How A Muslim Man wooed me and made me fall in love with him

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This is Sohini Chatterjee.I am a Hindu Housewife with a 5 year old son. My husband is constantly working & travelling,though we are perfectly rich,But still I am not satisfied.My reason of unsatisfaction is that I don’t get the daily sex which my body craves, Secondly I want more kids which my husband refused.Life was boring & normal. One day I got a message on my Hangouts from some Aslam Baid. At first I ignored. Then his constant messaging made me respond. He introduced himself as a 41 year old unmarried man who has his own business.I asked how did he get my Id. He said “Few days back I saw u in Ananaya Anniversary & wanted to be friends with u, so I asked Annaya for ur ID,is it OK’ ? He asked. I replied ‘It’s alright’
We started of as causal chat, about our family. 3 day later he shared a picture of me & said I was the most beautiful woman He has ever seen. Pic down(changed)

At first I became angry that ‘How dare he clicked my photo without my permission ‘ but I calmed down. He flirted with me, praised me for my beauty. I was impressed. After few days of Usual chatting, we decided to meet. So after my son went to school we met .He was damn Handsome,He was gentle & knew how to respect a woman. This is what impressed me. We talked about our lives. He was looking at me sometimes embarrassing me as if I am his wife. Finally it was time for me to go. When I got up, suddenly he held me & kissed me. I was shocked. I left abruptly.When I reached home. He called me but I didn’t answer. After 2 days I decided to call him. He received & said ‘Sorry I kissed u without ur permission, but ur so gorgeous, Is m already in love with u’ I liked the boldness of Aslam,though I kept quiet. I said ‘OK’.He enquired ‘Can we meet again’ ?
I said “Yes” .He was overjoyed(atleast his voice seemed so). So our meeting happens 4 days after. He was more gentle than ever. This continued for few days. One day it was raining heavily we were in his car. He requested me to stay in his house till rain stopped as my Saree was dripping in water & even I was too.

Suddenly he held me & kissed me passionately.OMG this was the best kiss I ever had. Then he started kissing my neck,my shoulder & started taking out my boobs & sucking them. It was heaven. Then came out his tool. I have never seen such a cock before,It was 9 inch my wimp hubby was just 4 inch. I also got charged up & then I also started sucking his cock. Then came the real moment. I laid down & he pushed his tool inside me. It was pain pleasure. Then he was ramming me like a piston for 30 minutes kissing me sucking me & doing whatever he wanted to do to me.I screamed ” Ahhhhhhhh…. Aslam… Fuck me.. ..harder Harder…. Ahhhhhh” Then he cummed on me. It was pleasure.

Then we laid in each others arms for around 1 hr. He talked love to me all the time. He said he is madly in love with me, wants to start a family, would want to marry me. I was really satisfied. I said ‘I will think about it’ .Then I returned home. All the while I was thinking about Aslam his passionate sex with me .He said He wanted to be a Father. I felt I should help him. So our meetings continued, Now regularly we were having sex,yes sometimes without condoms. We had sex inside his car, his kitchen. From doggy to everything we tried. I really enjoyed loving him. He use to cum inside me with loads of cum. Meanwhile we also continued to roam around like lovers with hand in hand in shopping malls & having lunch with him in restaurants.He bought me many rich gifts. He wasn’t conservative at all. He encouraged me to wear dresses of my choice & always praised & loved me. He bought me few dresses like

He was very naughty from inside. He use to touch my waist when we were outside, h use to kiss me too. I liked it. So one day I called him & said that “I am pregnant ” .He was overjoyed, He quickly came to my house with a few gifts for my Son so that he can be busy while we enjoy out own. He kissed me & proposed me with a diamond ring from Tanishq. I was too overjoyed so I accepted it

My husband was in US & a news came that he was arrested by US police for fraud. I didn’t care much about & moved with my New Man. Very soon we will have our Nikah. My first son is with in-laws, may be sometime later I may bring him to stay with me. But Now It is me & Aslam & our new unborn baby. He really loves me & takes care of me. I feel.blessed to be with Aslam. Sohini ❤ Aslam

This is my story
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