Skiing with Mom, A mother-son ski trip changes their relationship

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Skiing with Mom, A mother-son ski trip changes their relationship, “Let’s go Dave!” Mom calls to me as she points herself down the mountain and skis away from me. Fuck… I really hate skiing I think slowly following her down the mountain. When Mom first told me we were going to Colorado on my winter break, I was happy. I hadn’t been snowboarding in a very long time and really wanted to go. But when we got there this morning, I was told they were all out of snowboards and only had skis left.

Not having the money to buy a snowboard, I settled on skis, just to make Mom happy. Ever since I started going away to college, I didn’t see her except for breaks, so I wanted to make the time we had together count. So I accepted the skis and spent more time sliding on my ass than I did on the skis.

When I finally reach the bottom, Mom is waiting for me. Her snow pants and heavy winter jacket hide her figure. Mom has a great body for a woman who is 50. She looks about 10 years younger than she is, has long, straight golden blonde hair. She has curvy hips and breasts, but toned stomach and legs. I smile at her as I slide up to her. “What took you so long?” Mom asks, a smile on her face.

“Don’t give me that, you know I’m bad at skiing.” I pretend to whine.

Mom nods, “Well the good news is I’m tired from the flight so I’m going to head back to the room after another run.”

“Well then I’ll let you pick the trail.” I say, noticing that the sun was starting to get low in the sky. Mom smiles at me as the two of us get in line for the lift. Finally, it is our turn and Mom and I squeeze onto the two-person lift. The two of us press into each other as we begin the trip to the top of the mountain.

“So any girlfriend at school?” Mom asks me.

I shake my head, “No, I like to keep my options open at the moment. You have a boyfriend yet? It’s been a while since the last one.” I answer.

Mom shakes her head, “No. I’ve been really busy with work the past month or so and just kind of do that, work out and talk to you on the phone.” We spend the rest of the ride talking about my classes and which ones I liked and didn’t before we get to the top and once again, Mom beats me to the bottom.


We bring our rented equipment back to our room in the on-site hotel. Mom and I are sharing a small room with only one bed. Not that it was a big deal, we were only going to sleep in the bedroom and the bed was plenty big for the two of us. “You want to shower before dinner? We don’t have a reservation tonight so I think we’ll just do room service.” Mom says.

“Sounds good. I’ll shower quick then you can go.” I say, leaving my equipment drying off by the door before hopping into the shower. After a quick shower, I dry off and dress into shorts and an old tee shirt for sleeping. When I come out of the room, Mom is wearing a red bra and matching panties. Her brown hair is a mess from spending all day tied back. Mom has lost the little bit of fat she was carrying last summer and now had a very toned body despite her large breasts and ass.

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