hand and was pumping it. I could barely manage to turn into the residential district and keep the car on the road as she kept increasing her pace. There was no more teasing now – just a determined effort to get me off.

It worked, too. I brought the car to a stop in front of the house as I felt my orgasm starting. “I’m gonna cum!” I warned her. She moaned happily and slid her mouth all the way down and held it there. As I started to cum she kept pumping me with her hand, jerking me off into her waiting mouth. The first spurt was met with a growl of pleasure, and she kept sucking all the way through my climax and beyond. It was the most intense feeling I’d ever had, and I realized that part of it was that I’d accepted that she really liked this and I didn’t have to feel guilty about enjoying it. Still, most of it was that my cousin was just an amazing cock-sucker.

When I’d finished, she calmly tucked me back into my pants and zipped me up. Then she sat up with a contended sigh and looked around. Suddenly she seemed puzzled.

“This isn’t my house. Where the hell are we?”

“I have no idea.”

Visit Three

When it came to our third visit, it really didn’t look like it was going to happen. This time I was staying at our uncle’s house in a different town. Christie had come in with her family for dinner, but that was the only time I was going to see her. No chance to drive her home this time – they all drove together.

Also, Christie had a new boyfriend now – Jim. He seemed like a decent guy, but he’d come along and was sticking close by her. So even if there would be time to “visit”, there would be no opportunity.

So it went all through the afternoon and dinner. But as dinner ended and people started clearing the table, Christie whispered to me, “Go to the laundry room and get yourself ready.”

She said it so quickly as she passed by on her way to the kitchen that I almost didn’t hear it. But after I was sure I had heard right, I went to follow her instructions.

I let myself into the laundry room and looked around. There wasn’t much free space – no room to sit or lie down. After a moment’s reflection I placed two folded towels on the floor in front of where I was standing. Then, feeling a bit sheepish, I pulled out my cock and started stroking it. On the plus side, I’d been thinking about Christie all day so that helped me get hard. On the minus side, I had no idea what I would do if someone else came into the room.

The door opened and I about had a heart attack. But it was Christie. She slid in and shut the door behind her. Taking in the scene before her she dropped to her knees without a word and started to lick my shaft up and down. It came to attention immediately, and she began to blow me in earnest.

I understood why she’d picked this moment. Everyone was moving around clearing the table, so we wouldn’t be missed for a couple of minutes. But that’s really all the time we had. I didn’t want us to get caught, but more than that I REALLY didn’t want her to have to stop before I came. So in the interest of time I did something I hadn’t done before. I put my hands on either side of her head and started thrusting my hips. Christie quickly grunted agreement and held still, and I began to fuck her mouth with more abandon, picking just the right speed to get me to orgasm as fast as possible.

The sensations of this were incredible. Not just the feel of her tongue and lips as I pumped my hard cock into her mouth. But the feel of her hair in my hands as I held her head – the view of her kneeling before me, so willing and sexy – and the sounds of clattering dishes and our family talking as they cleared the table. It felt totally unreal to be doing this to my lovely young cousin just feet away from where we’d all been eating a moment before. I watched my dick slide in and out of her mouth and realized she was looking up and making eye contact with me. That image of her, totally at peace being used for my pleasure, sent me over the edge.

Feeling my climax coming, I released her head and stopped thrusting because I didn’t want to overwhelm her. But Christie had other ideas, and she grabbed my hands and placed them back on her head. She released my straining dick to say two words, “Don’t stop”, and then slurped it up again.

Unable to choose to do anything else at this point, I resumed fucking her mouth as I started to cum. Spurt after spurt shot into her in time to my thrusts, and she swallowed them all without a hitch. My knees were getting weak as I shot the last of my load, and finally I had to reach out and grab the washing machine for support. Christie continued sucking for a bit, pulling the last of my cum out. Then she smacked her lips and stood up with a devilish grin.

At that moment we heard Jim calling out her name from the other room. Quick as lightning Christie turned and slipped back out the door to answer him.


“Do you want any dessert?”

“No, I’m good.”

Visit Four

The fourth visit didn’t require any sneaking around. Christie and I got a hotel room near her house and spent the weekend there together. Her boyfriend thought she was out with friends, and my girlfriend thought the same of me.

The actual “visit” happened the first morning as we were lounging around in bed. Christie spent half an hour giving me a slow, loving blowjob. She’d get me to the edge and then back off, till I couldn’t stand it any more and blew my load into her mouth. I thought I was pretty much out of cum after shooting two loads in her the night before – plus an additional one on her. But she found some more somewhere, because I could see it leaking down my shaft as she swallowed all she could. At the end, I told her I was completely drained.

Though as I fucked her bent over the bed later that afternoon, I found out that was not actually true.

Visit Five

The fifth visit was also a hotel room, but the conditions were not nearly as favorable. We were on a road trip with our family. In the hotel room was my girlfriend Kim and I in one bed, and Christie and her sister in the other. Christie had made a show of talking about how deeply her sister slept – maintaining that anything could go on in the room without waking her up. But I’d also mentioned how lightly Kim slept. There wouldn’t be anything sneaky going on that night.

Christie and I managed to get the inside of the two beds, so we could look across the end table at each other. The clock read 12:34 as I lay there listening to Kim sleeping behind me. Christie’s sister had crashed hours ago. The light from the clock allowed me to see Christie awake and smiling at me from across the gap. I smiled back ruefully. It looked like we were going to miss a visit.

Christie lifted the sheet to show she was topless. Her gorgeous tits were clearly visible and she started teasing her nipples till they were erect. I figured two could play at that game, so I lifted my own sheet. I was completely naked, and I started to stroke my dick as I watched her. Not to be undone, she moved the sheet further to show she was equally naked. She slid a finger into her pussy and started pulling out juices and rubbing her clit.

