She seduces married friend

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I have a married friend that I’ve been fantasizing about for a long time – imagine my surprise when he began flirting back with me, at work no less. Being around him excited me. It wasn’t just his body that enticed me; his outlook on life was unique. I’ve never met anyone quite like him, (Yeah, I wanted his ass, did I forget to mention he had a cute one?). I could feel myself grow wet with anticipation every time we spoke. It got to the point where I was constantly aroused in his presence and I felt that I was going to have to drag him off into a dark corner and ravish him for relief, ’cause masturbation wasn’t helping. I had it bad.

Then we began corresponding over the Internet, innocently at first but each of us growing bolder as time passed. We’d instant message lewd comments, email each other at work, then from home write and exchange erotic fantasies, sometimes placing ourselves in them, mentioning things we’d like to do to one another. The limits we set were minor. Passion and pleasure were the main objective. If the story were hot, the reader would have to masturbate -that how badly we needed relief. It was as if we were in a competition, the tales became bolder, darker, and more intense. The winner being both the writer and the receiver of the story; because if I wrote the story and he masturbated I received pleasure from the act, just as he did for me. A few times I’d have him call me up so I could listen to him cum or vice versa. Let me tell you, this man could create a story from off the top of his head that could give a prude an orgasm, let alone a willing, open introvert with a wicked imagination like myself. Did I mention that I wanted to Domme him, and have had many an enjoyable hour painting erotic scenes – mind candy if you will – were he was tied down and completely under my control?


This is one of the stories. Let me know what you think.

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You. I want to have you tied down – trusting and vulnerable. Your wrists are securely fastened to the metal headboard of my bed. Your nude backdoor wet from my mouth, your turgid erection near to bursting – except for the cock ring I’ve slipped over you. I loom over you, teasing you with my naked breasts, mouth or pussy, keeping you on the edge, together with the porn I’ve had playing in the background, titillating you further down the road I want you to travel.

When suddenly – you hear a noise. You look over as the closet door slides open and he emerges from the darkness within. Chest exposed, lightly sprinkled with dark hair. Well- worn jeans hung low on his hips, the top button opened carelessly, allowing you a too brief glimpse of what resides there.

He’s watching. You. Your heart begins to pound deliciously within your chest as he slowly unbuttons his fly, stroking himself while moving in closer toward the bed. Candles flicker, illuminating the room while painting exposed flesh erotically as he touches his tool. It’s mere inches from your face – you stare lustily at his erection…it’s even closer than before. There’s a small pearl of moisture escaping the crown. It hangs from the tip enticingly, your mouth waters from the sight…

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