Outdoor sex with young boy

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Hi readers its annanya again last time i had sex with my firend’s son praveen at my home. This time we had sex in the outdoors. After my sexual desire with praveen i decided to try sex in the outdoor. It would be fun. I said to my friend to send praveen with me for my native, she sent her son. I had spotted a nice outdoor in a place outside the city. It was a small forest kind with no trespassing.

I arranged my own transport(car), praveen didnt know my surprise for him, we left home at early morning and travelled. He asked me were are we going. I said we are going to my native and as i was speaking, we had reached the spot. He asked me were are we going. I said him there is a surprise for him. He was scared. we got out of the car, it was a green forest around without any humans and animals around.I had visited this spot earlier often and i noticed that it will be a proper place to satisfy our desires. We unpacked our things and put a rug sat on the small grassland, praveen was still in confusion.

“Relax son there is no one around just you and me”.

He asked me “aunty why did you bring me here” i said to give you a surprise and neared him, he was nervous.I did not want to waste our time, I put my hands on his shoulder and made him to lay down. I was wearing a tee shirt and a tight jeans. i saw his tool slowly gaining erection. I bit my lips and started to take of my shirt and stood sexy in front of him and slowly removed my pants. I was in my bikini suit. I said him

“wat are you seeing son undress yourself”, he was shy, i understood him and sat beside him and started to take of his shirt, he was muscular and possessed a well tonned look. i bit my lips and removed his pants. He was in his vests with his white balls clearly visible.i went behind him and hugged him. His cock was about to tear his under wear. I said

“dont worry honey it gonna be fine” and gradually pulled down his vests. His white manhood was free out of his innerwear.

I could see his veins clearly visible in his cock, he was big. He stood like a innocent kid.I came front and I kissed his pinky dick head and took the head slowly in my mouth, and rolled it. He did not have a foreskin ahhhhhh he moaned. I knew he like me doing this and slowly took his white snake in my mouth and sucked like a pro. He was facing upward and stood relaxed, i blowjobed for 10 minutes and made him nude and sat beside him and kissed on his cheek, this time he too responded, he kissed me softly and put his hand over my knockers and massaged it well, and unhooked my bra, he took my boobs in his hands and sucked my nipples, like a pro. I layed down and he removed my panty. I had clean shaved, he planted kiss on my clit and started exploring my hole with his big tongue,

“aaaahhhhhh…..mmmmmmmmmmm” yes praveen like that….mmmm…..yes” i moaned.

He turned me on i cummed a little which sparyed on his face. I sat and kissed him madly, he too kissed on my eyes,ears, chin,neck and made me fell hot and sexy. He put me in doggy syle and entered his dick inside me slowly. “aaaaahhhhhhh…..oooooohhhhhhh….yyyyyaaaaa.. praveen fuck me please…fuck me as you like” i said he started to give me pleasurable strokes, i was in heaven. He was smiling with pleasure and stroking me softly with his lovable penis. slowly he was increasing his pace, he was into me, i could feel his rod touching all my insides, my hubby’s cock was small hence he couldnt feel my insides.My pussy walls were pressing his rock hard dick. He had a hot rod, maybe due to my touch, it was hot inside my vagina. 15 minutes later we had sex in missionary, i could see his muscular chest, arm muscles and his abs and well shaped. He was a handsome guy, wow now he is giving me faster strokes.

“aaah ya yes….oohhhh…fuckkk….meeee….sshhhh…..praveen you are sexy”.

He smiled, i let out my juices on his rod. He came to my mouth and put his cock in my mouth to taste my fluid. He licked my pussy sucked it. Now we changed to cowgirl posture and i rided on him, he was pressing my boobs softly and i was creating a momentum with my pussy, his cock is a rock and so hard i bent down and we kissed each other, he was pressing my ass cheeks very nicely, i unloaded another load of cum. He carried me on his arms and fucked me to the fullest, we were smooching madly,for 10 minutes, then he told”im cumming aunt”. I said him to cum inside me, he obeyed and ejaculated a small load inside me. He had his erection on still. He fucked me in standing position. We were having a nature sex in the green forest.

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