A rainy day turns out well for Mother

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Sex incest sotries, A rainy day turns out well for Mother, Karen Ann Miller cursed under her breath as she stepped out of the Magellan Building. The sky was dark, belying the time of 4 in the evening. Drops of rain had already started to blotch the sparkling white tiles at the entrance to the magnificent skyscraper. It was times like this that she wished she had a desk job and didn’t have to run around visiting customers.

She cursed again at the fact that she had tried to save a few dollars by parking at the open air car park rather than using the basement parking facilities. Still, her fathers words echoed in her ears – every dollar saved is a dollar earned – and it was that same frugality that had put her through college. That same philosophy had enabled her to continue sending her own two children to college as well, something that may not have been possible after John’s tragic death just over two years ago.

Karen bit back her tears at the though of John. A drunken driver had taken her husband away from her. Taken the first and only man she had ever loved; taken the first and only lover she had ever had; practically taken her whole life away. But she had been strong and together with her children, had slowly rebuilt their lives. Karen had returned to work in mutual funds and the pay was good although the work was tough. Most importantly it kept her occupied, on the move and paid the bills.

The rumble of thunder brought her back to the present and the more pressing task of getting to her car. She raised her briefcase over her head and stepped out into the light drizzle. Her heels clipped smartly across the cemented sidewalk as she walked briskly. The wind was blowing strongly now and she had to keep one hand on her dress to prevent it from billowing upwards. Her steps became faster as the rain drops started becoming heavier.

“Damn it!” She cried as she pulled the briefcase from the top of her head and grabbed it to her chest, making it easier for her to run. The rain was starting to pelt down now and Helen cursed again as her hair started to get wet and limp. She was hardly 50 metres away from her car when the skies opened and torrents of rain poured down, soaking her to her skin.

Shivering slightly, Karen ran the remaining distance to her car and quickly opened the car door, throwing her briefcase in before she swung herself into the drivers seat. The windows started to mist up with her body heat and the difference in temperature outside. Karen turned on the air-conditioning, watching as the windscreen started to demist. Her feet squished in her shoes and she kicked them off, thankful that she drove an automatic. Shivering slightly, she put the car into gear and pulled out into the traffic.

The heavy rain beat like a drum on the roof of her car and she had to squint out at the curtain of rain pounding her windscreen. She glanced at her watch and realised she would have to cancel her next appointment – not only was she running late but she couldn’t meet clients looking like she did!

A quick phone call and she had rescheduled her appointments for another day. Karen noted with some satisfaction that the traffic was clearing. She drove carefully through the pouring rain and it wasn’t long before she was back in her neighbourhood. As she turned into her road, she pressed her automatic garage door opener. Nothing happened.

“Shit!” she said softly to herself. “Why the fuck doesn’t the remote work?!”

She drove in closer and kept pressing the button on the remote. Nothing happened.

“This is getting to be ridiculous.” She grumbled. Karen parked the car in the driveway and turned to look for the umbrella she usually kept in the car. It wasn’t to be found and she realised she had used it just yesterday and hadn’t remembered to put it back. “Pretty stupid Karen” she muttered. “Now your gonna get soaked again.”

She waited for the rain to abate a little before she flung the door open and ran to the house. She fiddled with her keys and finally entered her house, leaving a little puddle on the floor.

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