Sealing The Deal

The deal was very significant for our growing company. Our years of
research had resulted in a product that was finally taking off. The size of
deals and the kind of companies that did business with us were starting to
get better and better. This was the result of a lot of hard work by the
company executives like my boss, who had personally come to the customers
town with me to close the deal. She was extremely committed to the company,
and had relocated to India, leaving her family behind in the US for the
couple of years she expected it to take, to make the comapny successful.
For an almost fresh business school grad like me, working with someone like
her was a valuable on the job training experience.

We were meeting the customers in the restaurant of the hotel
where we were staying. It was one of the two swankiest hotels in that
small town, with its liquor license being its prized USP, around which
revolved its successful bar business. My boss and I had dressed smartly
to impress the clients, and when they showed up, it was evident that we
made a favourable impression. At first my boss walked them over the
major aspects of the deal, and took my support to cover the finer
details when needed. Finally the customers got friendlier, as they were
comfortable with the terms, and we resolved to complete the paperwork
and other formalities the next day.

We ordered drinks to celebrate, and my boss whispered to me to
make sure I kept up with the clients, because they set great store by
such things. I did, and noticed that my boss was trying too, which was a
surprise to me, because she usually didnt drink. Luckily for me, the
senior folks on the customer side got drunk pretty quickly, and they
began to say their goodbyes. After the last one left, I turned with some
relief to my boss, only to notice that she too seemed pretty high. She
saw my concerned look and giggled, “I can’t get out of here. I need
help”. I put one of her arms around my neck, and held her waist with the
other. We lurched towards the lift. She was on the plump side, and was
leaning heavily on me. As we lurched through the hotel passage through
the corridors, she had bumped against me all the way. I had a hard time
keeping her from falling, having to grab her from every possible angle
to keep her on her feet. I had rarely even shook her hand till that day,
but by the time we reached the lift, I knew what almost every part of
her body felt like.


I somehow got her to her room, and asked her for her key. She
mumbled, “In my pocket”. I saw she was not going to help, and I put my
hand in her pocket. It was deep, and while I searched around, I couldnt
find it. In the process, I unintentionally touched her thighs and
crotch through the thin material of her pockets, and she audibly giggled
each time. “The other pocket”, she said. I switched with some
embarassment, thinking she could have told me earlier. It wasnt there
either. “Back pockets?”, she said, looking at me archly, and putting her
arms on either side of my neck. She leaned forward against me and I
reached behind to search her back pockets while still propping her up.
Her ample breasts pressed against my chest, and she wiggled as my hands
slid across her ass searching for her pockets. “You dont have back
pockets, maam”, I said finally. SHe giggled, “I know, my dear. I just
loved having you search for them. Its in my purse”. She opened her purse
with her head still over my shoulders then leaned back jast far enough
to give me the key.

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I opend the door and led the way into the narrow vestibule. I
opened the bathroom door and suggested “Maam, why dont you wash your
face? You will feel better”. She went in and turned on the tap. I heard
a lot of splashing, and then she came out, looking a lot quieter, but
with her clothes drenched. I was about to leave when she came out, and
now I was worried if she slept like that, she would probably fall quite
sick. “Maam, your clothes are wet. You should change”. She nodded and
mumbled, “Nightdress”, pointing to the cupboard.

I walked to the cupboard and found it after a short search. When
I turned back, to my surprise, she had taken off her clothes, and was
standing in her bra and panty. While i was still staring at her wordless,
she was examining her bra. “Also wet”, she said, reaching behind and
unhooking it. She took it off, and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts wer
large, and hung low. Her areaolae were large and dark. Her nipples were
long and stiff. She saw me watching her, but without seeming to care, she
tilted her chin towards the bathroom, and said, “Towel, please”. When I
came back she had taken off her panties as well. Her hairy pussy was wet,
and when I handed her the towel, she began to dry herself off. Her breasts
and belly wobbled hypnotically as she towelled herself

I tried a last attempt at chivalry, tearing my eyes away from
her naked body. “Maam, I think I should go now”, I said, taking a half
hearted step towards the door. “Not yet, we still have to celebrate”,
she said, putting the towel away, and coming towards me. She undressed
me efficiently. I was soon standing in front of her completely naked,
with my cock fully erect and bobbing up and down. She eyed it lustfully,
and grabbed hold of it. She began stroking it up and down with one hand
and playing with my balls with the other. Then she knelt down in front
of me, and began to suck me off. She moved her head back and forth with
her lips moving from the tip of my cock an to its base. Her tongue
actively licked my cock all over, coating it in her saliva. She was
drooling heavily, and her spit was running down the shaft of my cock,
drenching my balls, and trickling down my thighs. It was running down
her chin and neck too, and trickling between her breasts, reaching her

She was getting more and more hot, and started rubbing her cunt.
She then got up, and pulling me by my cock, backed towards the bed and
laid down. She was forcefully pulling my cock to her cunt, so without
any further ado, I climbed on top of her, and buried my cock up to my
balls into her wet hairy pussy. She was actually quite loose inside, and
given how wet she was from her own juices, and I with her spit, I was
moving around easily in and out, without frankly feeling much. However,
she was clearly enjoying herself. She had orgasm after orgasm, loudly
moaning each time, and squeezing my buttocks tightly when she came. I
had pulled up her breasts to my mouth, and was sucking and licking her
nipples vigorously. After a while, she asked me to get up, and she
rolled over. She bend her knees and stuck her ass up, looking over her
shoulder and telling me, “Fuck me again”. I entered her from behind.
This way she felt much tighter. Finally, I too felt my orgasm building
up, and the next time she had one, I too released my load at the same

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We stayed in that position for some time. Then her knees slowly
slid apart and down. She was lying on her front, legs apart, with me
lying on her back, my cock still buried inside her. We both drifted off
to sleep. I woke up shortly afterwards feeling my cock slip out of her
cunt. I got up, dressed, and returned to my room. The next day she was
obviously hung over when we met at breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
She made no reference to the previous night, and I was wondering if she
was too drunk to remember. However, later in the day we shared a cab
back home. I got off first, and when I said bye, and turned to get off,
she squeezed my butt quite deliberately. I looked around in surprise to
see her winking at me, as she waved, and the car drove away.

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