Polyamory 2

Please read part 1. Polyamory … This is a true story John, Carol and I (Dick) had just had sex for the first time. We were in lust. I could have been jealous, but instead I was very happy. Carol still looked apprehensive. She had just fucked John while we were all in the same

Wife Peg #2

We were married only a short time and my wife was two months pregnant. Peggy was probably like most girls and had been with a few boys so far but she was raised in the foothills where there were only a couple black family’s there and none in High School so she really didn’t know

She said she dreamed it

I’m home finally from a business trip out of town and join her in bed. So, my wife whispers to me that she thinks she dreamt about him again last night. He’s a friend of ours who travels a lot for his job and is very independent, confident, intelligent, and interesting in a kind of