My cock was now hard in my hand, and I continued masturbating while trying not to move too much and risk waking up Kim. Christie gotten visibly more excited, and soon she was fucking herself with two fingers. She pulled them out, wet with her juices, and extended her hand to me across the gap. I leaned forward and sucked them into my mouth, relishing the taste and remembering the last time I shared a hotel room with her, when I lapped this up directly from her warm pussy.

Then Kim rolled onto her back behind me and I froze. After a moment she started doing the deep breathing of sleep and I relaxed a bit. Christie, blessed with a bed mate who wouldn’t wake up for a fire, ignored all of this and returned to fingering herself. She was now rubbing her clit more strongly and getting really worked up.

Jealous of her freedom, I gathered up the pre-cum from the head of my cock on the tip of my finger and extended it to her. She locked her mouth around my finger and started lapping it up with her tongue. My cock jerked with excitement. I withdrew my hand gently, so as not to wake Kim again. But Christie just followed my finger with her mouth, sliding out of bed to the floor like a cat. Once there, she got on her hands and knees and gently took my hard cock into her mouth. She started sucking me, all while keeping her body below the level of the bed like some kind of Mission Impossible of blowjobs.

I was torn between enjoying the sensation and trying not to move too much. But I must have thrust my hips a bit too far, because suddenly Kim rolled into my back. Her arm landed across my chest, and her leg hooked over my thigh – causing Christie to rear back to avoid touching it. However, after this she resumed sleeping.

Christie waited a moment, then leaned forward and resumed her blowjob. Her head was inches away from Kim’s leg, but she carried on sucking and teasing my cock without a care. For myself, I was completely frozen. Any movement I made now would surely wake Kim up. I tried to think of a way to tell Christie to stop when suddenly I realized it was too late.

I was going to cum.

Something about the illicit nature of this whole situation, along with Christie’s always amazing cock-sucking skills, had pushed me over the edge without my realizing it. My orgasm was starting and there was no longer any time to tell Christie about it. She was still teasing me, licking the side my cock against her cheek, and she had no idea what was about to happen. It was all I could do to focus on keeping completely still as I felt my cum race to the surface.

The first blast went along her cheek. But credit to Christie – she took it in stride. Smooth as silk she slid her mouth over my cock and caught the next one cleanly. From then on she sucked and swallowed as I came, and I held my entire body rigid so as not to alert Kim.

When my orgasm had subsided, Christie calmly drew her finger along her cheek and then licked it clean as I watched. Then she smiled at me, got up, and strode to the bathroom shutting the door behind her.

At this, Kim woke up and said “What was that?”

“I think Christie went to use the bathroom,” I replied. I did my best to sound sleepy and instead of post-orgasmic.

“Oh. Hey, you’re kinda sweaty. Are you hot?”

“Yeah – I think it’s a little warm for snuggling.”

“I agree. Good night.” With that, Kim kissed my cheek and rolled over to go back to sleep.

Visit Six

We weren’t alone for the sixth visit either – but this time it didn’t require any sneaking. Christie and I posed as a swinger couple online. We found another couple we liked and arranged to spend the night at their house. Their names were David and Julie, and the sex was fantastic. There was something about being with people who didn’t know we were cousins that really got Christie and I off – like we had our own little secret. Though it would have been great even without that – the house was beautiful, they had a hot tub, and they even made us a great breakfast in the morning.

But the “visit” happened the night before in the middle of their bed. Christie was on her hands and knees getting fucked by David. Julie was under her in a 69 position alternating between sucking Christie’s clit and licking David’s shaft and balls. I was kneeling between Julie’s spread legs and fucking her. This brought Christie and I close together, and for a while she’d been stretching up so we could make out as we fucked the other two. But now Christie had leaned down on her elbows to prompt David to go deeper into her pussy, and she was staring closely at the sight of my cock sliding in and out of Julie.

David grunted that he was going to cum. He grabbed tighter onto Christie’s hips and began to slam into her. As the first jet of his cum hit her pussy, Christie moaned with pleasure and I knew I was going to cum too. I kept fucking Julie as long as I could. But as soon as I felt my cum arrive, I pulled out and pointed my cock up at Christie. The first jet missed her and landed on Julie’s tits. But by the second Christie had grasped the head of my dick in her lips. I watched my shaft pulse as I shot jet after jet into her mouth, all while David was doing the same to her pussy.

There were a lot of hot moments that weekend. I came twice more, once in Julie and once in Christie. And I even got to watch Julie bring Christie to a screaming orgasm using her mouth and a vibrator, all while David and I watched and stroked ourselves hard. But that image of Christie looking so satisfied as David and I filled her up gets me off every time I think of it.

Visit Seven

Christie’s wedding. New boyfriend Jim had worked out well indeed, and we were now at the reception. I was a bit disappointed, since this would be the end of our visits. I was leaning up against the wall in a side hallway when Christie suddenly grabbed my hand from behind. I turned to see her opening a closet door, and she quickly pulled me in behind her. Once inside, she started to unzip my pants.

“Whoa!”, I said. “We can’t do that!”

She looked at me like I was crazy. “What are you talking about? This is our thing. This is what we do.”

“You’re married now.”


“So…Well, I thought that meant our visits would be over.”

She smiled at me as she grasped my hardening cock. “Silly cousin. Family always comes first.”


A short time later Christie was stopped by one of her friends as she walked toward the reception hall.

“Christie, you’ve got some cake frosting on your lips.”

Christie swept it up with her finger, regarded it with curiosity, then licked her finger clean. “Thanks!”

“Where were you?”

“Just visiting with my cousin.”

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