Seduced by a perfume

Hello Readers,

My name is Criminal (again, not my real name of course).

Firstly, I would want to thank those who had the time to read my previous story and gave me very valuable feedback. Really appreciate it. Based on the suggestions I received, I intend to improvise my second story writing. Once such feedback being that I did not describe my physique and appearance. Well, I’m 5.10 and weigh 59 kgs. I am lean and quite fair for a guy. As to my looks, I do get compliments at my work place from a handful of women. Hope this description of mine is sufficient.


Let me come to the story. This is an incident that happened while I was with working with my first company. Six months after I joined the organisation, a new batch of employees got into our company. The first time I saw this girl was when she was provided in a desk in the bay parallel to mine. A few days went by and we got introduced by common friends in office. I was happy to learn that she was to be trained on a project that I was working on. She was assigned a buddy from my team who she used to sit with and learn the work process.

Fortunately, she became good friends with my team mates and she would sometimes join us for lunch and coffee. During this time I shared only a professional relationship with her and never really approached her for casual talk. As time went by, I got her phone number and we would discuss work related stuff on whatsapp whenever she required clarity. Those chats were never enough to clarify her queries. Hence, we decided to catch up during a coffee break in office.

This was the time we spoke longer than usual and a bit of pep talk as well. Before we got back to work, we exchanged our numbers. In a couple of weeks our whatsapp chats turned from professional and personal. That’s when she told me about her boyfriend who had been dating for a while and intended to get married to him eventually. The only plus point for me was that he was at his hometown and she was working in Bangalore. I did not have to worry about going out with her or talk to her over the phone.

About her, she was chubby, dusky and had bouncy hair. She measured 34-30-38 (which I got to know later). Her ass was something to kill for. I used to watch her when she walked around in the office. Her deep navel was a treat to watch whenever she wore a saree (yes, I am a sucker for navels).

Soon we started going out for coffee and dinner. I would mostly take my bike to work when we had plans to go and we would leave from office without anyone noticing us together. Intentionally I used to occupy a little extra space on my bike so that she would sit closer to me and it worked. Her boobs used to hit my back frequently and she was aware of this. But there is nothing she could have done.

We reached our destination and took the lift. As there were others in the lift, she had to stand close to me. We were seated at our tables and food was served when she brought up the topic of my perfume. She said it was really good and very seductive. We then spoke of perfumes that we had and decided to put on different ones to work every day.

After a few days, I decided to make my move. I told her I wasn’t able to smell her perfume because it was too mild (I lied). She was surprised that I could not smell it and said it’s quite evident to others. Pretending to be innocent, I told her I have a slightly blocked nose and I can’t smell it from a distance. After a while she sent me a text on whatsapp saying I would have to come and smell her if I could not smell it. For obvious reasons, this was difficult to do in office. Then an idea struck my mind and I told her we could take the lift in office and go down for coffee where I could stand closer to her and smell her perfume. She accepted and we took the lift.

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This drama of mine continued for a couple of days more and I reminded her frequently that I have a blocked nose and that we would have to go by lift in order to smell each other’s perfume. She was not used to this and did not object. A few days later she actually had a very mild perfume on her I wasn’t able to grasp the smell of it. I told her about this and she said it is very mild and not easy to grasp, to which I said I’ll have to come even closer and smell it. I hugged her in the lift that day and could smell her perfume lightly. She seemed a little surprised but did not say anything.

Days went by and I often started using a perfume she liked the most. She commented in the cafeteria saying she gets turned on by seductive perfumes and not to put it on and come closer to her. This was exactly what I wanted. I told her she could smell it just the way I hugged her and did. She did not seem surprised this time and did exactly what I asked her to do. However, this time the hug was a little longer and I had to remind her that the door would open soon. It was only then that she backed away. I was surprised by the way she hugged me for such a long time.

I started noticing that she would sit closer to me than usual on the bike when we went out and after a few more days she started hugging me while I was riding. Of course I enjoyed her boobs hitting my back and did not adjust my seating position. The same day it started raining heavily and we were stuck in traffic with nowhere to take shelter. We got drenched completely and went to her place instead of going out that night because it was closer from where we were stuck. She used to stay with a friend of hers (a girl).

I took a towel and went to the washroom to clean myself up. Due to heavy rain, my clothes were completely soaked in water including my underwear. I wrapped myself using the towel and came out to tell her that I have put all my clothes to dry. She was kind enough to get me her boxers and I had no other choice but to wear it until my clothes had dried. She put my clothes in the washing machine drier and we sat down watching TV and sipping chai. A little while later her roommate had to go out with her friends and she left.

While I was sitting on the sofa and watching TV, my dick was partially sticking out of the boxers and I had not realised it. She noticed this and avoided eye contact with me for quite a long time. I asked her if she was uncomfortable because I was sitting in boxers to which she said no. I asked her again if she wants me to leave, I would leave immediately wearing my partially wet clothes. She then told me that my dick was sticking out. I apologised and said it wasn’t intentional. She believe me and said she understood.

