She layed down the law

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When I married my wife. I knew how things were going to be. Over the years, she screwed several different men. Sometimes telling me about it. Sometimes calling me, having me listen to them.

Shortly after getting married I lost my job. And she took over everything, I was always the type that liked to cook. And didn’t mind cleaning, so I pretty much became the housewife, she was making the money, and started giving me not only instructions, but list of things to do.

This single man moved in 2 housed down, he was a mature man, and a little chubby. My wife took no time in meeting him. She told me she was going to welcome him to the neighborhood, and for me not to expect her home tonight.

She was right. She spent the night with him, and she called me the next day. She told me to go get them some bbq. And bring it down to them. When I returned, I knocked on his door, she opened up, only wearing her panties, she told me to put it on the table. Then go get my lawn equipment, and mow his lawn.

I did as i was told. After I was done. I went home. She called and told me to come down and wash mr. Bills car. For me to clean the windows, and bring my vacuum cleaner. His car was parked around back, so I did as told. My wife came out when I was cleaning it. She immediately kissed me fully on the mouth. She was laughing a bit. Then she said how does mr. Bills cock taste.

I didn’t answer. But she told me. Her and her date are going out tonight, after I finished cleaning the car. They would be down so she could get dressed, and give me instructions.

I finished cleaning the car, then went home. It was about an hour later she comes in with this Mr. Bill guy! She introduced him to me as Mr. Bill, and then she said and this is my weasel of a husband. We shook hands, and he said thanks for mowing my lawn, and cleaning my car. I said your welcome.

My wife told me to run her a shower. After I did that. Mr. Bill took the warmed towel from me. And met her as she came out. I could hear them laughing, playing. And some talk of cocksucking. Now. I really don’t know what see seen in him. He was old, fat, bald. Just not too easy on the eyes.

They both came from the bathroom she just had the towel wrapped around her bottom. She then told me. That they have decided to stay in tonight, and I would go get them something to eat. Mr. Bill took a seat in my easy chair.

My wife went to him. Dropped her towel, got on her knees, unbuckled his trousers, pulled them down. Then she told me to come remove his shoes. As I did. She revealed his dick.
Now I understood, his cock was sticking sprout. It must have been 10 inches. It wasn’t very big around. But wow. He moved himself to the edge of the chair. Spreading his legs wide. Pushing that thing way out there.

My wife went down on it just for a few times. Then she looked up and said, I gave sissy boy, a big ole kiss, today after I sucked the cum form you. She turned my way. As he looked at me. They both broke out laughing, then she said. He loved it, and wants to get it straight from the pump.

They laughed again. Then he asked me. If that was right? I said yes sir. As my wife moved one sided. He said. Ok come on. I was committed at this point. I sat down besides her. In between his legs. And took that cock full in my mouth. I found it hard to take all of it. Like she did. I could only get about half of it I’n my mouth. My wife was telling me faster bitch, faster, then she would say slower, slower. Make it last.

I don’t know how long I was sucking him. But he moaned, started jacking off with me still on him. Then he shot his load in my mouth. My wife was loving it. She told me to get every drop. Swallow, lick here. There’s some. Don’t get any on the carpet.

After it was over. She clapped. Gave me a kiss. And told me how good of a cocksucker I was. She even made me thank him.
She then told me to go get them some chicken. I left to fill there order.

When I returned, they were in bed. I served them. I was told to get a chair and watch them eat. They want to talk to me.
As I sat there. They layed down the law. He was going to move in with us. He was just renting the house down the street. I was to only wear panties. From now own. I was to give him a blowjob anytime he wanted one. And I was to ask him if he wanted his dick sucked at least 3 times a day.

I kind of knew this is thy type of relationship she wanted from me. And I was ok with the humiliation, I did enjoy wearing panties. And sucking his cock wasn’t that bad. My wife would only let me jack off on Saturday nights. She made me ask permission, and then do it in front of them.

She got what she wanted. He got what he wanted, and yes. I was a happy cocksucker…

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