My semi incestuous relationship with my grandmother part 2

Hi girls and boys. This is my second part of my story with my grandmother. If you haven’t read first part please read.
Please give me feedback. Little response only I got from my previous story. I hope I get response for this one. It’s a big story. Take your time and hopefully enjoy it.

As I said earlier me and my grandmother will be fully nude in our house. Whenever someone comes she used to wear her nighty and me a shorts. After they leave we come back to our normal naked self. There were days when we used to be full nude for the whole day.

About sex recently I started watching porn films and stories in the internet. I used to fantasy about neighborhood aunties. But never my grandmother. As I said earlier I kiss her a lot in different places from face to belly sometimes ass also her vagina. She too kisses me everywhere including my penis but she has not sucked it.


One day she sucked me. It happened because of an incident. I was trying to unzip my Pant when suddenly my zip got stuck with my penis. I started to scream as it pained a lot. My grandmother rushed to me.

M: Grandma my penis got stuck with my zip.
She became panic
G : show me da let me see.

I in pain started to cry. Seeing my cry she too started to cry. Atlast somehow we removed the zip. But I was crying in pain.

M: Grandma my penis is paining.
G : let me relieve the pain.

She gave me lip kisses to console me she even inserted her tongue into my mouth and sucked my tongue as this is normal for us whenever one of us in pain or unhappy and started kissing my penis. I couldn’t stop crying. A little drop of blood was in my penis. Seeing that she was terrified.

G : I’m going to suck your penis now because there is some blood and also your penis is little swollen it will reduce.

Saying that she started to suck my penis. That was my first blowjob guys. The pain started to reduced. I was both in pleasure and pain as she was sucking I can feel her warm mouth and saliva trying to make my penis hard but the pain not allowing it. The vacuum created by her mouth is driving me crazy. I always wanted one of my neighborhood aunty to suck me off. But that didn’t happen instead now my grandmother is sucking me. She is a good suckert hough. I was in heaven closing my eyes and imagining that aunty. This is the first time someone is sucking my penis. I never thought of her in a sexual way even then I thought her she trying to relieve my pain.
After 10 min of sucking she got tired I can see that. My pain got reduced a little

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M: Grandma it’s enough my pain reduced you can stop sucking. You are tired your mouth will be in pain.
G : for you I can suck for an entire day da. Even if my mouth in pain and I’m tired I will suck your penis for whole day. I only care about you. I can care for myself later. I love you da.
M: Grandma I care for you. My pain got little reduced. Now getup your body will be in pain because of sucking my penis. Let’s go see a doctor. Get up grandma.

I tried to lift her.

G : wait da two more min I will suck your cock and then we shall go to doctor. Otherwise you will be in lot of pain.
M: OK grandma.

I tried to lift her and she was very tired because of kneeling down and sucking my cock.

M: Grandma you are tired. I told you it was enough.
G : for you I can do anything da. You are my world.

Saying that she started to cry. Seeing that I hugged her started to kiss her with my lips and said I love you grandma so much. We dressed and went to a doctor who was a lady.

D : what happened??
G : this is my grandson. His penis got stuck with zip. We somehow removed it but it is swollen.
D : it happens sometimes. You should wear your under wear before wearing pant.

I thought to myself we wearing dress itself is a big thing in our house and started laughing. My grandmother too started laughing because she too know we don’t wear clothes in our house. Doctor thought it was because of she mentioning under wear.

D : let me see your penis. Remove your trouser.

I was little shy because only I have been nude before grandma. Sensing my shyness.

D : your grandma can be outside if she makes you feel shy

We thought to ourselves it’s because of the doctor I’m shy

M : no grandma should stay. I want her near.
D : then why are you shy???
M: it’s because of you.
D : hey I have seen numerous cocks from small to medium , large and extra large. Don’t be shy. You are just small boy.
M:(shocked) OK doctor!!!!

I remove my trouser. My cock was flaccid. Doctor gave a small smile. She wore a gloves and started to examine my penis. Since my pain got reduced my penis started to grow to large size. I was kinda little excited because other than my lovable grandmother someone is touching my cock. Seeing my penis growing and of its size doctor was a little shocked.

