Real life experience

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom started drinking to much. I would find her around the house half undressed or completely naked drunk passed out cold sleeping.

She is the first grown up woman I ever saw nude and I felt like I was doing something wrong looking at her nude but it was so exciting to see her boob’s and pubic hair something I didn’t even have yet. I went back to bed but all I could think about was how she looked nude. I went back to the living room to see if she was still sleeping.

Mom hadn’t moved at all and now she was snoring really loud. I wanted to know if she would wake her so I shook her shoulder and called out really loud MOM WAKE UP! She didn’t react or move. That’s when I thought about what her boob’s felt like so I gently touched her boob and couldn’t believe how soft it was. She has big dark areolas with long nipples and as I was feeling her boob her nipple got really hard and long which amazed me. I reached down and felt her pubic hair it was so soft and fuzzy and when I felt around I was able to get my fingers into her vagina. This was the greatest experience of my life being able to experience explore and learn about the opposite sex from my mother’s body. I tried sucking on her nipples while fingering her vagina and I tried eating her out like the older kids talked about. Everytime Mom got drunk I would wait for her to pass out cold sleeping and go to feel her up. About a year later late one night I found her passed out cold drunk sleeping on her bed lying on her side and from behind her I could clearly see her vagina and I thought if I got into the spooning position with her I might be able to experience sex for the first time in my short life.

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After I stopped shaking from fear and excitement I got into position and easily slipped inside of my mom’s vagina and within seconds I was cumming inside of her. This is the first time I ever had sex in my life. She never woke up or moved a muscle the whole time and she never said anything about all of the cum stains on the sheets and on and in her body.
This is my real life experiences with my drunk mother when I was a teenager. Every single word of this story is absolutely true

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  1. That sounds great to me and I will totally be down with my son exploring and learning about the opposite sex from me if he wanted to experience my sexuality with me

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