I make my teacher’s wife pregnant

Hello guys and girls, my name is wajid (changed) and I am from Punjab. I am a beautiful tall boy with well maintained body. Now comong towards story, this story is how I fucked my tuition teacher’s wife and made her pregnant. My teacher name is X. He often give me some house use things

Sealing The Deal

The deal was very significant for our growing company. Our years of research had resulted in a product that was finally taking off. The size of deals and the kind of companies that did business with us were starting to get better and better. This was the result of a lot of hard work by

Sex with my Mami (aunt)

Hi guys! I am a daily reader of this page. Today I would like to share a real incident took place 2 days ago. I won’t bore you and let’s start the story. First let me tell about myself. My name in Rahul(name changed). I am a student of 10th std and my boards examination

Luck favors sometimes

Hello everyone, I have been reading stories for quite some time now and this is my second story that happened a month back. I appreciate all the feedback from both males and females that I have received and thank you. Although, I was happy about the feedback and responses, I never had any luck with

Maa bani pregnant

Hlo friends this is rohit from Raipur.. Am 21 yr old this story is about my mom who got pregnant by her 2 office boss. So let’s begin. My mom name is sunita 42 yr old.. Healthy and fair with round ass, she works in a private company. And her office is not big and

Sex with wife’s friend

My wife had quite a few good looking friends. Tamara was definitely one of them. She is an over 40, long haired brunette MILF. She recently had 2 children in the last 5 years and her body has changed for the better. Thicker in all the right places. She always has had big tits but