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M: doctor you seemed to be in shock.
D: it’s because boys of your age don’t have this my big cock.

My grandmother sucking had already made my penis want to Cum but pain blocked it. Now doctor examining I desperately wanted to Cum. My grandmother understood I want to Cum. I hold onto my grandmother. After a min I gave lots of loads to the doctor. Her face her hair her sari all was covered with my Cum. Doctor was fully shocked and was little angry.

G : sorry doctor he is young and because of your examining he might have cummed.
D: it’s OK I will wash it and come.

She left the place and went inside.

M: Grandma I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold. You first sucked me and then she gave an examination. It all made me Cum.
G : it’s OK beta. I should’ve thought first. I should made you Cum before leaving our house. So you wouldn’t able to Cum here. It’s my fault don’t worry.

Saying this she kissed me on my forehead. But I want to suck her breast.

M: Grandma I want to suck your breast now.
G : doctor may come anytime. You can suck it when we go home da
M : please grandma only for a min

I started to remove her blouse and started to suck her left breast. Just when I stopped sucking her breast doctor came with some tablets. Grandmother did not hook her blouse she covered with her pallu

D : have this tablets thrice and use this ointment and massage your dick for swollen
G : yes doctor I will take care of him.

At house as usual we were naked and we had our dinner and I took tablet. I don’t know where to apply the ointment

M : Grandma can you apply the ointment.
G : sure da why is this grandma is for??to take care of you only da!!!
M : thank you grandma. Can you do one thing grandma.
G : say it da

She started to take the ointment in her hand.

M: can you suck my penis before you apply ointment it felt great when you sucked.
G : (smiling) do you want me to give blowjob or suck you to relieve your pain.
M: both!!!!
G: naughty boy!!! (gave kiss on my lips)

So she knelt down. First took my dick in her hands a little shake on my prick. Up and down motion. She gave me a kiss on my dick. Then her tongue touched the tip of my penis. She is such a good slut. Teasing me before sucking me. She slowly covered my dick with her mouth. I was in heaven. I involuntarily held her head and tried to deep throat my penis. She gagged a little.

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M: sorry grandma
G :(smiling) I love you kanna

Again I held her head and started to insert my penis forcefully. She again gagged but I won’t let her go. I was furiously fucking my grandmother’s mouth. The saliva her warm mouth those are the best moments in my life. After a while I sensed she got slow maybe because of tiredness. She started to give me a handjob. After sometime again she sucked me. This time I was on the verge of Cumming

M: Grandma I’m going to Cum
G : gaging

Atlast I cummed in her mouth she was full some got leaked from her mouth and some she swallowed.

M:thank you grandma. Can you suck me whenever you or I want????
G : sure da!!!you are my grandson and my love!!!whom I going to do rather than you???

After that she applied ointment on my penis and massaged my dick. This situation made her to give me blowjobs and handjobs for my lifetime.
As I said earlier we used to sleep naked. Before I used to hug her tightly and sleep. There used to be no gap between us. Two days later with many blowjobs given to me before sleep both were lying in our cot I pressing her boobs and hugging her we drifted to sleep. Suddenly I woke up. I saw her sleeping peacefully my beautiful grandmother the person I love the most in this world. I took her hand made a round by Making her fingers touch each other. I placed my dick started to massage my dick with her hand. She is in deep sleep. Seeing many porn films helped me a lot. So I thought why not insert my penis into the vagina of my grandmother???
I just touched her vagina it was soft no one except me and my grandfather has touched it. I sure have touched and kissed it a lot more than my grandfather. I felt like I own that pussy. No one can touch it. I have seen my grandmother insert her finger and finger fuck herself. I asked her once before.

M: Grandma why you insert your finger into your vagina.
G : it gives you relief da
M: what kind of relief grandma
G : body relief kanna
M: then I can help you na. I will insert my finger so you can sit and relax
G : no da grandma can do it you just massage my body.

I was happy then thinking I was helping her in some way of relieving her body pain. Now thinking she was starving for sex then. Off late she was not masturbating due to her age. I thought OK let me have sex with her Eventhough she is my grandmother I want her to be happy. I tried to wake her.

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