Son slowly changes a mother’s concept of the truth

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Mom and Son, Incest story, son slowly changes a mother’s concept of the truth

“But I don’t understand. Yesterday you said I couldn’t have any money at all,” DeShawn said leaning toward his mother.

Brenda recognized the truth in the statement. “I-I guess I just thought about it and realized that I should give you money” his mother replied “I guess.”

DeShawn sat back in his seat. He smiled.

“Mom, are you really busy,” DeShawn asked his mother noting that her face shouted exhaustion.

Brenda looked up at her son, “Yeah baby I am kinda ti…”

“Oh, ok, I was just gonna ask if you would help me again. It would only take a few minutes,” he looked down sadly “but I guess I understand.”

The mother sighed to herself. She could take a few minutes to help her son with his latest invention she figured. Yesterday had been pretty easy and whatever he was doing she wanted to be supportive. After all, all she had to do was follow a light pattern on his computer screen.

“Ok D, I’ll do it” she said with no energy.

DeShawn was ecstatic. The 19 year old had been working on his plan for nearly a year. The induction should go easily seeing as she had been induced before and she was obviously tired. Today was the day he really began this experiment. Yesterday had emboldened him. His mother sat down thinking one way and got up acting completely opposite of that thought. They had a conversation in which she had expressed that he needed a job if he wanted money and she was unwilling to give him any more until he did so. After she had gone through his experiment though she was perfectly willing to give him money upon request.

Honestly, he had not expected it to work so well. The light induction pattern worked perfectly. The progressive statements combined perfectly at the end of the progression to produce a different and seemingly native thought pattern in his mother. He had two separate thoughts that each built to create an if then statement that his mother prior to the process had not believed. Each path built on a statement that was true to the mother and by getting her to accept a statement that progressed from that statement he was able to have her accept statements that were a slight leap of logic so that if he set the statements up carefully he could get her to accept statements she initially would have completely disagreed with.

Brenda sat down and went through the induction process. DeShawn was as nervous as he had been the night before. He had no plan for what happens if the induction doesn’t hold or she does not accept the statements or any of the successor statements. When the induction process was over two statements appeared on the screen one on the left side and one on the right.

DeShawn is a good boy.

People feel guilty when they have not done all they could do in a given situation.

“Yes” Brenda stated flatly.

DeShawn clicked enter, the lights sequenced and the next set of statements appeared on the screen. He was less nervous now that the first set had gone fine.

DeShawn and Brenda slowly progressed through twenty two statements culminating in one final statement in the center of the screen.

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