One day marriage with an Arab guy

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My husband got me married to his house owner in Dubai for one day & night

Hi friends this story is of my friend who stays in Dubai with his husband and her name is Shailaja and today she is going to share her story to us
Hi friends this is Shailaja, I am 30 years old and I got married at the age of 28 and my husband name is Vishal he works as driver in Dubai under a Sheik which I got to know after I went to Dubai with him before marriage we were informed that he works in a MNC .

After our marriage and our reception my husband went back to Dubai as he was not having leaves, so as soon as we completed all rituals he left to Dubai by sending me back to my home. I was very much frustrated because I couldn’t get my physical needs completed and he left for Dubai
In our first night also as I was in my periods so I could not get fuck but I satisfied him by all needs I sucked him kissed all over his body made him cum 2 times in night wherever he needed, and after my periods completed he just fucked me once and after that he left to Dubai
After 1.5 years after many fights and all finally he said he will take me to Dubai and there I should be as he said because we stay alone so I need to follow him, I accepted for everything and I went with him this time to Dubai I was pretty much excited to go there
After I reached there for many days I didn’t get to know that he is a driver there and one weekend we went out for shopping and to roam in the city while we returned.

I came to know that he works as a driver in a company. I was very disappointed I told him why did he lie to us he told everything to his parents and my parents the as he didn’t require any dowry so they all decided to hide it from me
And now the day came when he was going to tell me the big truth that he has hidden from me and all of us. One evening he came to home with his boss I was shocked as he was a boy of age 18-19 yrs as I was in kitchen he called me and said meet my boss Sumair I greeted him and asked him to be seated and asked does he have any tea or juice anything he said nothing fine, He asked me to sit with them I said I don’t know anything about your work what will I do he replied don’t worry lady everything is about you only today.

Then I thought something is wrong in this then my husband interrupted him and said that no issues sir i’ll inform her everything tonight and then his boss said do it soon I cannot wait for longtime as it has been more than a month and he left the home
On that night my husband told me that there is an agreement in the office in between his boss and him as when my husband was returning home for marriage that if he needs to marry and bring me in Dubai there are certain condition

1) All the expenses will be take care by his boss
2) If my hubby brings his wife to Dubai his boss will marry him for 1 day
3) And officially I would be his boss setup in Dubai and I will be getting paid for it
4) Whenever his boss will have party I will be is boss wife not his driver wife
5) I will be with my hubby only but like officially I am his boss wife
6) On the day we get married he can do anything to me or ask me to do anything no one have the rights to stop it
7) All the expenses after my marriage to his boss will be taken care by his boss and paid for my services

I was shocked to hear all this and my husband had accepted everything and signed the agreement, tomorrow I need to marry his boss who is 10-12 years younger than me, then I thought that it’s of no use at least let me enjoy my second wedding only and I agreed. Then my hubby told me to be ready in morning 5.30 as I need to get prepared for all that. Next morning when I woke up at 5.30 there were 2 ladies in my room who had come to dress me and make the ready

At first they said do I have any private hairs on my body I said yes, and then they asked my hubby to wait out in hall I said it’s ok you can carry on, then they asked me to undress myself and become nude after my college days this was the first time I am getting nude in front of 1 guy and 2 girls they said mam please undress yourself soon because it might take a time to make you ready and clean your private hairs and all.
The both girls removed all the hairs from my body and all my private parts and then took me to bathroom and first they got nude over I was already nude they applied oil all over the body and massaged me they fingered my pussy and ass as well while giving the massage, I was getting tempted by that as there were 4 fingers in my pussy 2 fingers by one girl and 2 by other they were fighting inside my pussy due to much tempt I started sucking there nipples and biting then with teeth and giving loud moans

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