Birthday Sex – 2

Ok hello again readers. I am Ram. Got good response from the last story Birthday Sex. So I’ll just continue from where we left. As soon as Ashu came in she saw us three(me, vijay, priyanka) sleeping naked. Birthday Sex – part 1 She said ‘WTF guys, she’s your friend and you did this shit to

Foursome with my girls Part 3

Hi friends. Ela unnaru? Nenu mee venky ni, age 27. Naa recent story chadivi nannu encourage chesi nanduku chala chala thanks. So friends first and second part (foursome with my girls part 1 and part 2)evaraina chadavakapote ventane chadavandi, lekapote deni continuation ardamkadu.   Hey horny young and beautiful girls meeku oil tho massage chesukuntu

A Friendly Foursome

Hi everyone. I’m Raj Kiran. I’m a regular reader of S4S. Since I saw many people sharing there stories I’m here to share a story of my own life. I have a small but close batch of friends. My friend Sridhar is my best guy buddy whereas Sakshi and Manisha are my best girl buddies.