How my mother-in-law jerked me off

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This is a 100% true story. I can’t prove it but I swear this is real and it is time that I share this with the rest of the world. My name is Mohan (obviously all names changed here for privacy reasons) and I’m from Chennai and from a conservative tamil family. I’ve been married for 10 years now and live with my wife Sandhya and our three beautiful little children – I love my family!

My mother in law’s name is Kamini and she’s a widow since my father in law passed away 5 years ago. Both my in laws were very conservative people and there was hardly any interaction with them. It used to be very clear that there was never any fire in their relationship, you know the typical problems of a South Indian arranged marriage. Anyway, my FIL passed away
5 years ago and my MIL has been alone ever since, and the sexy story I’m about to narrate happened about 3-4 years ago.

Before this mega event, many micro sexy incidents occurred which I’m not going to narrate here. I’m just going to keep the intro simple and get to the main story – the sexier, hotter story.

Even before marriage, I’ve had this fantasy for flashing my dick to people mainly old women and old men and enjoyed the attention they gave for a healthy, young, rock hard and huge cock. I’ve had many instances where people (men and women) have squeezed my dick and played with it after flashing it to them. there have been innumerable instances where I enjoyed and the pleasure of any other person’s hand inside my pants or under my shorts. This was especially when traveling in the crowded Chennai trains to such an extent that at least 10 times I’ve happily ejaculated while enjoying a breezy train ride. My cock has been sucked and tasted by at least 10-12 people, many of them men in their late 40s at that time. Yes, I was bi sexual and my sex drive is crazy high and it continued even more after my wedding. Post wedding my wife and I started enjoying a beautiful relationship to this day and I don’t want to speak anything person about my wife, because I truly love her and respect her privacy, the sanctity of our relationship and the blessings for our family. However, it is true that I did explore the wild side of my nature and I’m not ashamed of it. Love and lust are two different things so what I have for my wife is both and what I experienced with others is just the lustful adventure – nothing more and nothing less. My MIL ultimately joined the party and became one of the several people who played with my dick and had mega fun.

So my sexual encounter with Kamini (I call her ‘mami’ meaning aunt in Tamil) began with fantasies of being nude and shagging in front of her. The thought of her expression seeing my mega rod gave me a HUGE kick! So I started imagining that I’m being nude and jerking off in front of her. Once I called here over phone and started speaking in a sexy voice. She was living in Chennai at that time and I was in Mumbai. Slowly I drew the conversation towards my work and how work makes me stay late in the office. Thereafter, I explained to her how some chicks dress in the office and expose their attractive cleavage. She seemed shocked but was curious to know more which encouraged me even more. Similar topics were discussed for the next 2-3 phone calls and then one fine day, I explained to her how I saw one girl getting fucked by 3 guys in the office and that I witnessed it. All of this was fake but my foundation to fantasize with her. She seemed interested and asked how it can happen and I explained how they fucked her… One fucking the girl’s pussy, one fucking her ass and the she giving a blow job to the third guy. This blew Kamini’s mind and she asked can 3 people do with 1? I explained in detail and also made moaning sounds to describe the event. I think it made her horny – I wanted to masturbate and told her I’ll call in 2 minutes.

2 Minutes later I called her from the bathroom, fully naked and a mega rock solid erect dick with my phone on speaker. Hearing my voice echo in the bathroom she asked me in a sexy voice “bathroomla irukeengala? (are you in the bathroom). I said yes and took the bold step to tell her I’m shagging. That’s when everything started – I ejaculated and imagined my MIL’s mega boos and that sealed my addiction to fantasize about old but horny my mother-in-law. Thereafter we had similar conversations openly for 2-3 times before she visited us in Mumbai 1 year later.

1 Year Later in Mumbai:

One morning, I woke up with a steel rod solid erection and my desperation to be nude in front of Kamini went uncontrolled. I got out of the bed – it must have been 5:30 am. My wife Sandhya was sleeping next to me and the kids after her on the bed. Stealthily I got out of the room, and closed the door so slowly so that I don’t make any noise. Horny Kamini is always up and running by 5 am – typical mami type from South India. I locked the door from outside and called out to her.

“Mami konjam thenga ennai kondu vaanga” (MIL, bring some coconut oil) and immediately went into the guest bedroom which was being used by her for her stay. I removed my shorts and inners and stood half nude with a super mega erect dick behind the door. For some strange reason (or possibly because she understood and accepted the plan), sexy Kamini mami brought the oil on her palms, not in any cup. She extended her arm into the room while still staying out and said “indhanga ennai” (here’s the oil) and I responded saying “ulla kondu vaanga. cup la kondu vandha na vaangiruppaen ana ippo neenga ulla varanum” (please bring it inside. Had you brought it in a cup, I would’ve taken it but now you need to come inside).

She entered the room straight and did not turn to me. In the meanwhile, I shut the door and locked it from behind her. When she turned around, her eyes first look at my 8 inch erect penis and I saw her eyes light up in surprise. She said “ayyo, enna indhu… ippadi kaamikkraengalae” (oh no, what’s this, you’re exposing like this) and I replied with a firmness that possibly resonated to her like how her late husband would have said “ennaiya en pool melayum kotta melayum thadavunga” (apply the oil on my penis and my balls).

