Rapunzel Kishori loves my 8 inch

This story is longer because of real conversation during the scenes !


I’m 22 gym freak 5.9ft for me doing sex is really hard without having feeling for that lady.


It was 24th March the day lockdown was declared , my parents where stuck in other state. They had went for my cousin wedding I was all alone in our bungalow. My parents called me and informed, Kishori aunty (Heroine of story ) will stay with me and Cook for me until we manage to get home. So go at her place and pick her .

Kishori is really a friendly hardworking Maharashtrian lady her husband died 10 year’s ago she is single mom her son use to stay at her mom’s place. She works at our place from 2 years I always fantasized of satisfying her. Kishori is 39 year’s old 5.4ft tall skinny 34c-30-32 size bit fair lady with knee-length long jet black hair always tied in tight bun,wears gown. my mom use to give her old gowns.

Her huge bun was point of attraction for me one like you see on youtube ,I used to watch her working while wiping floor, whenever she bend one could get clear view of her deep cleavage and round ass from behind. She had noticed me many times but never questioned me.i had also made her video’s,clicked few pictures to help myself in bathroom.use to rub my cock on her ass whenever could get chance while she is in band position in accidental manner,she never reacted to this which gave me confidence, but was scared of getting caught by parents.

Coming back to story, after my parents call I went to kishorid place as she doesn’t use mobile,her place is near our house.knocked at her door,got no response so pushed the door the door was open. Entered her main room called her name “Kishori it’s me, I’m here to pick you ” she responded “ wait I’ll be their in a minute ”

She came with open wet hair’s, I got an instant bulge in my pants.
Kishori “ come seat ”
Me “ sorry to enter your house directly, I’m here because my parents are not home ”
Kishori “ it’s okay I was taking bath, where are they it’s lockdown I don’t think they can come back till tomorrow ”
Me “ they are at relative place ,yes so mom told me to get you at our place and stay until they come home ”
Kishori “ okay, no problem ”
Me “ you can dry your hair at our place we need to get home before the police start their round ”

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She agreed and made wet bun of her hair’s,I made a video of that which later I showed her along with other media files.

We reached home.
Kishori “ what did you eat in the morning? ”
Me “ no nothing, mom’s call woke me after that I came to pick you ”
She “ okay, I’ll make poha and tea ”
Me “ ok, but before that take this dryer, don’t work with wet hair you will get cold ”
Kishori “ but malik I don’t know how to use it! ”
Me “ don’t worry, I’ll help you have seen mom doing this ”
She “ okay ”

I took her to my room made her seat on my study chair. she was uncomfortable because only both of us were in the house so she told me “ just give me a towel I’ll manage”

But I wanted to touch her hair feel them wet so insisted her again.she agreed, plugged the dryer switched it on told her to turn also made her bend backward. Grabbed her wet bun that was awesome feeling told her to put her head back so that her gown don’t become wet, dropped her huge bun. shampoo fragrance spread in my room,parted her hair buy running fingers through them, dried them slowly with care. her hair became silky smooth after drying.

She took look at them thanked me. I gave compliment for her hair, she smiled,made her usual bun and went to work. this hair touching experience was so tempting.i got fresh went in the kitchen she served me breakfast we ate.i wanted to play with her hair more gave it a move.

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Looking at her huge bun.
Me “ Kishori how many years you are growing those silky Hair’s?
Working while showing me her back.
She “more than 5 year’s ”
Me “ wow, it must be Hard na ”
She “ yes it is hard to maintain them, but from when did you started to paying attention to them ?”
Stood right behind her,touched her bun with my right hand slow pressed it. My rod was rock hard.
Me “ from the day you started working at our place ”

She smiled, pinched me on hand and went to wash the dish.
She “don’t disturb me ”

While keeping my plate went close to her rubbed my dick on her ass showed as if it was accidentally rubbed. She continued working without reacting. she finished her work came to my room.

Her clothes where wet by her sweat our kitchen doesn’t have exaust fan.
Kishori “ I have prepared lunch just call me if you feel hungry ”
Me “ Okay, if you’re free to come here”
Kishori stood near my bed.
Me “ can you do something for me ?”
She “ okay ”
I took my sister’s green saree and gave her my t-shirt as their was I not able to find matching blouse.
Me “ wear this ”
She “ malik i have never used t-shirt ”
Kept them on her hand, touched her gown.
Me “ don’t think too much just wear this your gown is wet ”
She went in other room to change I followed her she didn’t closed the door.she removed her gown I was getting excited she was wearing black bra and brown petticoat. She wore the t-shirt which was tight on her boobs and was wearing the saree I went back to my room was waiting for her.

She came back in 5mins was looking 10 year’s younger.she had covered her waist with long t-shirt.
Me “ your looking amazing,just need to give touch up ”
Went near her pulled the t-shirt up to her bra line and tied a nod as grils do now a days.
She was bit uncomfortable displaying her waist.

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Me “ just go back and come through this door for me ”
She went with confusion and returned, here I was ready with my cam to click her candid shoots. Click burst shots.
She “ malik I don’t look good don’t click my pictures ”
I showed her picture she loved the candid shots as she walked in with smile on her face.

Me “you are my model Kishori, you looking gorgeous ”
She while looking at her picture “ Malik no had ever click my picture, you are really good ”
Me “ I’m nothing without a model, will you pose for few more with open hair’s ”
She agreed, dropped her silky bun. I untangled her silky with my fingers. I went near her to set her in a pose.touched her boobs with my elbow those where soft.
Me “ smile ”
Clicked her few pictures also compliment her for her hair’s.she was feeling special, while showing her pic was pressing my arm on her boob.we took selfies where she was standing in front of me her head was touching my chest shoot went well.i made her comfortable around me we where getting close.

It was 1.30 pm asked her to arrange the dining table for lunch she served me lunch took her plate and seat down on the floor.
Me “ Kishori please be comfortable come here ”
She was uncomfortable because she thought she is maid so she must not be seating on the table with me.
Me “ get up otherwise, I would not eat come here seat !!”
She hesitated a bit but agreed, seat beside me we had lunch. she washed the plate I helped her keep the thing took the cleaning cloth.

Kishori “ malik please don’t do my work, I’ll do my work ”

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