I never tried it before but I will again

To start off with I have been a shared wife for some time now and it has regenerated my sex drive and there are some days I cant think of anything but sex and lately I have been masturbating a lot to.
Just this morning after getting my 6 yo ready for school and sending her off I went back to bed wanting to take a long time masturbating so I did and I came twice my fingers were all covered in my fluids.

Several times I had heard our Rottweiler scraping at the bedroom door and I don’t know if I actually did not close it all the way or if he found a way to force it but he bounded up onto the bed wanting to play and I covered myself up and scratched his ears for awhile and hugged him to me.
All of a sudden his ears perked up and he sat up looking around sniffing the air then he made a b line for the blankets pushing them apart with his nose.

he had smelled my excited sex and was trying to get at me. I was laughing trying to push him away but he is very strong and soon had his nose in between my legs as I struggled with him to no avail then he licked me my god that felt good his tongue was rough and I tried to push him away but he just dug in licking me and it was beginning to make my body respond her I was laughing like a loon struggling to get away and my body rebelled liking what was going on .

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I was breathless from our struggle and I was still weak from my two orgasms so I thought fuck it it feels great and I cant make him quit so I will just relax and enjoy it. His tongue was way up inside of me now so I closed my eyes my whole body shook as his rough tongue licked inside of me and then I felt another orgasm building so I tried to breath evenly laughing and thinking what a slut I was letting a dog service me and my body was alive with the sensations his tongue was giving me .
I tried to hold back but I couldn’t and Bear was licking up my fluids greedily and when I came he redoubled his efforts sending me into a series of mini cums after that until I was so weak I couldn’t move.
I am not sure when he got off the bed because I fell asleep with him still licking me.
I woke up a little while ago and have had some nasty thoughts about him now and I wonder if a woman can actually get a dog to fuck her.

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