Kamini fearfully said, “ava yezhundhu vandha enna seyyalaam?” (what do we do if she wakes up and comes – my wife Sandhya). I said “kadhava velilerndhu pootittaen” (I’ve locked the door from outside).

Before I could finish saying it, her both hands were on my erect dick. People, I can’t express that feeling in words – when she starting stroking my dick and balls and applying that oil, I went crazy mad in passion. She softly caressed my dick and applied the oil. She applied it by squeezing my dick and pulling it at the same time from base to the head and towards her one hand alternating the other in a rhythmic way… It was like floating in the heavens. I only wanted to show her my naked body but today, I was getting jerked off by her something that I did not plan but just happened beautifully.

Slowly but steadily she increased the pace and as she kept massaging and pulling my oil dick, I kept raising up on my toes as though signaling to her to suck my dick. This was amazing, I went “aaah, aaah, mami, mami, aah, oohh” and she went “sssh, sssh, aaanh, Mohan, sssh” and it was amazing.

Just at that point, she stopped and said enough I’ll leave now and I pressed my dick and balls at her and said “rende nimisham mudinjudum” (2 minutes it will be over) and prompted her to get into the bathroom and she obliged with both shyness and eagerness for my cum.

In the bathroom, our sexual massaging encounter carried on more vigorously and I watch my dick being massaged in the mirror when letting it hover over the washbasin with horny Kamini stroking and playing with my (her) joystick. As the stroking kept going on and on, I told her to do it at the opening of my penis and she started doing it. There were a million thoughts running in my mid of which the most dominant one was “how did this traditional lady hide her sexual monster for so long?” Two alternative are only possible: My father-in-law was a massive fucker who fucked her day in and day out and trained her so well OR because he was like a recluse who hardly fucked her and so all of this was vent up feelings coming outside. Either way, I was the only one other than Kamini’s husband – my father-in-law to get dick fucked by her. In all probability, mine was the only adult male penis she was playing with after her husband. My FIL was a bit of a drunkard and I won’t be surprised if my mama got Kamini to be fucked by other men while enjoying his drinks break. Any which way I look at it, this mami of mine was no traditional conservative Tamil lady – she was a mega sex driven monster getting awakened.

So she got to the tip of my penis head and with her thumb and index finger she started rubbing the squishy head and massaging it while hold and caressing my balls with her left hand. This just spiraled me into the ultimate pleasure orbit in space and my vision was getting blurred and breathing and heart beats more and more rapid. I started moaning louder and louder “aaaaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhh, aaaaahhhh, ffffuuccckkkkk, aaaaaaahhhhh, maaaammmiiii, maaammii, aaaaaahhh” and was able to see pre-cum on her hands – between her index finger and thumb and this sight made me mad and crazy with passion. I should have squeezed and torn her blouse because she has giant boobs, but I missed it – something I regret to this day!! so I kept moaning like a lion and yelled “maaamii varudhu maaami… maami varudhu maami (aunty, it’s coming aunty, it’s coming aunty)… nalla irukku (it’s amazing)… aaaahhhh, aahaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh oooohhhhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!”

And then that’s it, missle after missle of white sperm ejaculated and shot out from my dick which was red with some amazing energy and rapid blood flow. I ejaculated so much quantity of sperm that day that I don’t remember ever before that. Some of it shot up in the air and landed on the mirror on the wall, on the tap of the washbasin and a visible amount on Kamini mami’s hands too. And then it started shrinking and I fell forward having spent all my energy and leaning on the washbasin and the wall, with one leg on the washbasi.

Kamini, as though it was all child’s play for her and nothing happened just wiped the head of my penis to clean the sperm off it. She she squeezed my balls and pulled along the shaft of my rod to extract the last few drops of sperm from it and deposited it in the washbasin. After this for once she swiftly shook my penis and once again cleaned any remaining sperm in the pipeline to make it easy and clean for me. The clinical way in which she handled my dick act proved to me that she was seasoned and well trained by my FIL to jerk dicks – either his own dick or the many dicks of other men he entertained with his horny mami wife.

After this she washed her hands, opened the door and went to take care of the rest of her chores as though nothing ever happened. I was amazed, shocked, mesmerized and mind blown all at once. I clean my dick, wore my shorts and went to my room. I slept quietly next to my wife unable to believe what had just happened.

This my friends was how Kamini mami – my traditional, super conservative Tamil mother-in-law shagged my dick and what was probably the best and most exciting sexual encounter outside of my marriage. I still love my wife and my family is the most important for me in my life but this wild experience is something I can never forget.

I’m not ashamed but instead thankful that it happened for fun once. I’m not sure if it will happen again, but if it does it will be amazing. Kamini and I have chit chatted a bit about it later but nothing happened again. I’m sure she thinks about it once in a while just as I do and she’ll rise up to the occasion when the time comes to masturbate my dick again, just as my dick will rise up to her when her hands begin to massage me.

This is a 100% true story and unfortunately for the well being of my family, I can’t give names out. But the Tamil speaking conservative Kamini mami is a slut in the waiting or a whore in hiding – a ticking sex bomb. This is the story of how Kamini, my mother-in-law jerked me off.

Hope you enjoyed reading this 100% true sexual encounter.

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