Pure town mein chudwaya (read on your own risk)

ek din mein aunty ke ghar gaya aunty aur uncle was going for some office trip my cousin have some exams so she was staying with me at home…. after somtimes uncle aunty says by by…. her name is zeba. she is a real beauty look alike aliya bhat…. best booobs perky and damn cute smile… I always get a hard on seeeing..her.. but today I thought it might be my day. so slowly ask about her friends and and alll about college life… n tried to touch her ass once. but she got away saying she had to study.. so I told her let help if I might give u some tips.. then both of us went to her room she starts with mathematical questiins I simply solve each one as I knew those simple formulas…  n taking the advantage I slowly rub her thighs … she ignored n slowly I touch her back n masssage it…. nshe ignored it also I thought she is in to it so I slowly touched her boobs gently she screamed what are u doing… I got shocked n tell her that I thought u didnt say anything so it might be ok…. then she just pushed me n I fall down from my chair. ..it makes me so angry… then I just pulled her by hair n kik her stomach… n lift her skirt to pull ber panty down… damn hot pussy it was….

I sit on her throwing her on bed.. then I called my friend vicki as sooon as he heared about the chance he said I am coming bro.
so after 5or 6 minit he came with his plumber also ..I dodnt told him about her so he mistakenly come with the plumber..they eere going home for some works In his home. so suddenly I opened n see plumber…. and him.. as in those 5 mint I roped her to the sofa and started fucking her… plumber says what are u people doing..I said its my cousin I am going rape her with my friend… if want to join join but dont tell anyone….at that time the bell rang so saw from the side window its a begger… I didnt know what do… so simply we all hide on side of the door of next room… as the begger ring again and slowly opened the door he saw my cousin tied to sofa in front… he slowly come forward n thought nobodys there so simply pulll out his cock and suddenly entered it alll in her pusssy…. as her mouth was closed with strips of cloth… she just screamed in pain. we then say a streaam of blood on his cock… he began fucking so hard she was almost sensless.. then we know her verginity is broken… after 5 min he cumming in her pussy went out….. and might told some of his friend may be . sooo after somtime many beggers came we didnt come outside….. and each one of them just creampied her deeep… she was in shock now… and after may be 17 beggers cum dumping her…. we switched of lights and closed gates so none comes as it was night… and me and my friend come forward to fuck her… I kicked her pusssy and rammmed my dickk deep in her mouth and vicky starts to fucke her ass. . she was in pain and didnt know what to do…. we fuck her till we cum… after fucking her hiles again again in the morning we take to the car and went to the park… where many men come for jogging… we then tied her hands and feet to a bech so that anyone who want to can fuck her…. and we hide on sideways to see what happens.
then we see what we never imaging zeba was fucked by almost everyone aven the old uncles come to jog… almost 70__80 people fuck her all way dow to cervix n cum dumped her… zeba was fucked almost 17__18  hours totally.then we left park…

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but interesting is that when we went to check in evening… she was still fucked by some kids like class 5_6 students..who went topark for playing. I didnt knw what happens to her… reply first then I may go there to check about zeba hows is she.

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