Wife Peg #2

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We were married only a short time and my wife was two months pregnant.

Peggy was probably like most girls and had been with a few boys so far but she was raised in the foothills where there were only a couple black family’s there and none in High School so she really didn’t know much about them.
I on the other hand knew quite a few and had been with quite a few girls before meeting Peggy.
Peggy was not easy but we knew each other through friends and it was a couple weeks before I asked her out and after a couple drinks we had sex.
I found that I liked her very much and asked her out again then again and we moved in together.
Peg was very excited about sex and we tried everything we ever heard about and once she opened up she was a demanding little lover and I mean little at 5 foot even and under 100 pounds with perky 34 B-Cup breasts that looked huge on such a small girl and firm ass cheeks you just want to bite.
She wanted to know all about my sex life and openly told me about the guys she had been with but after awhile she became a little jealous about my past that she called fucking every girl that would lay down for me and I guess she was right about that and at first I just teased her about it until I saw that it really bothered her.
I asked her if she wanted to screw a few guys to get even and to my surprise she said yes I think that would be fair.
It took me by surprise but as we were just dating I agreed to let her have a fling but she wanted me to pick the guy.
I had a good friend that agreed to do it and he swore not to tell anyone so we lined it up and he came over to visit that evening and I sat on the couch watching TV while he took her into the bedroom to get it done.
I only waited a few minutes though and slipped over to out bedroom and I could hear her grunts and the bed protesting so I opened the door a crack and I watched them with Rob in between her legs and his hairy ass pumping in and out of her in a frenzy with Peggy laying there her legs widely spread and her arms around his neck as her body shook with his assault.
I only intended to just peek in but they were so intent on what they were doing I stood there watching until he grunted and rammed into her and at first I was pissed because he was obviously cummings in my girl but it was also very hot to watch.
Well Rob lived with us for about a month until he changed jobs and oved to Missouri.
Peggy .
Peggy became pregnant and we seceded to get married but by now I was hooked on watching my sweet Asian bride screw other guys and she agreed that she liked it to so we had a laptop computer and looked around for a replacement for Rob but couldn’t find a guy right off that would be discrete so we talked about what kind of a guy she would prefer and we agreed that the safest guy would be married men and then the surprise of my life she asked if she could do a black man.
God that was so forbidden that I just stood there open mouthed in shock until she blushed and said never mind you pick the guy but I recovered saying my god no I want to watch you with a black guy so we once again began our search .
At two months Peg just barely was showing if at all when she called me at work excited and said I found him baby he is older than us but he is beautiful I have seen his picture and he is beautiful but he said he is well hung and wanted to know if you wanted to do his wife.
I thought about that but said no I just want to watch so she said I am going to set up a date then???
I told her to set it up and my dick wad hard enough to break rocks with.
Saturday rolled around and Peg was talking to him every evening for hours and I talked to him a couple times but he always said after a few min,s to let him talk to Peg again.

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