She layed down the law

When I married my wife. I knew how things were going to be. Over the years, she screwed several different men. Sometimes telling me about it. Sometimes calling me, having me listen to them. Shortly after getting married I lost my job. And she took over everything, I was always the type that liked to

Erotic Cuckold Love

Hii Every1 I am Manish Sharma. It’s my first story so plz bjoy it to the fullest. This is a true incident about my friend name Rahul Sen and his wife Meetali Sen. Rahul was working in a MNC as accounts officer in Mumbai and his wife was a housewife but she was qualified with

Wife goes to work and brings back a creampie

Hi: I am about to tell you a true story that I am living right now, it started eight years ago, I mean that’s when I found out at least, it might be longer but anyway that is when my torture started. I got hurt at work and I couldn’t work for awhile, after a