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It was an awkward situation and I then thought it was better I leave from her place ASAP. I borrowed her iron box and pressed my clothes in an effort to dry it faster. The next day we couldn’t make eye contact and it was getting awkward day after day. Hence, I decided to break the ice and directly spoke to her about the incident. She had a bit of a guilty feeling and said she should have behaved normally as it was an accident and not intentional. Things got back to normal after we spoke that day.

A week later I got my car and we went out. I dropped her to her place and was about to leave and she said we could have tea. It was raining again that night. I happily accepted the offer and went in. While sipping tea I suddenly remember her long hug in the lift and asked her about it. After a long pause she confessed that it was because of my perfume and that she couldn’t get enough of it. She even said nothing ever turned her on as much as my perfume did and she was just controlling her emotions at that moment. I immediately asked her if she would like to come closer and smell it until she felt it was enough.

This resulted in a longer than usual hug and she just wasn’t willing to back off. That hug was going elsewhere now and I could feel her breathing heavily and her body was getting warmer. I had an idea of what was happening and hugged her tighter and moved my lips closer to her neck. She sensed my lips getting closer to her neck but it wasn’t reaching her. She turned her head a little in order to allow my lips to touch her. Sensing that she wasn’t able to control, I was testing her patience.

In a swift motion she moved her neck closer to my lips and I kissed her softly for the first time. Her skin was smooth as silk and the body warmth was just perfect for a kiss. The kissing got passionate every minute that passed by and soon we locked our lips for the first time. We took our own sweet time kissing each other’s lips and neck. It was too hot to resist then and I moved my hands on her back and ass. We were more than comfortable in each other’s arms now and I slid my hands inside her top and touched her bare back.

That was one of her weak spots and I realised it by her reaction to my touch. She was kissing me harder whenever I moved my hands on her back and touched sensitive spots. She was a little ticklish. I couldn’t control myself anymore and grabber her boobs over her top and squeezed them softly and she let out soft moans. Gradually I increased the tempo and squeezed her boobs harder and circled my fingers around her nipples.

She pushed me back and took her top off. Right after that she jumped on me and kissed me wild. While kissing, I unhooked her bra and pulled it down. Her nipples were dark brown and just of the perfect size. I grabbed her bare boobs and played with them for a while. Eventually, I played with her nipples and pulled them. She loved that and let out louder moans every time I did it. Going by her looks and behaviour, I wasn’t expecting her to like it rough. I started to unzip her trousers and tried inserting my finger to feel her pussy but I was unsuccessful. She noticed that and gave me a wicked smile and took off the trousers on her own.

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I was itching to grab her ass and did exactly that. It was only when I touched her bare ass that I realised it’s harder to grab an ass of that size (38). Felt amazing playing with her round ass. She started unbuttoning my shirt and moved her hands on my bare chest and back. Within minutes of her play, she touched my dick and played with it over the trousers. It was growing hard within seconds of her touches. She then unbuckled my belt, the button and dropped my trousers down. I was already oozing with pre-cum and she put her hand inside my underwear and took my dick out.

She gave me a smile and went down on her knees. With no hesitation she put my dick in her mouth. She increased her pace after starting slowly. I asked her to slow down or I would blow everything in her mouth soon. I did not want that to happen so soon. She happily obliged and moved away. Then she removed her panties, sat on the sofa and spread her legs a little. I understood her signs and moved closer to her. It was now my turn and ate her pussy. She was wet already.

After eating her pussy for quite some time, she pulled me up and whispered “put it in right now”. I told her I did not have condoms. She did not bother. Instead she pulled my dick and guided me to her pussy. By this time I knew she had lost control. She was tight down there and it hurt her a little while I penetrated. There was no sign of her stopping. She pulled me even closer and told me to go deeper. Soon we were in motion and going smooth. I gradually increased my pace and her moaning got louder. After fucking her for about 5 minutes, she asked me pull off and took me to her room. She closed the door and all windows, turned on the AC and pushed me to the bed. She wanted to ride on me.

The reason she closed the windows was because she would bring the roof down with her moaning. She moved like a hyena and had her first orgasm. She was tired riding and lied down on the bed for a couple of minutes. I started playing with her nipples and pussy again. She rolled over and kissed me while I was still playing. This brought her back to the game and she got hold of my dick. She stroked it until it was back to full strength. She surprised me by bending over and asking me to try doggy style. I happily obliged because I could see her bouncy ass while I fucked her from behind.

We continued fucking in that position for a while when she asked me to spank her ass and make it red. This girl was surprising me at every turn. I was cautious while spanking her thinking she would be hurt if I spanked too hard. But this girl was screaming asking me to spank her harder. Her screaming later turned to abuses. Her abused were mostly in hindi (MC, BC, BKL, etc). For some reason that turned me on I was pounding her with all my energy. I knew I was drawing closer to finish but I couldn’t stop. Within minutes of this wild act, I unloaded my cum in her pussy.

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