Sunday Fun with Jaya, Anjana, Smita and Nagaveena

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Anjana was the first to wake up at about 9 am, as she had to pee. She was right in the center with Smita’s head on her left tit. Nagaveena was with her right leg over her legs and hand on her belly. Lying between Smita’s legs with her head on Smita’s Clean shaven mon Venus. To move out would mean that the other 3 would anyway have to be moved, and would wake up.

She waited, and when she could no longer control, peed on the bed. Nagaveena found something warm on her leg, and woke up, She saw the bliss on Anjana’s face and realised what had happened. She saw Anjana’s right tit and latched on to it and started sucking. a different pleasure started stirring in Anjana’s Pussy. As Anjana clenched her thighs, Smita was kind of stirring, pushed Jaya’s mouth towards her pussy. The pussy smell, stirred Jaya, who stuck her tongue and licked Smita to her first orgasm of the day.
Nagaveena pulled Anjana out of the bed, and brokeup the Jaya’s licking of Smita’s Pussy. They pulled the the bedsheet off the bed, and in their current state of nakedness, lifted the King Size Mattress and put it in the balcony.


Smita was horny and wanted Jaya to lick her to an orgasm, but Jaya who had a solid morning wood, had different ideas. He lovingly pulled Smita to the dining table and made her lie down on the dining table with her legs hanging from the side. He applied some spit on his dick and penetrated Smita, first a little slowly and then with deep thrusts. He bent down over Smita’s torso and latched on to her tits, sucking them hard, With each thrust, Smita was moaning away and matching Jaya’s grunt. Smita lifted her legs and clasped them behind Jaya’s back, as her levels of pleasure rose like the tsunami wave. With one long moan, Smita’s body tensed up, as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure hit her. Seeing this, Jaya let off her cannon, deep inside Smita’s pussy.

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Anjana was standing and looking out the balcony, as Nagaveena was seated below her and licking her pussy. The pussy juice plus urine smell was driving Nagaveena crazy. Anjana also wanted cock right now and asked Nagaveena to penetrate her. She laid down on the balcony floor, and Nagaveena mounted her missionary style. Anjana liked Nagaveena’s 8 inch cock as it was longer and thicker than Jaya’s and this was her third fuck with Nagaveena in the last 12 hours. She spread her legs wide to allow Nagaveena to penetrate her fully. Nagaveena was pumping deep and slow, giving Anjana’s clit the right massage. Anjana squealed to her second orgasm of the morning, but Nagaveena was in no mood to let go, The pumping was steady and long. Anjana lifter her legs into the air and locked it behind Nagaveena’s back ensuring the all 8 inches go in to her pussy, and Nagaveena’s balls make a thup thup sound every time they hit Anjana’s asshole. As Anjana hit her third orgasm of the morning, Nagaveena let her cum flood Anjana’s love hole and collapsed on top of Anjana in the balcony. Anjana’s nails were digging into Nagaveena’s back. Nagaveena’s shrivelled dick slowly popped out of Anjana’s pussy, and cum was trickling out.

Anjana got up and walked towards the dining table, where Jaya was on top of Smita and sucking her tits. Smita’s legs had locked Jaya in such a tight embrace. Anjana smiled at them as she passed and said “Milk is in the fridge. You will not get anything even If you suck till evening”. Smita giggled and let her grip on Jaya loose, Jaya’s shrunken dick plopped out with her cum oozing out of Smita’s pussy. She slid her legs down and stood up, and joined Anjana in the kitchen to make some Chai. Smita picked out Ginger from the fridge, elaichi, cloves and pepper from the cupboard and pounded them to make the masala for the chai.

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